8 Big Decorating Ideas for Small Dining Rooms

The dining room, second to the living room, forms the center of socialising in your home. You need to make it feel open, vibrant and welcoming. 

If you're lucky enough to have a large home, finding decor that makes this space feel intimate is much easier. But what if you're low on space? You have to make the most out of tight places by choosing decor that emphasises a feeling of openness. 

We're here to give you some decorating ideas to maximise your dining space. You can do many of the same things you could in a larger space with only a few adjustments.

1. Use a Pedestal TableA round dining table in a designed space

The dining room table defines the room, but when space is at a premium you need to consider the most streamlined design. Round dining tables with a pedestal style leg provide the best of both worlds by reducing the greater expanse of space taken up by wide-reaching legs and also maximising seating capacity. You can typically fit more chairs around a round dining room table than a square table of a similar size -  ultimately making the dining room look more opening and inviting than it would with another dining table design. 

2. Paint the Room in Light, Neutral Colours

A designed room with a neutral colour scheme
The colour of the walls in any room can influence the mood. To create an illusion of space use neutral tones like white, beige and ivory and you will feel as if the walls are further apart than in reality. 

The orientation of the dining room is also important when trying to harness a more open and inviting feel. If you have access to natural light, try and place your dining room table near the window or door, creating a greater connection with the outside.  

3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

A mirror in a dining room space with frank dining table and chairs

You’d be surprised at the effect a mirror can have on opening up your space. Even if it’s only a reflection, the appearance that the room is twice as big can work wonders. To further enhance this tip consider the placement of lighting as mirrors reflect light. By placing a table lamp or floor lamp nearby, you can cast a warming glow that will further enhance the mood and openness of the room. 

4. Simple Window Decorations

A dining room with a large window

In a small space, you want to go minimalist with your designs. Large, ornate window frames, curtains, and other decor items can create unnecessary clutter and hinder as opposed to enhance the room's design. When picking your furniture pieces online, look for simple clean lines that highlight exceptional craftmanship as opposed to ornate features - let the design do all the talking for you. 

5. Choose Minimalist Furniture

A minimal themed dining room

Less is more when designing for smaller spaces. Look for streamlined designs that take up less space - armless  dining chairs, barstools and bench seats are best.  Larger fabric dining chairs and more traditional styled furniture can overwhelm a room as they require a more substantial dining table to balance their size. Subsequently choosing slimmer more minimalist styled designs will help you achieve a more open and inviting space.

6. Use a Sideboard

A dining room with a sideboard

Storage is essential and still needs to be utilised within a small space. Our top tip is to stay away from chunky sideboards, buffet and console tables and instead look for designs with slim lined legs that provide ample storage.  Simplicity is key in this scenario, avoid heavy wooden fabrications and instead turn to lightweight modern construction that focuses on functionality and usability as opposed to size.

7. The New Dining Table

A bar set up in a modern dining room

Don't have enough space for a formal dining table? If you have an island bench or adjacent space available next to your kitchen, create a new style of dining within your home by utilising bar stools for seating. 

Linear seating takes up less space than a table and we believe that what you sacrifice is outweighed by the creation of a more functional and open space. Choose from high backed, leather topped, quilted or wooden bar stool designs. Whatever your style, there is a barstool that will match your home's mood. 

8. Utilise Bench Seatingbench seating dining chairs

Bench seats are a great option to maximise space and seating. Their neat, simple design presents multi-purpose function allowing you to move them freely when entertaining as well as been tucked tightly next to your table when not in use. To really maximise space you can also create a booth like set up with your dining table. Place your bench seat along the wall and situate your table in front of it - this is the most effective way to utilise dining and floor space. 

Every inch matters when decorating a small space. Choose decorations and fixtures that are to scale and that make space seem larger or more open than it is. You may need to make some concessions if you don't have the room or inclination to install traditional decor elements, like using a bar in place of a dining room table.  

By creating the illusion of open space and using smaller or more streamlined furniture, you can offset virtually any feelings of excessive closeness in a small dining room. If you have the option, it's best to keep your dining room in a great open room, adjacent to the living room or the kitchen so you have more space if you need it.

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