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How to Create the Perfect Boho Bedroom

Boho style is beautiful, eclectic, and somewhat elusive – while we’ve all got an idea of what this popular design choice looks like in our heads, it’s often a little harder to pin down and artfully achieve. But, with a couple of our stylists’ top tips in mind, creating the perfect boho bedroom is not only achievable, but will garner a whole lot of fun, giving you the chance to flex your creativity and flair, and splash it all over your space.

If you’re all about relaxed, fun and funky vibes, and want to bring them into your bedroom, now’s the time – here are a few of our expert-approved boho bedroom ideas to get you started.

Light and bright with our Kate Daybed
Light and bright with our Kate Daybed

Getting started with boho style

Light and bright with our Kate Daybed
Light and bright with our Kate Daybed

Something to know about this style before you get started is that it’s not for the (aesthetically) faint of heart. A bohemian bedroom might mix patterns, prints and colours to create an oasis of laid-back beauty that’s reminiscent of the 1970s, when boho was in its heyday.

1. Keep it light and bright
The first step to unleashing boho vibes in your space is playing with colour! Bohemian style tends to draw on warm tones, including neutrals (think tan, cream and warm browns with depth) and brighter shades such as rust, orange, green, terracotta and sunny yellow. Because OTT is totally acceptable when styling a boho bedroom, you can opt to reflect these colours in key furniture pieces, or go wild with accents.

2. Say goodbye to grey
One of the innate rules of the boho bedroom process is this – ditch the grey. While it might tie well into modern, contemporary, Scandi or even classic style, cool tones with no dimension like grey won’t fare well with the traditional tenets of boho. Instead, opt for those warm neutrals we just talked about for your less showy pieces.

Materials mixing with wood is a must for your boho bedroom
Materials mixing with wood is a must for your boho bedroom

Selecting boho furniture pieces

Materials mixing with wood is a must for your boho bedroom
Materials mixing with wood is a must for your boho bedroom

With your colour palette established, the next thing to consider is the style and design of your furniture pieces. If you’re building your bedroom from scratch, keep the tried-and-true aspects of boho interior design at the forefront of every choice you make.

1. Rustic vibes all ‘round
Rustic furniture should have a place of pride in your bedroom setup – this style is hugely central to the boho aesthetic, and will create a lived-in, laid-back look that will comfortably accommodate all of the texture, colour and prints that are to come as you style the room. Not only does it look beautiful, but it opens up the door to a variety of pieces, including second-hand or antique finds.

2. Invest in wooden pieces
One way to hammer home the rustic, bohemian look is by investing in quality wooden furniture that’ll stand the test of time. To achieve that worn feel, you might like to select pieces that are shabby chic, or if you prefer a cleaner look, opt for something that’s a little off-centre with unique carvings, a mix of materials (e.g. traditional wood combined with cane or rattan) or interesting grains and patterns in the wood itself. A piece like the Marlon Bedside Table is visually exciting and definitely fulfils the boho chic description without going too far in the wrong direction.

Tip: Sourcing boho bedside tables is easier than you might think – look for something simple in a medium or light-toned wood, and switch out the knobs or drawer handles for something a little more exciting to give it a boho-approved upcycle.

3. Mix and match designs
Modern boho bedroom style doesn’t have a lot of rhyme or reason, which is why it’s polarising – some are turned off by the lack of order, whereas others love to embrace the untamed, dreamy, chilled-out feel this style can bring to a room. If you fall into the second camp, you’re not only in the right place, but you’ll also love this aspect of boho style. Mixing and matching is key, rather than frowned-upon, so try to switch up your furniture pieces to create an exciting and eclectic environment. You might like to play with varying tones of wood, shape, size, or material to give the room that free-spirited vibe – an example might be a chestnut bedside table in a simple design, paired with a curvy, light-wood boho bed frame.

4. Detail is everything
Whether it’s your furniture pieces themselves, or your decor and styling choices, boho style loves detail. So, don’t shy away from a piece that seems a little loud – chances are, when it’s styled up in your boho bedroom, it’ll fit right in! Features like carvings, mixed materials, colour, tassels, prints and varying textures are all right at home against the boho backdrop.

For instance, if you’re looking to make a statement with a boho chest of drawers, you might like to pick something bright and colourful, or something that uses multiple materials to make a statement. Our favourite piece for establishing the boho aesthetic is the Roma Chest of Drawers with its unique pattern splashed across the drawer fronts.

A rug is essential to bring eclectic cosy vibes to your boho bedroom.
A rug is essential to bring eclectic cosy vibes to your boho bedroom.

Styling with boho decor

A rug is essential to bring eclectic cosy vibes to your boho bedroom.
A rug is essential to bring eclectic cosy vibes to your boho bedroom.

Finally, the fun part – and this aesthetic’s real time to shine – is adding some boho bedroom decor to liven the space up and make it feel like the cosiest, cutest and most ideal spot to unwind. Here are our top tips...

1. Play with texture
Boho at its core is soft and sweet, and texture is crucial to making this clear in your bedroom. Of course, it helps that the bedroom is the perfect place for soft furnishings like curtains, cushions, rugs and throws. Juxtapose the harder, clean lines of wooden furniture pieces with softer pieces in an array of styles – tassels, boucle, satin, linen, the list goes on! If you’re looking to add even more depth, consider glass items like vases and candlesticks, quartz for frames and trays, and rattan or wicker baskets.

2. Rugs are a must
Every bedroom needs a rug, but it might be more crucial to establishing boho style than any other! Opt for something bright and quirky, such as a paisley pattern, a tasseled number, or a rug that’s got lots of personality and texture. The Jordan Rust Geo Textured Rug is the ideal blend of pattern and colour, and features variation between cut and looped piles.

3. Light it up
What better way to set the tone for your space than with a boho bedroom lamp? Lots of lovely light is central to creating the perfect boho chic oasis, so don’t skimp on the floor, wall or table lamps. There are no rules, but you may find a wooden lamp or something with a colourful or stained-glass shade really locks in the boho aesthetic. And, although it comes down to personal preference, a yellow-toned bulb might do a better job of warming up the space than a white one.

4. Add some greenery
Plants are a must-have in every room, but with boho’s earthy, free-spirited feel, they’re a non-negotiable! Grab your finest greenery and scatter it throughout the space in cute pots and planters that vary in size, colour and texture. If you can put holes in the walls or ceiling, hanging plants really play into the boho style (add some macrame and you’ve really got the hang of it… literally!).

Layer and mix materials for boho perfection.
Layer and mix materials for boho perfection.

Our final tips for a boho bedroom

Layer and mix materials for boho perfection.
Layer and mix materials for boho perfection.

Armed with these handy hints, you’ll be max-relaxing in your boho paradise in no time. Don’t forget these last pieces of advice before you begin purchasing and styling your modern bohemian bedroom.

1. When in doubt, layer
Height, depth and visual interest are key to achieving the boho look, so make this a priority when you begin designing and styling your bedroom. Think layered rugs, varying heights for plants and artwork, canopies, woven wall hangings, eclectic shelf styling and more. By layering your pieces, you’ll create a sense of fullness – and boho style is nothing if not busy and buzzing with excitement!

2. Unleash your inner creative
Every styling project is an opportunity to flex your styling muscle, but boho design in particular lends itself to a lot of creative freedom. Pick pieces that speak to you, don’t be afraid to mix and match, and give colour and texture a chance to really master the boho aesthetic. It’s difficult to go overboard with this style, but if you do, you’ll know – so trust your judgment and think of this as the perfect chance to unleash that stylistic instinct.

Shop boho bedroom favourites and so much more at Brosa. If you’re not sure how to achieve your styling goals in your space, chat to one of our interior stylists today, either virtually or in person at our Sydney and Melbourne studio spaces.