The Mokuzai Collection

This one's a little special. A collaboration between Brosa and Japanese designer Aoto Takada, the Mokuzai [木] Collection is for lovers of simple, timeless, Japanese furniture design.

Using a fusion of old and new influences and techniques, Aoto has created a collection of furniture that is simple, functional and effortlessly stylish. These pieces don't need to shout. They make their message heard. 

The Mokuzai [木] Collection features beautifully designed modern Japanese furniture including dining chairs, square dining tables and an eye catching extendable walnut dining table, with several configurations and the ability to mix and match items.

The Dining Bench and Dining Chairs are available in a combination of woods including Walnut and Ash, and colours like Kuro Charcoal, Fuji Blue, Ume White, Salmon Orange and Yasuko Leather. The Dining Table and Square Table are available in Walnut and Ash, with an Extendable Dining Table also available in Ash or Walnut.

Mix it up a little!

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