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How to Create a Hamptons Dining Room

Whether the phrase ‘Hamptons’ brings to mind luxurious holidays of yesteryear, featuring big-time Hollywood celebrities, or scenes fresh out of Gossip Girl (white party, anyone?), there’s one constant – Hamptons style interiors are the perfect way to make your home feel elegant. Classy and chic yet ultra laid-back, Hamptons is an ideal choice for the dining room, which happens to have a very similar vibe.

When you’re styling a Hamptons dining room, you might decide to keep it traditional, or infuse a little coastal Aussie flair – the choice is yours. Keep reading for a masterlist of design tips and Hamptons dining room ideas to suit your personal style, straight from our expert Brosa stylists.

The essence of your Hamptons style dining room

Let’s kick things off with the basics – the fundamental elements of your dining room that you can tailor to ooze laid-back Hamptons luxe. We’ll consider your colours of choice, and determine what path you’ll explore with your major furniture pieces.

Start with a neutral base

White is a super central colour to Hamptons style. You’ll find that this aesthetic is very clean, beachy and opulent, so white creates the perfect neutral foundation for other tones, including browns and pops of ocean blue. If your walls aren’t already a sleek, dreamy white, perhaps a fresh coat of paint is in order – this will establish the right canvas as you forge ahead.

Illuminate your space

A gorgeous space can look less than desirable without the right lighting, and although Hamptons style is very bright in itself, a well thought-out, layered lightscape will tie everything together. Ensure there’s enough overhead illumination, preferably with daylight bulbs (a neutral white shade that’s neither blue or yellow-toned). Later down the track, we’ll add even more ambience with table and floor lamps.

Light wood with character is a great choice for Hamptons style
Light wood with character is a great choice for Hamptons style
Light wood with character is a great choice for Hamptons style
Light wood with character is a great choice for Hamptons style

Opt for whitewashed furniture

Once you’ve prepped your canvas – AKA, the dining room – for a total Hamptons makeover, it’s time to start thinking about furniture choices. Hamptons can take one of two directions, so take a moment to figure out which one speaks to you best. Traditionally, pieces in this aesthetic (for instance, a Hamptons dining table and chairs) would be constructed from solid, sturdy wood that’s either painted white or finished with a ‘whitewashing’ effect that shows through some, but not a lot, of the natural brown colour. Depending on how rustic a look you like, this can be quite clean, or can have more of a natural, relaxed finish.

Or, go for beautiful light wood

With the rise of coastal style, however, Hamptons aesthetic has changed quite a lot in recent years – especially here in Australia, where seaside living is nothing new. Instead of stark white or whitewashed furniture, beautiful light wood pieces can create warmth in the space, and update this style to include a modern, chilled-out edge. Select pieces that are made out of blond to light-medium toned wood (think Scandi, just heavier) to incorporate this alternative into your Hamptons dining setting.

Finding the right Hamptons style furniture

Now that your dining room is feeling a little more aligned with Hamptons style, the next step is to select furniture that fulfils your needs, looks great, and suits your unique tastes. We’ll talk you through some of the tenets of Hamptons interior design, including shape, size and weight, and go through some of the most popular options around.

Round it out with your dining table

The best place to start when furnishing and styling any room is with the focal piece – and in the dining room, that’s undoubtedly your dining table and chairs. A circular wooden table with just the right amount of rustic charm is one way to do the Hamptons style dining table. Depending on size, you’ll be able to fit 6-8 chairs comfortably, or 4 if you prefer a pared-back look. With its trestle-style legs and natural mango wood construction, complete with tonnes of variation in the wood’s grain, the Chablis Round Table is our go-to pick in a Hamptons dining room.

Relax into a heavy, rustic look

Hamptons furniture is rarely light in its construction – compared to Scandinavian style, Hamptons pieces should have fullness, presence, and an almost heavy look and feel. So, another perfect pick for a Hamptons dining table is something with that grounded, rich gravity that also plays with shape and embellishments in true luxurious style. If you love wooden furniture, we can’t go past the Baker Dining Table, which blends beautiful light brown American Oak with white legs. The rounded, statement-making pillar legs give this piece panache. If you prefer an all-white style, the Darby Dining Table has a similar feel with a whitewashed finish that doesn’t obscure the wood’s natural grain.

Upholstered chairs are pure comfort and Hamptons style.
Upholstered chairs are pure comfort and Hamptons style.
Upholstered chairs are pure comfort and Hamptons style.
Upholstered chairs are pure comfort and Hamptons style.

Stand out with upholstered chairs

Elegant upholstery is a fixture of Hamptons style, making it a great avenue to go down for your dining chairs! To bring this to life, source chairs with a wooden base and legs in a warm, light brown, and an upholstered backrest and seat. Popular colour choices that suit the Hamptons style well include white, cream, dusky blue, grey and tan, and we love linen or cotton for the material. Not only is this style of dining chair super comfortable, but they’re also refined and beautiful enough to be used in other scenarios – for instance, if you need an extra chair in the living room when guests come around! Select something with a simple silhouette, such as the Zoe Dining Chairs in French Beige, or the Jessica Dining Chairs in Cloud Grey.

Maintain your rustic theme

If upholstery isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are other Hamptons style dining chairs that’ll suit your space and tastes perfectly. An alternative way to go is to continue with the rustic trend and opt for wooden chairs in a complementary white or light hue. This definitely evokes more of the ‘modern Hamptons’ aesthetic and ties in nicely with a coastal vibe, too. Natural materials like rattan, jute and cane work wonders in creating that laid-back look, so seating that incorporates these, such as the Koko Dining Chairs or Bianca Dining Chairs, could work wonders in tying everything together cohesively. The wishbone design of Koko is a stunning pick for the tastemakers amongst us, whereas Bianca’s frame is a little lighter and more traditional.

Fill the rest of the room

Once you’ve established the Hamptons dining set of your dreams, consider translating this style to other parts of the room with items like sideboards, bar cabinets and benches. Storage is key in the dining room, especially if you have lovely dinnerware and crockery to tuck away while it’s not being used for entertaining. To continue the Hamptons theme, you’ve got a few ways to play it – starting with that beautiful rustic look. A piece like the Martin Sideboard (available in small or large to suit your dining space) offers a pared-back, raw-finished appearance that’s a perfect complement to a Hamptons interior, and is packed with both cupboard and drawer space.

If you prefer a clean and classic vibe, on the other hand, you might like to opt for a blond-toned wood in a simple style, such as the Mia Sideboard. Finally, lean right into the traditional and add a bit of colour with the Enzo Bar Cabinet. This versatile piece has all the fittings of an old-school Hamptons style bar cabinet with either a Brushed Ivory or Ash Grey finish, paired with a neutral wooden surface.

Finishing with Hamptons decor

With all of the big ticket items happily in place, the last part of your journey towards a gorgeous Hamptons style dining room is incorporating homewares and decor. There are a few colours and textures that absolutely scream Hamptons, and failing to include these would be remiss – here’s your expert how-to guide.

Add touches of blue where you can to make a Hamptons statement.
Add touches of blue where you can to make a Hamptons statement.
Add touches of blue where you can to make a Hamptons statement.
Add touches of blue where you can to make a Hamptons statement.

Make a statement with blue

Along with white, cream, brown and grey, the final colour in a Hamptons palette is undoubtedly a rich ocean blue. You’ll also see other derivations of this go-to hue, including a dusky blue with a cool base, and pops of lovely light blue. To amp up your Hamptons dining space, add small touches of this colour where you can, starting with your table setting. When you’re not entertaining, place a blue vase in ceramic or glass on the table and fill it with white flowers (real or fake – it’s up to you). You might like to dot other blue accents around in the space, such as trinkets on the sideboard or a big pot in the corner. By adding just a few callbacks to this timelessly Hamptons colour, you’ll thoroughly ground its presence in your dining space.

Add touches of glamour

Another tenet of Hamptons is how luxe it is, harking back to eras gone by, when quality came at a much lower price tag. Whatever your budget, though, there are ways to add a little opulence into a Hamptons dining room to give it that edge it so desperately needs. Candle holders with tapers or pillars are a great way to sprinkle this in the space, as are beautiful blooms, and decor items made from luxe-looking materials like glass, mother of pearl and marble. Another way to give your space a little elegance is through your lighting. Select pieces with presence, such as the Kio Table Lamp, for an affordably lavish look.

Incorporate textured homewares

Texture is a big part of Hamptons styling, and creates a great opportunity to introduce natural materials like jute, bamboo, rattan, cane and seagrass. With this in mind, try to select homewares constructed in these materials to add depth and dimension to the dining room. As well as baskets, lampshades, placemats and plant pots, a rug will allow you to surround your space in texture, bringing everything to life in a big way! We can’t go past the raw, earthy yet elegant look and feel of the Staten Natural Jute Wool Rug – place it under your dining table to tie the room together.

Accent with greenery

The last piece of the puzzle should always be plants, and Hamptons design is no exception. Greenery breathes life into almost any space, lifting the mood and bringing the outside in. Hamptons is all about taking cues from nature, and is particularly influenced by seaside living, so try to choose plants that reflect this ethos – think ferns, fiddle leaf figs, succulents, palms and birds of paradise. Place your plants in pots of all shapes and sizes, keeping the colour scheme in line with the Hamptons palette, and playing with pattern and texture as you see fit.

All in all, a Hamptons dining room is an elegant yet totally laid-back place to eat, relax and entertain – the perfect complement to any home. Keep these tips in mind when furnishing and styling your very own Hamptons dining space, complete with Hamptons dining chairs, dining tables, sideboards, decor and more. Shop Brosa’s range of Hamptons style furniture today, and don’t forget to access our virtual services or pop into our Sydney and Melbourne Studio spaces for some expert advice.