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A classy table is incomplete without beautiful tableware. Impress your guests with our range of cutlery, plates, bowls, platters, and more. Read more

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All Tableware

Exquisite Tableware for a Tasteful Table Setting

Why invest in a beautiful designer table if you’re not going to adorn it with equally exquisite tableware? 

You’ve put in all that effort into creating a tasteful dining room arrangement. Now go the distance with some of the finest tableware you can find.

At Brosa, we have a range of tableware to serve your needs, including individual serving platters, dinner plates, cutlery, and more.

It’s always a luxury to have several sets; one for daily use and another to bring out on special occasions. 

Consider matching your dinnerware or create an eclectic look with mismatched, yet complementary settings. Or forgo the functional use altogether, keeping your more decorative platters on display.

Tableware Made with the Finest Materials

As with our dining room furniture, our tableware is crafted from the finest materials, whether it’s stainless steel cutlery, natural wood salt and pepper sets, marble platters, or ceramic plates.

Find the perfect designer tableware for your family dinners and fancy dinner parties online with Brosa and enjoy fast delivery across Australia today.

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