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How to Decorate a Kids Bedroom – Complete Guide

How to Decorate a Kids Bedroom – Complete Guide

When it comes to interior design, decorating for children is a completely different ball game to the rest of the home – not only are the little humans in our lives full of rambunctious energy that needs to be accommodated, but kids bedroom decor is whimsical and bright, creating an amazing opportunity to have fun with your styling.

Whether you’ve got a baby on the way or are already in charge of your very own brood, we’ve got tonnes of children’s bedroom ideas to inspire you and ignite that playful approach throughout the design process. Keep on reading for a few expert tips and tricks to establishing a beautiful kids bedroom that will grow alongside your tiny humans.

Play with colour and pattern

Your chosen colour palette is the perfect starting point when designing and styling any room, and it’s safe to say that with kids in the mix, it’s even more important. While you’re free to run wild with colour and patterns throughout your space, a children’s room provides a unique opportunity to evoke a more playful, bold and whimsical style should your heart desire. If this approach appeals to you, select a neutral base and then two or three key accent colours that coordinate well, and incorporate them harmoniously.

If you prefer a more neutral, laid-back look, decorate predominantly in these tones (white, cream, brown, grey) and then select a fun accent colour – after all, a little person is going to be living in this space! Don’t forget to consider your accent colours carefully. While many decorators fall into the ‘pink for girls, blue for boys’ trap, there’s a whole palette to play with, including fun shades like turquoise, sage green and rust.

Keep your kid’s room mess-free with our range of storage ottomans.
Keep your kid’s room mess-free with our range of storage ottomans.
Keep your kid’s room mess-free with our range of storage ottomans.
Keep your kid’s room mess-free with our range of storage ottomans.

Encourage lots of storage

Storage is integral to nailing your child’s bedroom design – goodness only knows how many toys, books, items of clothing, and other random knick-knacks you’ll find within the four walls of a kid’s space. As well as anything with a purpose tied to a specific age, such as a changing table, you’ll want to make sure you have ample wardrobe space for those adorable kids’ clothes. If you don’t have a built-in, a great way to add flair as well as storage space is with a chest of drawers. Use a tallboy if you want to save space, or turn a long sideboard-style dresser into an opportunity to display your favourite decor.

Create a cosy place to sleep

We all know that quality rest is important for kids, so establishing a super cosy bed is paramount to nailing your children’s bedroom design. The kind of bed you’re using will, of course, depend on your child’s age and whether they’re still in a cot or have transitioned to a full single or double bed. Either way, though, there are numerous ways to ensure it looks good and is a comfy spot to nap or sleep that your littlies love.

Start with bedding in one of your accent colours – chances are, if it’s amongst their favourite hues, they’ll be more inclined (and even excited) to want to go to sleep at night. Then, adorn with a pretty throw cushion or two, keeping in mind you’ll want to have a place to stash these when it comes time to sleep, particularly if you have a very young child for whom excessive pillows could be a hazard. Throw pillows are an easy and affordable way to spruce up a space, and to add personality to the bed. Then, finish with a blanket or throw that’s warm and cosy, folded at the end of the bed or cot. Voila – a space your kid will love to kick back and relax in!

Another must-have piece of storage in a children’s bedroom is a place to tuck away toys. While lots of us have fallen into the trap of using unsightly storage bins and buckets, there are other kids' bedroom storage ideas that do the trick whilst looking cute. A go-to piece of children’s bedroom furniture for us is a storage ottoman or storage bench, as these play double duty, looking stylish and chic as a seat as well as storing heaps of bits and bobs within.

Display favourite books and toys

One of our favourite kids bedroom ideas is to lean into the fun, colour, and whimsy of toys and books by putting them on display. That’s why we think a bookshelf is a must in any child’s room, as this versatile piece of furniture will permit you to show off your favourite colourful items, creating a focal point in the space, as well as providing additional storage. Select something with lots of open, front-facing shelving, and display your most beautiful picture books by standing them up, or investing in a few acrylic stands for them to rest on.

If you’d prefer to face everything outwards, floating shelves with a front are a unique way to achieve this – think of magazine storage at the supermarket, but way cuter! Simply show off your favourite picture books, stow the rest away, and switch up the titles on display as your child’s taste changes.

Bring the room to life with plenty of texture.
Bring the room to life with plenty of texture.
Bring the room to life with plenty of texture.
Bring the room to life with plenty of texture.

Use diverse textures

Children love comfy, cosy textures, and when they’re young, it’s a good idea to familiarise them with different feels to help them learn more about the world. That’s why texture is so important in a children’s bedroom – not only will it add depth and warmth to the space, but it creates yet another opportunity for your little one to learn new things. To bring the bedroom to life, one of the best ways to introduce texture is through an area rug. Whether you have hardwood floors, tiles, or even carpet, a rug adds colour and breaks up the monotony of your flooring for a dimensional look.

Another ideal way to bring in some texture is through an occasional chair. If you’re a new parent, this could be a nursing chair, or if your child is older, somewhere for them (or the two of you!) to nestle up and read a book. Textures like boucle, jacquard, teddy fabric and velvet look gorgeous and are relatively easy to clean and take care of, even with sticky hands around – plus they once again diversify the space, ensuring everything has a unique touch and edge.

Light the room up well

Our final tip is to not skimp on the lighting – the more options you have at your fingertips, the easier it’ll be to create the perfect environment for your child. Children’s bedroom lamps are a must-have, as you’ll use these for reading in bed, getting ready on lighter nights or darker mornings, and as your child grows up, to light their way while doing homework. Any table lamp can work well in a kid’s space, but colour is always appreciated, as are unique shapes and styles. Don’t forget to get it right with overhead lighting, too – ambient lighting is crucial to make the space usable in all scenarios.

When it comes down to it, a children’s bedroom is a place for play, joy and laughter – so why shouldn’t your choice of furniture and decor reflect that? Let your creativity guide the way, and be sure to let your little one have a say if they’re old enough. The more they love it, the more they’ll want to enjoy their space.

Shop kids bedroom furniture and so much more today at Brosa. Need assistance with your grand interior design plans? Head in-store to our Melbourne or Sydney studios, or access our virtual styling services to get started.

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