10 Simple Decorating Tricks to Transform Your Dining Room

While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, the dining room space is where you all regroup after a long day out in the world. Picking the right dining table for your home and your family can make all the difference to the feel of your home. 

The Table Sets the Tone for the Space

Regardless of the overall design style used for your home, you likely want your dining area to be comfortable and inviting. Choosing the right table can make a dining space a destination for weary students and your spouse after work. 

Alternatively, if you want a formal space for entertaining and impressing company, a more elegant and imposing table may be the better option. It probably won't serve double duty as a desk for homework or work projects. 

You should consider what feeling you want from the table and how you want people to interact with this important piece of furniture. 

Wood Finishes and Table Have a Visual Impact 

The colour of the tabletop can have a profound impact on a dining space. Some people prefer stone, marble or even cement table tops. 
Would a heavy and modern concrete top table work well in your space? Perhaps you prefer the timeless appeal and heirloom quality of a solid wood table

Choosing a material for your dining set will help you make the best possible decision for your dining room. Colour and finish are also quite important considerations. Darker colours can look more classic and formal, while lighter colours may blend better with Scandinavian design or modern rooms. 

There's also the option of bright colours in tables, ranging from granite to painted wood. The colour of your tabletop will have an impact on how people experience the room. You can choose a table to serve as a visual focal point or one that will blend into your other design elements seamlessly. 

Don't Forget About Shape and Style

Do you think that a round table will help open up the space? Is the room long and narrow, making it an ideal fit for a larger table? Would the rounded ends of an oval table complement the décor in the dining room or kitchen? 

Once you know what finish or colour you want, choosing a shape is the next step in the process. 

Beyond the shape, you will need to consider the overall design. Do you want ornate details or clean lines? Is the whole table one colour, or do you want the base to contrast with the tabletop?
You'll also need to think about the size, shape, and upholstery for the dining chairs. If you don't purchase a matching dining set, you'll have many options for seating to go along with the table. 

You may want the material or base colour to match, or you could choose to find something that contrasts boldly with the table. Upholstery options for chairs can allow you to update and change the look of chairs over time. 

Size Matters in Your Dining Room 

While you may fantasise about a table large enough to host your extended family, your purchase should be guided more by everyday use. If you typically eat in the kitchen at a smaller table or on stools at the breakfast bar, a larger table may work well in the dining room. 

If you want to inspire a homey, cozy feel, however, you will likely want to keep the table smaller and suitable to your family size. 

Smaller, four-person tables come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. For those who have a larger family or who routinely host dinner guests, larger eight-person tables may be a better option. 

Think about how the table will look in the space and how often you will use it as part of the decision making process. 

You Need Space to Move in the Room

If you have an eat-in kitchen instead of a formal dining room, you will likely have less space to work with for a table and chairs. 

Even if you have a separate dining room, you still need to consider foot traffic and movement through the space. 

You should leave several feet between the table and the walls. Consider both the needs of those serving food as well as people getting in and out of chairs. 

A cramped dining space is one that no one will enjoy. Make sure that the table you decide to buy fits with the space. Round tables are great solutions for smaller spaces, as they can offer maximum surface area and an efficient use of overall space. You may even be able to squeeze an extra chair or two in if you have guests. 

Extendable Options Can Give You More Flexibility 

It's relatively common to have surprise guests or to host a few holiday dinners throughout the year. If you don't need a larger table in general, it may seem like your only option is to buy a folding table and chairs for overflow guests. You don't have to settle for a miss-matched set of tables. Instead, an extendable table could help you increase space for guests and special occasions. 

Consider Seating for Tall and Small Alike

Choosing the right chairs can influence how comfortable people are using your dining table. Whether you want high, upholstered backs or a totally solid chair without cushion, there will certainly be kitchen chairs that work with your preferences. 

Make sure you consider the comfort of your family and guests, factoring in issues like height, as well as mobility limitations for older adults. 

Benches are a great solution for big families or larger gatherings. They can allow you to fit more people in a space. A bench at the dining table can also allow children to kneel, making it easier for them to reach the table during the meal. You can even swap them out for chairs if you prefer a more traditional look most of the time.

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