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10 Simple Decorating Tricks to Transform Your Dining Room 

Your dining room is the centerpiece for socialising. A few subtle and not-so-subtle changes can make all the difference in how your guests perceive it - and how you maximise this lived in space. 

From large entertainer styling dining rooms to more intimate spaces, consider our 10 tips and tricks for dining room decorating and curate your best room yet. 

1. Start with Table Size

Chablis dining room table and espen dining chairs

Size isn't all that matters, but it definitely can make or break the functionality of your dining room space. To maximise the flow of your room, you want to choose a dining table that allows for approximately 1m of space on either side of your table. This is the amount of room required to pull out chairs or move freely around seated guests. If you have additional furniture pieces in the room such as a sideboard, buffet or console table, this rule will also need to be considered in addition to the placement of your dining table.

2. Choose the Shape of the Table

round dining table and dining set

The shape of your dining table will often be determined by the size of your dining room. For rooms that are tight on space we recommend a round dining table - they are great at maximising seating capacity whilst also encouraging conversation. For a more contemporary style, look for a pedestal leg like the Kreis Dining Table. The pedestal leg streamlines the overarching design, creating a chic & elegant space. 

Looking for a dining table that mixes form and function? Extendable dining tables provide the best of both worlds, a more intimate experience can be had for daily dinners whilst you also have the option to extend out and seat more guests for bigger events. 

3. Use an Area Rug

Platz dining room table with rug

Rugs are great ways to define your space whilst also grounding your dining room table and chairs. If your house has an open space dining room that connects to your living room, this is a great way to segment the space and ensure your dining room table and chairs don't get lost and look out of place.  A general rule to consider when searching for a rug is to ensure that each side is approximately 60cm wider than your table. 

4. Supercharge Your StorageSideboard and dining room table

Create interest in your dining room and supercharge your storage all in one go. Stunning hand crafted sideboards, wooden console tables and dining room buffet style cabinetry are great at providing a secondary design point whilst also introducing a new storage solution. 

Furniture pieces like the Thomas sideboard help anchor the room with an additional sense of warmth and texture. The golden brown wood and textured geometry add colour and shininess to the space that will elevate your dining room setting, whilst the inbuilt storage and multi draw design will help store additional table settings and cutlery. 

5. Settle in Style Chairscomfortable dining chairs in a designed space

Choosing your dining room chairs can be one of the trickiest decor decisions; chairs can elevate the space, refresh a much loved dining table, or simply switch the mood of your room. Wanting to add a sexier vibe to your dining room? Introduce velvet and brass accents (like the Frank Dining Chair). Channeling a simple statement instead? Look for sturdy wooden constructions that let the design shine through with beautiful craftsmanship.

6. Introduce Your At-Home Bar

Frank bar cabinet in dining room setting

It doesn't matter whether you're a gin connoisseur or a scotch enthusiast, there is nothing more impressive than a well stocked bar cabinet at home. Introducing a bar cabinet or bar cart into your dining room is a great way at creating a secondary point of interest that also encourages a different style of entertaining. Whether you create a segmented area with seating or simply use it as a sideboard, a bar cabinet allows people to gather and converse in a more relaxed manner. With the addition of a bar cart you also remove the need to visit the kitchen as frequently as the cabinet is fitted out with space for all necessary utensils and tools to craft the perfect cocktail.

7. Declutter the Space

Olsen Dining Room Table

If you’re using your dining room as a multi purpose space, try to home your larger sized pieces of furniture like bookshelves, desks and larger storage cabinets as far away from the table and chairs as you can. This will allow you to enjoy the space as originally intended and disconnect from the many other activities that you use the room for and tune into your meal and guests instead. 

8. Liven Up Empty Space

Artwork in the designer dining room

Art is the easiest way to bring personality into an otherwise simple space. Perhaps you're wanting to refresh a dated room or modernise a traditional design, you can find the perfect hanging artwork to achieve just that. It is an extremely simple design change that can dramatically alter the mood within the dining room. 

9. Use Warm Colours

Warm artwork in a designed space

Utilising warmer colours within your dining room design will encourage a more inviting and intimate setting. Look for warmer wooden tones, textures and fabrications as these will work harmoniously when combined. When wanting to create a warmer more inviting setting also consider the use of lighting as it has the power to shift the mood of any room. 

10. Classic Colour Schemes

Kreis dining table and monochromatic dining room

Don't overthink it - when in doubt go back to the basics; monochromatic colour schemes, neutrals and tonal palettes. If you want to have an overarching style that doesn't clash, simply pick one of these enduring design styles and run with it throughout your space. 

Follow our suggestions to make your dining room look like a place your family and friends want to spend time. With today’s hectic lifestyle, having a cosy dining room can be just the hint of relaxation your family deserves. Shop our range of our dining room furniture online and create your best dining room, yet.