The Elisa Collection

The Elisa Collection is a contemporary statement which combines bold colours, straight lines and designed accents to create a wholly new experience in furniture for living. 

Key designer features include the brilliantly designed leg castors inspired by traditional french furniture, the bold, contemporary colours which infuse a sense of fun and vitality, and the clean lines and proportions of the arms, cushions and overall shape. Paired well with pieces from our range of designer bedroom furniture.

 In addition to being impeccably designed, The Elisa Collection is built to last, using the quality hardwood Birch and a textured composite fabric to add durability and longevity over your furniture's lifespan.

The Elisa Collection consists of a 2-seater and 3-seater sofa, an armchair, and a footstool, each available in a versatile colour palette of French Beige, Stone Grey, Orcein Purple, Porcelain Blue and Cardinal Red.


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