Gas Lift Bed Frames


Space saving gas lift beds

Tight on space? Turn your outdated bed base into a storage bed for extra linen and bed sheets, or even vacuum seal your winter clothes and put them away for next season. The easy gas lift operation ensures that even if you access the storage area daily, you will experience smooth action and simple operation.

Now more than ever, families are aware of the need to maximise all the space they can in the home. Soaring housing prices and smaller living spaces have led to a desperate need for storage solutions around the home. Enter the gas lift bed frame. These innovative lift up bed frames are designed to make the most of your space by reclaiming the space occupied by the bed. The largest piece of furniture in most homes is the bed, which can take up more than 50% of your bedroom area. This means you have less storage for all your other belongings. Our designers have created these options to reduce the clutter and make better usage of your space.

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