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How to Create a Modern Hamptons Style Bedroom

How to Create a Modern Hamptons Style Bedroom

Relaxed yet luxurious, modern Hamptons style has all of the charm of a quaint seaside town paired with the opulence and elegance its namesake is known for. If this style sounds right up your alley, you’re probably itching to add some Hamptons elements into your home.

The bedroom is the perfect place to evoke modern Hamptons style – a hub for winding down and enjoying the serenity of being at home, bedroom furniture pairs so well with the overall vibe of Hamptons. Deck out your bedroom with furniture and homewares inspired by this rich-and-famous-favourite holiday destination by following a few simple styling steps.

Keep reading for our expert guide to creating a stunning modern Hamptons bedroom.

Why Hamptons?

If you’re still weighing up your aesthetic of choice, and Hamptons is in the mix, perhaps you need a little push to tip you over the edge. So, what’s so great about a Hamptons style bedroom? Well, one of the biggest selling points is that modern Hamptons interiors and the mood of a bedroom are very aligned.

Serenity is a huge must in the bedroom, and the colour scheme and design elements of Hamptons reflect this inherently. Hamptons style relies heavily on hues like white, blue and cream, and uses a lot of sturdy yet laid-back wooden materials, including rattan and cane. It’s also the perfect style to incorporate lots of soft textures, including flowy curtains, fluffy pillows and lush rugs – which are definitely cosy bedroom approved.

Traditionally, Hamptons uses colour quite sparingly, but don’t be afraid to use colour, especially with accessories.
Traditionally, Hamptons uses colour quite sparingly, but don’t be afraid to use colour, especially with accessories.

Establishing a colour palette

Traditionally, Hamptons uses colour quite sparingly, but don’t be afraid to use colour, especially with accessories.
Traditionally, Hamptons uses colour quite sparingly, but don’t be afraid to use colour, especially with accessories.

If you’re ready to get started with the Hamptons aesthetic, the first step is understanding its intrinsic colour palette. Traditionally, Hamptons uses colour quite sparingly, with a dark, ocean blue and clean, crisp white the two primary tones. If you want to add a bit more depth, your next colour choices should include a lighter sky blue, cream, and tan.

Like any good colour palette, some colours will be more prevalent than others when you begin to furnish and style the bedroom. Use the 60/30/10 rule, with your most neutral colour (in this case, white) taking up 60 per cent of the room, followed by the key accent shade (ocean blue) at 30 per cent, and those less prominent accent colours consuming 10 per cent of the room.

Of course, design isn’t all black and white (or in this case, blue and white). There’s always leeway to play and have fun with the colours and elements that tickle your fancy the most. So, if there’s another colour you want to add into your Hamptons colour palette, go for it – just be sure it’s complementary, and used very sparingly. Potential accent colours could include khaki green, sandy beige, or sunny yellow to reflect the natural vibes of Hamptons style.

Exploring Hamptons style furniture

Once you’ve understood the colour palette that underpins Hamptons style, it’s time to start shopping! Here are some tips for selecting pieces that really reflect the modern Hamptons vibe, including materials, textures and embellishments to look out for.

The perfect Hamptons style bed

As the focal point of the room, it’s likely you’ll want to start with the bed – and this is arguably the best approach. In your sleeping quarters, the bed will draw the eye above all else, so nailing it with the right configuration, bedding and styling is crucial. Hamptons style uses lots of wood, so perhaps the most popular and aligned pick will be a whitewashed wooden Hamptons bed frame like the Monterey Hamptons Style Bed Frame. Sturdily constructed and the ideal mix between beachy chic and clean luxury, this bed frame would look gorgeous styled with white sheets, a white duvet cover and pops of ocean and sky blue, incorporated through throw pillows and a blanket.

If a softer style is more ‘you’, an upholstered bed frame is another great Hamptons-esque pick. Be sure to select an upholstery colour that’s soft and light, such as white, beige or pale blue – bonus points if the material is linen or linen-look. We love the way the Gia Bed Frame pairs with the Hamptons style. The same rules applies to styling a material bed frame – take inspiration from a luxury beachside hotel, with lots of white and some beautiful blue thrown in for good measure.

Adding bedside tables

A non-negotiable feature of any bedroom is quality bedside tables. They’re a vessel for all of the items you use on the daily, from the book you’re currently reading to your cup of tea, favourite hand cream, headphones and more. So, it’s important that you get it right, not only in terms of aesthetic, but functionality, too.

Hamptons style bedside tables will likely take one of two approaches. The first follows the whitewashed wood trend and could tie in beautifully with a like-minded bed frame or bed base and bed head. The Monterey Wide Hamptons Style Bedside Table is accented with silver drawer pulls, and has tonnes of room for all of your must-have trinkets. It’s packed full of Hamptons personality, so it’s certain that a pair of these would take your bedroom styling to the next level.

Another bedside table option that still fits within the modern Hamptons realm is something that blends white and natural wood tones, like the Carroll Side Table. Whatever you select, be sure that you don’t go too dark with the wood – think medium-toned or lighter. Skip the fancy embellishments and over-the-top accents, and instead go for quality construction and simple lines to really follow the Hamptons trend. Hamptons also loves symmetry, so be sure to always purchase two bedside tables and create that really luxe, reliable and somewhat traditional layout.

Dressing tables, chests of drawers and more

The final piece of the furniture puzzle in your gorgeous new bedroom will be those value-adds that provide storage and additional surface area for styling. Think Hamptons chests of drawers, dressing tables, or anything that adds the practicality you need to support your lifestyle and day-to-day tasks. For instance, where some people might crave additional storage for folded clothes, others might want to use that space for a vanity and chair to get ready in the morning. The pieces you choose are up to you – but here are a few tips to keep them totally Hamptons.

When it comes to bigger pieces, just like the bedside tables, simple is always better. Rely on tried-and-true favourites like whitewashed wood or a lighter-toned wood with a rustic edge. You’ll want to keep those accents and extras minimal, choosing white, matte black and silver where possible over flashy gold or brass. Keep selecting from the Monterey family for a cohesive look: the Monterey Hamptons Style Chest of Drawers is the perfect home for all of your clothing and accessories. Or, if you’d like to switch things up a bit, another favourite range is Enzo. A cross between Hamptons and traditional, the cream colourway and minimal yet luxurious shape of the Enzo Dressing Table will slot into your bedroom with ease.

Liven up your space with accessories.
Liven up your space with accessories.

Introducing Hamptons decor

Liven up your space with accessories.
Liven up your space with accessories.

Furniture is only half the battle – what will really establish the modern Hamptons look and feel in your bedroom is the right decor. Think beautiful blue hues, seaside-inspired trinkets, and soft textures while you’re searching for homewares pieces to liven up your space. Here are a few key areas to consider and really inject some Hamptons flair.

Illuminating your space

Lighting is, of course, a must-have in your bedroom. In fact, it’s almost more crucial where you sleep than any other area of the home, as you’ll want to have a detailed lightscape that allows for varying brightnesses and tones depending on your mood (and how sleepy you are!). When it comes to creating a Hamptons room, you’ll want to maintain the cosy factor without sacrificing any of that luxurious, elegant feel. Opt for white bulbs to keep with the clean, crisp tones in the room.

When it comes to floor, wall and table lamps, simple is always best. The Capra Tripod Floor Lamp in achromatic white cuts a striking figure without being distracting, whereas the Kio Table Lamp has a little more personality with its stunning marble base. However, it remains chic and understated in tones that are traditionally Hamptons, and with the sleek white shade.

Creating texture with rugs

Another great homewares piece that will tie together a Hamptons style bedroom – and any room, for that matter – is an eye-catching rug. Instead of going wild with colour or pattern, to keep with the Hamptons theme, you’ll want to opt for something relatively neutral, but play it up and add excitement with texture. A white, cream or beige rug that’s got lots of variation up close will be the perfect inclusion in a laid-back Hamptons bedroom. Channel simple elegance with the Tribeca Ivory Wool Rug, or if your style is a little more detailed, the Staten Natural Jute Wool Rug will be a fitting choice.

The finishing touches

Last, but certainly not least, is the fun part – styling with those personal touches. As well as all the lovely things we include in our bedrooms, like photo frames, trinkets and sentimental items, there are ample opportunities to show off your personality with Hamptons style. One area you should lean on to your heart’s desire is soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs, blankets, cushions and more. Be sure to mix tones to create depth – for every stunning, standout item you purchase in ocean blue, add something in a contrasting neutral shade like beige or sand.

Other areas to consider that’ll only add to the Hamptons vibe are wall art and plants. Wall art is an essential in every room in your home, as it shows off your uniqueness and is an opportunity to highlight your interests and point of view. Hamptons art might be a beautiful beach scene, coastal photography, or simply an eye-catching print in the right colour palette. Then, the final touch in any room should be plants and blooms, so be sure to spruce up the space by including these where you can.

Now that you’ve got a whole slew of Hamptons bedroom ideas under your belt, it’s time to get out there and make magic happen. Keep these stylist-approved suggestions in your toolkit when sourcing the right furniture and homewares pieces to create a Hamptons vibe in your home. And, if you’re stumped on where to start, Brosa is the perfect place – shop our expertly crafted, high-quality modern Hamptons furniture today.