Dining Room Layout: How to Arrange Your Furniture

There's a lot to consider when it comes to arranging your dining room furniture, especially when the dining room is one of the most frequented rooms in the house and the dining table is a place where you want people to enjoy sitting and gathering. There are a few things to consider before diving into your dining room furniture shopping - these are essential questions that will help you in the long run and streamline your decisions. Firstly, how many people will eat at your dining table? Will your dining room serve multiple purposes? Where should everything go? Will everything fit? 

If you’re yet to get furniture for your dining room, this short guide will be your saving grace. If you've already purchased your dining room furniture, take some notes on how to maximise your space. No one will ever complain about their dining room looking better than before!

Start With the Table

The dining table is the center piece to your dining room - it is the place where you sit and gather with your family and friends. Before purchasing your dream dining room table consider the amount of space you have within the room. You will need to ensure there is enough space surrounding the dining table (typically 1 to 1.5m on either side), this will allow for you to comfortably move around the space and to neatly pull in and out your dining room chairs.  

Olsen Dining Room Table

If you are tight on space or need to be considerate of nearby doorways, think about utilising a more functional style of dining table - this could be a round dining table or an extendable dining table. Round dining tables are great within smaller spaces as they utilise the full exterior and can typically sit more people than a square table of similar size. On the other end of the spectrum is the expandable dining table. Throughout the week you can maximise the free space with the smaller size but also have the option to expand the tables size when you have additional guests over or are hosting a more grander event. Want to get the best of both worlds? Try Romulus - our expandable round dining table...


Never underestimate the power of lighting. Lighting can change the entire mood of a room and well place ceiling lights are essential in a dining room. 

Trapez Dining Room Table 

Placing your dining table underneath a pendant light is a great way to showcase both the light and the dining room furniture. If you do not have this capability, think about creating a layout that maximises nearby natural light or a feature floor lamp. This way you can elevate the mood of the room and highlight the dining room furniture you have chosen all at the same time. 


A rug can serve multiple purposes. It protects your floor from scratches and stains. If you have children, pets, or if you host family dinners, an easily washable rug is a sound investment. 

Drek Dining Table

Rugs also can serve to define a room's space. If you have a large dining room, a rug can make the dining furniture appear to fill the space better. The dining furniture may otherwise seem insignificant and small in a larger room if there is no rug. 

You can also use a rug to bring out certain colours of your chairs and table. If you have chairs with a bit of red in them, then a rug with red can tie the look of your room together. 

Also, rugs are comfortable on the feet while you're sitting down at your table. If you decide to get a rug, consider getting one that extends about a meter or more on each side of the table. This can prevent chairs from catching the edges of the rug when pushed in. 

The Dining Room's Function

Will your dining room be used for fancy feasts with many friends or intimate meals with only a few people? Will you maximise the space during the day and turn it into a home office, or will it simply be used in the evenings? Determining the room's function is also essential when considering what types of dining room furniture you will select.  

Dining Set Mia Extendable Dining Table

If you will need to host meals for a lot of people, a larger table is in order, like our Extendable Mia Dining Room Table. However, if entertaining is not high on your priorities list consider a table that you favour the design of as opposed to focusing on the size. 

For smaller groups, square and circular tables are preferable. These kinds of tables keep everyone close together whilst also maximising the space around them. If you're searching for a functional table with an trending design, the Kreis round dining table provides the best of both worlds. The pedestal leg and tempered glass top provide an elegant yet functional dining table design - perfect for intimate dinners, catch ups with friends or your standard breakfast setting. 

Kreis Round Dining Table

Chair Placement

When placing dining chairs, leave enough space to the left and right for each person's elbow room (and personal space). You also don't want too many chairs around your table for the same reason. You shouldn't have to squeeze chairs next to each other to fit them under the table. You may want your dinner guests to get to know each other, but they don't need to know each other that well..

Smaller-sized rooms may encounter a problem with a table completely surrounded by chairs. One useful tip, in this case, would be only to surround part of the table. Keep only enough dining chairs around the table for everyday meals. Then, for special events where more chairs are needed, you can grab chairs from other rooms for your guests. This keeps the dining room less cluttered and more comfortable to be in on a day-to-day basis. 

Frank Set of 2 Dining Room Chairs

Armed with all the dining room tips & tricks? It's time to start shopping... shop Dining Room Furniture online at Brosa.