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How to Achieve a Minimalist Bedroom

More than just a trend, and teetering on a way of life, minimalism has become the talk of the town – or perhaps, the internet – in the past few years. It’s clean, sleek and chic, and leaves room for you to just be in your space, rather than dealing with endless clutter or too much visual stimulation. An ideal choice for anyone who loves a calm look and feel, minimalism is particularly suited to the bedroom, where our main objectives should be to relax and wind down.

If paring things back sparks joy for you, this is the perfect opportunity to take it back to basics and turn your bedroom into a minimalist paradise. Keep reading to discover our top tips for establishing the minimalist aesthetic in your bedroom.

Start with a minimal mindset

Before you even begin the process of purchasing new furniture and decor – or, to follow the tenets of minimalism, discarding things that don’t serve you – it’s important to establish a good frame of mind that aligns with minimalist values. Try to only bring crucial items into the space, paring back your furniture choices where you can, and selecting functional or meaningful decor as not to increase clutter. When you’re planning your room’s layout, aside from the bed, bedside tables, and any practical pieces you need, like a bookcase or chest of drawers, you should include very little else.

Go for a pared-back colour scheme

Minimalist interior design is all about creating a sense of calm and tranquillity that allows you to live your home life free of stress or distractions. A huge contributor to how you feel in a space is colour, and the best way to use this to inform a minimalist mood is to really take things back to their roots. Opt for neutral, natural shades like white, brown and cream, accenting with cool shades such as grey, light blue, soft sage or black. The fewer colours there are in the room, the more chilled out you’ll feel.

Use matte metals

Metal textures are found in most settings, but in a minimalist room, shiny and flashy objects can look very out of place. Instead, opt for matte metals in black or bronze, or even painted in white, to incorporate these textures in a subtle way. If your colour scheme is all about black and white, a black metal bed frame could be a sleek, chic minimalist bed option.

Our Ethan Wooden Bed Frame is a perfectly pared-back in a light wood with a slatted bed head.
Our Ethan Wooden Bed Frame is a perfectly pared-back in a light wood with a slatted bed head.
Our Ethan Wooden Bed Frame is a perfectly pared-back in a light wood with a slatted bed head.
Our Ethan Wooden Bed Frame is a perfectly pared-back in a light wood with a slatted bed head.

Try light, pale-toned wood

As well as matte metals, another must-have material in a minimalist bedroom is blond wood with a light, slim and structured frame. This ties in well with Scandinavian style, and is ultimately an easy to style and fuss-free furniture design. Pale wood pairs with a huge range of colours, including neutrals, and light frames don’t encumber or overwhelm the space, creating a laid-back and minimal feel.

Select a sleek bed frame

When it comes to picking out a minimalist bed frame or bed base, think slimline, relaxed and cosy. Your bed, whatever configuration you choose, should have little to no accents or embellishments, instead favouring clean lines and a simple structure. A minimalist favourite is the Ethan Wooden Bed Frame, which comes in both queen and king bed sizes, and is perfectly pared-back in a light wood with a slatted bed head. For a different colour choice and a tad more flair, the Cleo Bed Frame is a stunning alternative.

Opt for all-white or neutral bedding

Your bed sheets and linens can really dictate the mood of your bed, and your bedroom on the whole. To tie in with the tenets of minimalist home decor, you’ll likely want to opt for very simple yet clean-looking bedding. An all-white look really creates that dreamy look, and will make you want to sink into your cosy bed as soon as you get home. If white isn’t your thing, try a light neutral such as tan, cream, or a mix of these light hues and a pale shade of blue or green.

Ditch the throw pillows

Minimalist decor is, unsurprisingly, all about doing more with less. Particularly if you have lots of clutter, the process of decorating and furnishing your bedroom should provide an opportunity to re-evaluate the items you bring into your space and find new ways of styling with fewer frills and fripperies – starting with the humble throw pillow. Although cushions are a must for comfort, gone are the days of five-plus throw pillows taking up space on the bed. Instead, include as many as you need for optimal cosiness, and ditch the rest. For a cohesive look, select cushions in the same colour as your bedding, and vary their textures if you’d still like a bit of visual excitement.

Choosing a light bedside table with storage is a must for a minimal mood. Try our Siena Bedside Table.
Choosing a light bedside table with storage is a must for a minimal mood. Try our Siena Bedside Table.
Choosing a light bedside table with storage is a must for a minimal mood. Try our Siena Bedside Table.
Choosing a light bedside table with storage is a must for a minimal mood. Try our Siena Bedside Table.

Choose light-framed bedside tables

Bulky, heavy pieces are the absolute antithesis of what a minimalist bedside table should be. Instead, you’ll want to create an airy and uninhibited look with bedside tables in a similar style to your bed – featuring sleek, simple frames in a neutral colour. Of course, don’t skimp on storage in this situation, as it’ll be a saving grace when trying to tuck away unsightly items and keep the clutter-free vibes high! The unique frame of the Siena Bedside Table presents an edgy way to do minimalism, whereas the Cato Bedside Table with two drawers is timeless and tasteful.

Reduce your bedroom furniture

While we can go on about minimalist furniture options and their differences for days, the best way to really embody minimalism is to reduce what’s already in the space. Consider the furniture pieces you already own, and determine whether they’re actually necessary, or could perhaps be repurposed, sold, or used in a different room. This shouldn’t ever hinder your easy use of the room, but in fact, could actually improve it when done right. Think about how you could use certain items in multiple ways, too – for instance, could a tallboy dresser with a mirror propped up on its surface be used as a vanity?

Include closed storage

Everybody’s got clutter – it’s just an undeniable fact of life. In addition to reducing their clutter, though, true minimalists know the importance of stashing these bits and bobs away for a clean and calming atmosphere. Open shelving is very popular as it allows you to display beautiful items for the world to see, but for a minimalist look, we’d encourage you to go the opposite route with closed shelving. This provides a foolproof place to tuck away unattractive items either on a daily basis or when the situation (such as having guests over) demands it.

Find an unpretentious light source

Lighting can often be quite flashy by design, but in a simple space like this, you’ll want to opt for something unpretentious and bare bones as not to detract from the room’s subtle vibes. Go for a plain white or black minimalist floor lamp if you’ve got the space and need more illumination – a piece like the Capra Tripod Floor Lamp is interesting without going overboard. For your bedside tables, continue down the minimalist lamp path with something spare yet stylish like the Leo Arc Table Lamp.

Give select art a home

While we don’t recommend going overboard, art certainly has a place in a minimalist bedroom. It’s all about finding pieces of artwork that communicate your creative perspective or interests, but in a style that suits the minimalist aesthetic, potentially using a neutral colour palette, clean lines, or a simple frame. The Lunar Print is a beautiful black and white piece that’s ultra-simple – in fact, anything in this colour scheme will pair well in a neutral, minimal bedroom. If you want to add a small amount of colour, opt for something subtle like The Pebbles Print.

Add basic decor

The final step of styling any room is always adding decor – but how do you negotiate which items are given pride of place in a minimalist room? Well, in true minimalist fashion, it’s all about taking things back to basics and prioritising what brings joy. Keep your decor and homewares items very top line, using plants in simple pots, baskets for storage, and vases in neutral hues. A rug is always a beautiful addition, but ensure you opt for something sleek that has a low pile so as not to detract from your furniture or overwhelm the space. Finish with a very light sprinkling of sentimental or personal decor items, as long as they tie in with your colour scheme and aesthetic.

Minimalism in essence is about creating a calming, chaos-free space through simple furnishings and pared-back decor. At its heart, designing a minimalist bedroom is an opportunity to establish a space that’s just for you, and will always provide a comfortable and relaxing oasis at the end of a long day. Browse our range of minimalist furniture and decor, including Scandinavian favourites, to bring this tranquil aesthetic into your own space.