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Best Bar Stool Styles for Kids


You might be wondering what the best bar stools styles for kids. After all, now there is safety to consider when you’re dealing with the wee ones. Let’s review the things to look for to find a child-friendly chair.

Several features matter no matter if it’s a child or adult you’re trying to keep from falling. The taller height makes it necessary. But kids like to explore. Often anything can become a toy—even if that isn’t its purpose. We’ll begin with overall safety options. Then, let’s focus on kids.


The overall construction is the biggest consideration. Several features will make a bar stool more kid-friendly than others. Things to look for include options that add to its stability. Make sure it’s made of quality materials that can stand wear. Here are a few to explore.


Look for a bar stool that is solid and stable. If it’s wobbly with no one on it, it’s not hard to guess what’s likely to happen. Wood is an excellent frame material that adds weight to the stool. That will help prevent it from tipping.

Some contemporary and minimalist styles use metal or other materials. They may make for a ripper stool. But that’s not the same thing as safe. It trumps a spiffy chair. Weight is only a part of the equation.


Next, look at the design of the legs. The best bar stools for kids will have wide-splayed legs. They will distribute the weight evenly for more stability for both the kids and the adults alike. Most include at least one crossbar. They add weight and extra reinforcement.

They also provide a means to climb into the bar stool. It’s an important feature especially in conjunction with the chair’s weight.


Seating height varies with the design. And what’s good for the kids may not work for the adults. The ideal size is one in which a child can sit comfortably at the table. Preferably, it’s high enough so that he/she can’t slip underneath it. 

Check both the bar stools height and the distance from the table. The seating height may vary anywhere between 60 and 76 cm.

Frame Material

It’s inevitable that no matter what bar stool you choose. It’s going to topple over sometime with kids around. Look for a chair made of solid materials like ash or beech. These woods are durable to handle a fall or two.


A backrest is an essential feature for everyone if just because it reduces fatigue. You’ll realize it quickly if you have to sit on a bar stool for any length of time. It’s the same with kids. And it will also discourage them from trying to get off the chair.

If you pull it up close to the table, a child will find it tougher to slide off of it. It’ll also make it less likely for them to fall off the stool. It’s not unlike an updated version of a high chair without the straps.

A high backrest is a better option than one that just supports the lower back. The shorter profile may encourage your child to climb out of it.


Let’s face it. Spills happen. It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 70. You’re probably more likely to have a bar stool at a kitchen or dining room table. Be sure to find out the main material of the seat and back.  Look for something that is washable and easy to clean.

You might even consider a darker colour for the upholstery. At least if there is a spill, it’ll be harder to see if it stains the material. Likewise, you might want to avoid more expensive options such as leather. After all, it can only take so many spills of Kirks Lemon Squash before it starts to show.


Now, let’s talk about the kid features that make a particular style a good choice. Bar stools that swivel are an accident waiting to happen. Think about it. What do a lot of the kids toys at the playground have in common? They move or twist.

A swiveling bar stool is no different in a child’s eye than a rocker. It just sits higher off the ground. And that’s the problem. The taller profile means a nastier fall with a serious potential of getting really hurt.

Arm Rests

Arm rests serve two functions for kids. First, it can help them safely climb into the chair. And second, it’ll keep them on the stool and harder to get off of it. A bar stool with arm rests is just about as good as strapping them in instead.

Bar Stool Styles

Any style may have these features that we consider kid-friendly. However, some lend themselves better towards a chair that is safer for children. 

French provincial and classic traditional are your best bets. They are often solid bar stools with enough weight to keep them stable. Both styles often include back rests, another plus for kids. 

You’ll often find that they are typically padded to keep both the adults and kids comfortable. These chairs are designed for longer sitting sessions. They have curved back rests for added support. Mind the main material to get easy-to-clean upholstery. 

Contemporary, mid-century and modern styles often do not include a back rest in keeping with their minimalist design. They’re still an option for older children. But they may not be the best choices for the wee ones especially if they’re lightweight.

On the plus side, these styles often have minimal padding. That means fewer stains than a fully upholstered bar stool. They use the same heavyweight frame materials as other styles. Mind the width of the legs. Opt for a chair that is wider than the seat.

The best bar stool styles for kids are stable with solid construction. They help to keep the children at the table with back and arm rests. These features make a well-balanced chair that will prevent falls. But nothing beats a mindful parent no matter what the style.