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Modern Dining Room Tables Online

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen. Naturally, your dining table is a key...

Modern Dining Room Tables Online

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen. Naturally, your dining table is a key element to creating a space where conversation flows. This is where food is shared and the best memories are made with friends and family. The shape, size, colour and durability of materials determine how this piece matches your interior design, but ultimately the flavour of some of the most important memories of your life.

Dining Tables For Sale Directly From The Craftsmen

Brosa offers a beautiful range of designer dining tables online at affordable prices because we sell direct from the maker. We understand that furnishing your dining room can be extremely expensive, so we ensure that our prices are as affordable as our furniture is beautiful. Select from our wide range of wooden dining tables, industrial tables, smaller hall consoles, trestle tables and even stylish coffee tables, all from the comfort of your own home. Our dining tables online are some of the most affordable designer pieces on the market. We work directly with designers to help you receive the best price possible for bespoke furniture pieces.

Match your new dining room table with some chairs

We are an all-in-one online furniture solution, so you can select and buy all the furniture and homeware you need for your home in one place. You can pair your wooden modern dining table with any of our sleek dining chairs to complete your entire set up. Whether you select a wooden dining table, or a glass top design, there are countless matching chair options. Our modern Japanese style tables can be paired with elegant industrial dining chairs, or turn a large timber dining table into a French piece with French inspired chairs. Whatever entices you, we have a wide selection of designer dining room tables for sale online for you to choose from.

Delivery to anywhere in Australia

We offer delivery to all major areas in the country including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and beyond. Whether you are located in Melbourne or interstate, we can have your items delivered within a matter of days. Our competitive shipping prices are automatically calculated in the checkout so you know how much it will cost for delivery to your home in Perth or your office in Sydney.

Contact our support staff on 1300 027 672 to discuss your delivery requirements or email us for a detailed reply. We are more than happy to assist you in at any stage.

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All Dining Tables

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