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What to

How to use statement colour in your home

With the introduction of four fabulous new colours in our premium velvet range, our buying team reveals how colour affects the space and mood in your home.

Have you ever paid attention to how you feel calm in a space that’s styled in neutral tones? Or perhaps a burst of energy or creativity when surrounded by bright colours? That’s because there’s a link between colours and our emotions.

This plays into the interior design of your home, which means it’s worth considering the kind of feeling or atmosphere you hope to create in each room. Whether you opt for warm or cool tones is one decision. Using pops of colour vs block colour is another. Statement pieces can bring an element of strong contrast to a space, while soft furnishings or smaller pieces can create more of a subtle effect.

Think about each room of your home when it comes to colour choice. You may look to evoke a different mood or energy in your home office, to that in your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

The new colours in our premium velvet range are designed to enhance the spaces throughout your home and boost your mood along the way.

Our Alexa Large Round Ottoman in Bayou Blue

Bayou Blue

Our Alexa Large Round Ottoman in Bayou Blue

In colour psychology, blue is believed to lower blood pressure by creating a calm, serene atmosphere. Blue is also linked to various traits such as loyalty, peace and success. Here’s what our buying team says about Bayou Blue:

“This zen colour brings a clarifying and stable energy to your home. While it’s a statement colour, it’s a surprisingly versatile shade. We suggest using it in your home office, formal living room or dining room.”

Our Alessia Armchair in Almond Spice

Almond Spice

Our Alessia Armchair in Almond Spice

Neutrals are renowned for their flexibility. Just add colour to a neutral to create a pop or keep it clean for a more subtle look. Here’s the team on our new neutral, Almond Spice:

“This warm neutral brings to mind a wholesome, calming energy and is very on-trend right now. This hue suits a variety of interior styles from Scandi to Mid-Century, and is perfect in your bedroom or family room.”

Our Emily Storage Ottoman in Mojave Rose

Mojave Rose

Our Emily Storage Ottoman in Mojave Rose

Depending on the shade you choose, pink can be used to evoke a calming, delicate, feminine and romantic atmosphere. Our buying team gives the lowdown on Mojave Rose:

Promoting positive energy, this soft and subtle colour will bring a blissful state to your space. Use it in a sitting room or bedroom as a neutral, or accessorise with bold soft furnishings to amp up the colour.”

Our Kate Daybed in Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Our Kate Daybed in Russian Sage

Green works well in most rooms of the house. It encourages thoughts around balance and regeneration, while promoting a feeling of togetherness. The buying team talks about Russian Sage:

“This soft sage hue is such a versatile and restful colour which evokes growth, wellness and nature. Use this calming colour in your living area to promote rest and security.”

Looking to decorate with colour in your home? Start with a free swatch of your chosen fabric to build a colour scheme around. You'll find a combination of colours which work well together, from neutrals through to brighter accent colours.