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Home Office Styling Ideas

Whether you spend all of your working life at home, or just perch at your desk setup a couple of times a week, a functional – and beautiful – home office is a must. The way your home office looks and feels is a crucial contributor to your mood and your productivity, and could be the dealbreaker between a functional working life at home, and drab, dull and boring days that never seem to end. If your 9 to 5 is feeling a little more like the latter, this might be the perfect time to embark on a home office rejig – we promise it’ll work wonders.

Of course, making over your office is easier said than done. To help you along your way, we asked our expert stylists to dig deep and provide some home office inspiration, as well as handy tips and hints. From setting up and storage, to styling the space so it feels bright and full of promise, we’ve covered it all – keep reading for the ultimate home office design guide.

Home office setup ideas

To kick things off, take a minute to consider the necessary practicalities of your home office space, mull over colours that’ll put you in the right mood, and explore how you can make your furniture work for you.

Work function-first

Before you think about furniture, colour, decor, or anything else, really, it’s important to nail down your office’s functionality. After all, this space should serve one major purpose – it should be a clean, clutter-free environment conducive to creativity, productivity and big ideas. Determine the keyfurniture pieces you need in the space, and map out where they’ll go based on the light, airflow and doors and windows in the room. Most of us work best in natural light, so try to position your desk near a window, ensuring there’s no glare.

Do you need storage in the room? Will a small cabinet suffice, or is a bookshelf necessary? How many items are on your desk at once – do you need a bigger-than-average surface to work on? A great way to cover all your bases here is to think through an average day in your working life and make notes as you encounter various needs or pain points with your current setup.

Calming WFH vibes can encourage better performance
Calming WFH vibes can encourage better performance
Calming WFH vibes can encourage better performance
Calming WFH vibes can encourage better performance

Create a calming atmosphere

The internet is awash with home office ideas, but one thing every stylist seems to agree upon – including our amazing Brosa experts – is that this space should have a calming vibe to encourage better performance during the workday. One way to do this is through your colour choices. Ahead of purchasing your furniture and decor pieces, determine a rough colour scheme, trying to keep your hues neutral and relaxing. White, grey, brown and cream are all great base choices that can be accented with your favourite calming colours, such as olive, dusky blue or rust.

Go for a bold pop of colour

Of course, that’s not to say that calming looks the same for everyone. Some of us prefer bright, dramatic hues, and that’s totally okay. Use a feature wall or a painted piece of furniture, such as a bold bookshelf, to draw the eye in your home office, and to embody what makes your style unique. If you want to play with colour, but are a little apprehensive, try it out with decor instead – this avenue is a little less permanent, but will still give your space that vibrant, whimsical look.

Prioritise your desk

In a home office, the desk is a major focal point – after all, it’s where you’ll spend roughly eight hours a day. So, if it takes your fancy, we encourage you to incorporate your favourite design elements into your home office desk selection. This is the ideal time to finally bite the bullet on that glass-top beauty you’ve been coveting, or add a little luxe with a gold-trimmed desk frame.

Convert a dining table

Not all of us love the look of traditional desks, so why not mix things up a bit? One easy way to find a ‘desk’ you adore without compromising on style is to opt for a dining table instead, and pair it with an office chair for a WFH-friendly setup. This opens up a whole new realm of possibility, giving you more flexibility with size, shape, and even colour. Just be sure that whatever you select is at an appropriate height, and doesn’t have any features that will prohibit you from sitting or tucking your chair in comfortably.

Incorporate storage throughout

When it comes to home office storage, there are more possibilities than we know what to do with! One popular approach, rather than using a singular, bulky filing cabinet or shelf, is to dot your storage options throughout the office space. This will give you a variety of storage types (drawers,bookshelves, cupboards, open shelves) and allow you to collect like-minded items together, too. You’ve got free rein here, so it’s totally up to you, but an example we like is using open shelves for books and decorative trinkets, and then keeping less attractive bits and pieces tucked away in a cabinet that can also be styled to perfection on the outside.

No need for a boring or uncomfortable home office chair!
No need for a boring or uncomfortable home office chair!
No need for a boring or uncomfortable home office chair!
No need for a boring or uncomfortable home office chair!

Choose a comfortable chair

It’s a common misconception that office chairs have to be ugly, but it’s the 21st century – which means that finding chic and comfy seating for your WFH setup is easier than ever. Office chairs are designed to be ergonomic and adjustable so that you can tailor them to your own needs, preventing any aches and pains at the end of the workday. For a stylish take on the traditional office chair, look for unique shapes, colours and fabrics. After all, there’s nothing boring about a cool, curvy, mid century chair in blue velvet – right?

Or make a statement with seating

If you’re working with a larger space, why not pick out a few home office chairs to cover all your bases, with a comfy armchair for relaxing or cosy working, and something more ergonomic for day-to-day use? This will give you ample choice, meaning you can work in a way that suits you, and it’ll also help to establish the aesthetic of your home office. Play with colour, shape and style once again to stand out, whatever that means to you.

Our favourite home office styles

By this point, we hope you’re feeling a little more inspired to transform your home office into a little slice of paradise that’ll be conducive to your best work yet. Of course, functionality is just one piece of the puzzle – you’ll also want to establish a really solid style that ties in with your own design aesthetic and the rest of the home. Let’s explore some of our go-to home office furniture styles…

Keep it sleek and modern

A modern contemporary office is clean, sleek and chic – the ideal combination. Bring this style to life with an achromatic or neutral colour palette that relies on black, white, grey, and perhaps pops of brown and gold. Opt for furniture pieces that are all angles and straight lines, rather than curved or rounded – some of our must-have pieces for a modern contemporary home office are the Greta Desk, theGabe Office Chairand the Memphis Bookshelf.

Mix it up with mid century

While this style has been dubbed mid century modern, there’s nothing too cold or hard-line about it – making a great choice for anyone who wants their office to be fun, cool, and a little retro. Give it a place in your space with curvy furniture items, mid-toned wood (think chestnut shades), and pops of primary colours. The Frank Large Study Desk with Drawers is mid century modern at its best, and will look gorgeous paired with the Jones Office Chair in eye-catching brown leather, and the complementary Frank Open Bookcase for some storage.

Go for calming coastal

Coastal style isn’t just restricted to seaside towns. Now, it’s a super-popular aesthetic in homes across the country (regardless of your closest beach…) and is a top choice for a calming, laid-back vibe. Coastal tends to rely on lots of light wood, as well as natural materials like rattan and jute, paired with a very neutral colour palette. In a coastal office, you’ll want to rely mainly on white, tan, cream and black, and incorporate those earthy fibres where possible. Turn dreams into reality with the Caledonia Collection, including theCaledonia Rattan Desk and Caledonia Rattan Bookcase with Storage.

Minimal Scandi creates a fuss-free and tranquil WFH space
Minimal Scandi creates a fuss-free and tranquil WFH space
Minimal Scandi creates a fuss-free and tranquil WFH space
Minimal Scandi creates a fuss-free and tranquil WFH space

Simplify with Scandi

Some of us concentrate best in a very minimal, pared-back environment, and the best style for accomplishing this is undoubtedly Scandinavian. Traditionally, Scandinavian and Danish furniture is lightweight and constructed with warm, pale wood in a very simple style. Similar to a coastal aesthetic, you won’t see a whole lot of colour in Scandi interiors, but the overall result is fuss-free, refined and tranquil. Make it happen with the Mia Narrow Bookcase and the Zoe Office Chair.

Styling up your home office

Ready to start working in your brand-new office? Not so fast – there’s still one thing left to do, and that’s style (AKA, the fun part)! Here are our favourite home office decor ideas and pieces to invigorate, personalise and adorn your space.

Start with functional decor

When you begin the process of prettying up your home office, practicality should still come first, as boring as that may sound. Prioritise finding functional homewares that’ll make your daily life easier, including a desk or wall clock, calendar, intray, pencil holder, mousepad… well, the list goes on. Of course, that’s not to say they can’t be beautiful, too! Think about the core elements of your style and try to translate them into every element in the space, including those that might seem utilitarian or inconsequential.

Use art as a focal point

How many times a day do your eyes drift away from your computer screen and to the nearest wall or window? If you’re anything like us, chances are there’s too many to count – which makes sourcing gorgeous wall art a crucial part of styling up your home office. Add personality and flair to the office (or any space, for that matter) by investing in artwork that reflects your interests, tastes or style. If you’re not an art aficionado, that’s totally okay – purchasing a triptych, which is a matching set of three pieces, is a great way to satisfy the need for art without too much effort.

Include soft furnishings

Without soft furnishings like curtains, cushions, blankets and rugs, there’s a good chance your home office will feel a little cold. So, be sure to amp these up for a comfy, cosy vibe that’ll help you get through those tough work days – and will establish your office as not just a place to work, but to relax and hang out, too. Although where you incorporate these elements is entirely up to you, we love scattering a cushionor two on chairs (your office chair if it’s comfortable, or any armchairs or sofas in the space), tucking a blanket away in a basket, and replacing harsh blinds with flowy, sheer curtains.

Amp things up with texture

If your home office is feeling a little one note, a quick way to turn things around is to add texture. There are so many avenues you might choose to take, but one that never fails is adding arug. This will provide a cushy place to rest your feet while you work, break up any repetitive colours, and most importantly, create some depth and dimension with texture. If you love a natural look, try something in a jute or hemp fibre like the Staten Natural Jute Wool Rug. For something a little more luxurious, the Tribeca Ivory Wool Rug will feel so incredible underfoot without compromising on texture.

Use plants to breathe life into your WHF space
Use plants to breathe life into your WHF space
Use plants to breathe life into your WHF space
Use plants to breathe life into your WHF space

Pick out the perfect plants

A bit of greenery will never be out of place in a home office. Not only do plants breathe life into your space, both figuratively and literally, but they’ll also add another layer of colour and texture. Most home offices aren’t too crowded in terms of big, bulky furniture items, so this could be the right opportunity to go big with a mix of large potted plants that rest on the floor and smaller ones adorning your surfaces. Select fun and eye-catching pots that align with your style of choice to round out this must-do office styling idea.

Create a working environment you’ll love to buckle down and get stuff done in with these tips from our expert Brosa stylists. When you’re ready to take your home office furniture to the next level, shop office chairs, desks,bookcases and much more withAustralia-wide shipping and 21-day returns. What are you waiting for? A levelled-up WFH setup is right around the corner.