Designer Beds & Bed Frames


You'll spend 25 years of your life sleeping! With that illuminating thought it pays to invest in quality, designer bedroom furniture. Brosa's all-encompassing range of bed heads and bed frames are just that. Made from solid hardwoods and durable, textured fabrics, these bedroom pieces are expertly crafted for quality and are made to last. 


In this collection are a number of stylish bed heads and frames which take cues from the best of traditional furniture design and revitalises them for the modern contemporary bedroom. From classic and ornate to clean and contemporary, there is a fashionable designer bed head or frame to match your ideal bedroom. Our bed heads and frames come in king or queen size and are available in a range of distinctly stylish neutrals including creamy beiges, warm greys and luxe black.

sleep in style easy refresh with cushions, rugs, homewares, or wall art.

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