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Extendable Dining Tables

Extendable dining tables for growing families

When you furnish your home as a young couple with a small budget, you...

Extendable dining tables for growing families

When you furnish your home as a young couple with a small budget, you aren't always thinking of the future. But when your family starts expanding, you start to wish your furniture could too! That chic, op-shop table you bought two years ago just isn't big enough for you and the kids, and now your whole family is coming for Christmas lunch this year. The struggle is real and it is time to consider a Brosa extendable dining table to forever rid you of your seating concerns.

The extension dining table range from Brosa is ideal for all those family events. Built with premium hardwoods and crafted by master designers, these expandable dining table options are built to last. Durable materials paired with stunning craftsmanship melds together in a beautiful and functional collection.

Seat more guests with an extension dining table

Unexpected guests can cause a headache when you are struggling for space. The new collection of extendable tables from Brosa can turn these stressful surprise visits into a breeze. Choose from a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Each piece offers you an expansion of 40cms to your length, fitting more chairs and opens up just enough space to slide in some extra guests.

The intuitive design of all the Brosa extension dining tables ensures you can open up your space with ease. Rather than trying to fit multiple tables within your dining area, select a luxurious option that encompasses both style and function.

Dining table furniture designed with a difference

Families have many expenses, but that doesn't mean you can't afford to furnish your home with designer gear. At Brosa, we are committed to providing stylish furniture solutions to all at an affordable price. We cut out the middleman, working directly with the designers to keep costs low. Compared to traditional showroom prices, our designer furniture is affordable for many. Without compromising on quality, Brosa is able to deliver high-quality, fashionable furniture at prices that are ideal for the working family.

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Call us on 1300 027 672 to find out more about any of our products. Our team is always on hand to discuss the ins-and-outs of our products and procedures, so you can feel comfortable with your purchase.

All Extendable Dining Tables


All Extendable Dining Tables

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