The Filip Collection

Bright, bold, fun and fashionable. Four words that accurately describe Brosa's stunningly contemporary living suite, the Filip Collection. From the moment you see a Filip piece, it's beautiful shape imprints a silhouette into your minds eye. Whenever you see another piece of furniture, you can only see the Filip.

Scandinavian design foundations of textured fabrics and natural wood are used with artistic flair to give Filip pieces their unique identity. Solid hardwoods like Birch and Beech are used, along with wonderfully textured composite fabrics to create something that is of true quality.

The Filip Collection consists of two sofas in a 2-seat or 3-seat configuration, an armchair and an ottomans, all in a youthful colour palette of either Goldenrod Yellow, Passion Red, Petal Turquoise or Sandstone.


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