Beige Bed Frames


Incredibly contemporary and deceptively stylish, Beige is a colour that doesn't get nearly enough love. The range of hues across the spectrum allow for a range of great interior design ideas, and a good Beige-coloured piece can really bring together disparate elements in a room and bring it to life.

This range of Beige Bed Frames brings that solution to you through a number of incredibly stylish and highly innovative designs, from bedroom items to living room furniture. Included in this collection are the functional Leia and Anica Gas Lift Bed Frames, available in sumptuous French Beige, the simple and chic Sonja Sofa, available armed or armless in Feldspar Beige, and an awesome, practical Sonja Ottoman Sofa Bed, available in Feldspar Beige.

Bring some luxe to your life!


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