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How to Achieve an Art Deco Bedroom – Styling Guide

How to Achieve an Art Deco Bedroom – Styling Guid

Embrace the ‘bigger is always better’ mentality with the boldest style around – the over-the-top, yet somehow timeless, Art Deco interior design. Inspired by 1920s luxury and an anything-but-subtle opulence, Art Deco draws on bright colours, pops of metal, bold shapes, and vibrant patterns to get the job done in any room.

If an art deco bedroom is on your design wishlist, keep on reading to discover some expert advice, straight from our Brosa stylists, for bringing this chic and fun aesthetic to life in your home.

Our top tips for Art Deco bedroom style

Art Deco furniture is particularly suited to the bedroom – after all, this space, more than any other, is yours to do with what you wish! Moody tones, reflective surfaces and eye-catching patterns also create that feeling of a ‘haven’ that’s conducive to rest and relaxation. Here are a few of our top tips to keep in mind throughout your Art Deco styling journey…

 Gold accents and an arch bedhead are two key themes in Art Deco style.
Gold accents and an arch bedhead are two key themes in Art Deco style.
Gold accents and an arch bedhead are two key themes in Art Deco style.
Gold accents and an arch bedhead are two key themes in Art Deco style.

Ground using gold

Most styles incorporate some kind of metal, and in the Art Deco aesthetic, that metal is most definitely gold! Whether you use it as an accent with an Art Deco mirror, light fixtures, candle holders and dazzling trinkets, or go even bolder with gold fixtures on your primary furniture pieces, gold is a non-negotiable part of bringing this style to life in your bedroom. Other metals certainly have a place, but should be used sparingly in favour of the brightest and most opulent metal…

Play with patterns

Patterns are another hugely important element in Art Deco style – it’s just not the same with a room full of solids! Whether you select one pattern or ten, they’re an easy way to add wonder and whimsy into your bedroom. Conflicting patterns are no match for Art Deco, a style that says ‘never enough’ to bright, bold textures, hues and prints – mix and match your favourites to lean right into this look. In particular, florals against a dark background, as well as the iconic starburst and sunburst patterns, scream Art Deco. Looking to really add some drama? Find an Art Deco wallpaper that’ll ensure the room lives up to this style at all times.

Don’t shy away from bright furniture pieces

Even once you’ve determined your palette, you might fall into the trap of wanting to purchase plain, ‘traditional’ coloured furniture pieces in browns, whites and blacks. Although this is totally fine – even simpler pieces have a place in Art Deco – you’ll want to juxtapose them with brighter, more daring items, too! After all, this style is all about having fun in a luxe, over-the-top way, and isn’t for the faint of heart.

Pick a bold colour palette

Colour is super central to getting Art Deco style right, but that doesn’t mean you’re beholden to one specific palette. All in all, it’s more about reflecting the mood you’re looking for, and really going all in with colour, whether that’s a bunch of bright tones, some moody shades, or a mix of both. Many Art Deco rooms draw on pinks, oranges, greens and other jewel tones to establish a really bright and whimsical look, whereas others lean into this style’s trademark moodiness with a darker base (think navy, olive green, or even black) complemented with brighter accents.

Mix and match textures

No matter your style – whether it’s Art Deco, or coastal, modern, or minimalist – textures are a fundamental part of the design game. They can add depth and dimension to even the most neutral of colour palettes, and will ensure there’s visual interest in absolutely every corner of your room. In an Art Deco bedroom, be sure to utilise texture to the fullest, mixing and matching metals, woods, and fabrics. Velvet in particular is crucial to Art Deco style, and can be used for cushions, an armchair, or an ottoman.

Curves and gold accents create a tranquil take on Art Deco.
Curves and gold accents create a tranquil take on Art Deco.
Curves and gold accents create a tranquil take on Art Deco.
Curves and gold accents create a tranquil take on Art Deco.

Lean into luxe curves

Our final tip for embodying Art Deco is to take full advantage of curvy furniture pieces that truly embrace all that this style has to offer. Curved and arched pieces are really crucial in Art Deco design, and throughout this style’s history, have been reflected in armchairs, bed heads, wall features, shelves, bedside tables… the list goes on. Incorporating at least one beautifully rounded piece will ensure you’ve rooted Art Deco design in your space.

With these overarching handy hints in mind, we’ve rounded up a few Art Deco furniture and styling ideas to get you started in your own space. Here’s how our Brosa stylists would create the ideal Art Deco bedroom.

Opt for an arched bed frame

Your bed frame or bed base/bed head combo will be the centrepiece of your bedroom, so start here and work outwards for a cohesive look and feel. The ultimate Art Deco bed just has to involve some kind of lush curve, which is why we’re obsessed with the Arch Bed Head and Arch Bed Frame. Available in a number of bed sizes, including single, double, queen and king, go for bold with a unique colour, or keep this part of the room neutral and highlight with brighter accents.

Embrace maximalist bedding

Your bedding is an easily interchangeable way to make a significant statement, and to draw focus to your beautiful bed frame. Don’t skimp on colour, texture or patterns here – the bolder, the better. Pair an intricately printed doona cover with simple bed sheets in a bright colour, or vice versa, to lean into the Art Deco vibes.

Set the tone with bedside tables

There are so many ways to do Art Deco bedside tables, from bold gold and marble, to moody dark wood, to cool concrete in a bright colour. So, it’s all about finding pieces that speak to you, that will ultimately influence the direction you take with the rest of the big furniture pieces in the room.

Add a subtle Art Deco starburst with the Artemis Bedside Table, or give this style a modern twist with the gorgeous Huber Side Table in white marble and gold. Of course, don’t forget to really consider functionality, weighing up whether you need drawers and storage, or can get away with something stark and simple

Let there be light! Bedside lamps are an essential piece of the Art Deco bedroom puzzle.
Let there be light! Bedside lamps are an essential piece of the Art Deco bedroom puzzle.
Let there be light! Bedside lamps are an essential piece of the Art Deco bedroom puzzle.
Let there be light! Bedside lamps are an essential piece of the Art Deco bedroom puzzle.

Let there be light

Illuminate and brighten your bedroom with a beautiful Art Deco lamp. While most styles suit matching table lamps on either bedside table, it’s up to you whether these need to coordinate or not – simply using some common themes like colour and shape would suit Art Deco style. If you prefer a brighter spotlight, select a floor lamp instead, or go for wall sconces for a concentrated light source. Our favourite Art Deco lighting options include the Leo Arc Floor Lamp, Ornis Table Lamp and Asterion Wall Light.

Blend storage and style

In the bedroom, storage is pretty crucial – after all, this is where you’ll tuck away your clothes, shoes, bedding, and other personal bits and pieces to create a calm and clutter-free space. Because chests of drawers and sideboards are usually big pieces of furniture, this presents an exciting opportunity to make a statement and carve out a standout corner in your Art Deco bedroom.

The Hertz 4 Door Sideboard isn’t just a dining room staple, but could look gorgeous in the bedroom, and will provide some versatile storage. Another favourite is the Roma Chest of Drawers, for a slightly more rustic, structural take on Art Deco.

Finish with bright or bold accents

The final piece of the puzzle in any room is your accents – those smaller decor pieces and furniture items that exemplify your aesthetic and tie everything together. From soft furnishings like cushions, throws and rugs, to candle holders, plants, photo frames, and personalised trinkets, there are so many ways to give the room life with Art Deco accents. When it comes to rugs, we love eye-catching pieces like the Ainsley Wine Red Wool Shag Rug, for lots of stunning texture, and the Jordan Rust Geo Textured Rug to incorporate an exciting pattern.

Creating and styling an Art Deco bedroom is all about establishing a bold vision in your space, and not being held back by interior design norms, but rather, playing with colour, texture, pattern and shape for an ultimately vibrant look. Think luxury and opulence with a whimsical twist, and you’ll be well on your way to bringing this aesthetic to life in your bedroom. Shop stunning Art Deco furniture and decor for the bedroom, including bed heads, bed frames, bedside tables and more, today at Brosa.

Need help selecting the perfect pieces for your Art Deco bedroom? Visit us in our Sydney and Melbourne studio spaces, or access our virtual styling services now.