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Decorating a Hallway Console Table – Expert Tips

Decorating a Hallway Console Table – Expert Tips - Brosa

Hallways can often be tough to furnish or style. Narrow, awkward and often poorly lit, hallways present tonnes of challenges, but none that can’t be solved with a purposeful console table in the right shape and size. This small but mighty furniture item is the perfect way to add some personality to your hallway, and to bring your home together cohesively.

Give your hallway a major makeover by purchasing and decorating a console table. We asked the experts – our incredible Brosa stylists – and they delivered with a long list of tips and hallway ideas to help you get started.

What is a console table?

A console table is a narrow, long table often found in a hallway or off to the side in a bigger area, such as the dining or living room. In many homes, you’ll see console tables used to ‘extend’ a style throughout areas that are traditionally difficult to furnish – hence why they’re a hallway staple. You’ll find hallway tables in a tonne of different styles, sizes and materials, and with varying levels of storage, too. Some may incorporate slim drawers whereas others don’t feature any storage whatsoever, leaving you to stack items on the surface or to simply hide them away elsewhere.

How to select a console table

Before we even get to styling, you’ll want to be certain of your choice of hallway table. If this is a new addition for you, or you want to switch things up, we’ve rounded up a few key things to consider throughout the buying process.

Your console shouldn’t take up the entire wall - about a third of your space is a good guide.
Your console shouldn’t take up the entire wall - about a third of your space is a good guide.
Your console shouldn’t take up the entire wall - about a third of your space is a good guide.
Your console shouldn’t take up the entire wall - about a third of your space is a good guide.


Due to the nature of the average hallway, one thing to really weigh up when selecting a table is depth. Most people will opt for narrow hallway tables that are around 35cm in depth as to fit comfortably in a 95-130cm hallway. The length of your console is up to you, but keep in mind it shouldn’t take up the entire wall – around a third of the free space is a good guide. Weigh this up against your needs and how easily you’ll be able to style the surface space available to you.


Console tables come in an array of materials, so they’re ultimately very easy to adapt to the other pieces in your home, and to your unique design aesthetic as well. Perhaps the most popular material is wood, as it’s durable and comes in a massive range of colours and finishes that run the gamut from rustic to refined. Metal is also a go-to, as is a marble console table – either would make a stunning addition to a contemporary space. Whichever material you choose will contribute to its overall point of view, so take a moment to think about your selection and how it’ll slot into your home on the whole.


Finally, your hue of choice will really define the personality and style of your new furniture piece. Where a white console table will blend in with your walls and create the illusion of space, a black hallway table will stand out in stark contrast, establishing a really striking, sleek, modern look. Find a middle ground with a wooden piece in a shade of brown – this will still have a confident point of view, but isn’t as daring or crisp as black. Wooden tones are also perfect for establishing an earthy feel that ties in well with mid century, Scandinavian or coastal style.

Want more expert advice on sourcing the perfect hallway console table? Check out our comprehensive buying guide.

Top tips for decorating a console table

Let’s get into the intricacies of decorating and styling up your console table, whether you’ve purchased a new piece or are repurposing an old favourite. There are two facets of this project – using the surface of the actual table to arrange beautiful decor items, and creating a complementary look and feel with the surrounding area. We’ll take you through each part of the process and offer some handy hints along the way.

Your console styling should start with function and finish with style.
Your console styling should start with function and finish with style.
Your console styling should start with function and finish with style.
Your console styling should start with function and finish with style.

Decorating the table itself

It’s a good idea to start with the surface of your hallway console table, as this will likely get all those non-negotiable, functional items out of the way, leaving you to reflect that established style through surrounding items like rugs and mirrors. Here are seven of our favourite hall table decor ideas to inspire your console styling efforts.

1. Start with function

Above all, your hallway table decor should include practical pieces that can’t be avoided, such as catch-alls or dishes for your keys, or baskets for storing items like blankets and cushions. Place these first, and endeavour to make them as stylish as possible! We love incorporating textures and playing with pops of colour in small spaces like the hallway.

2. Illuminate the area

Because hallways can often be quite dark or poorly lit, a lamp is an absolute must. To save floor space, opt for a table lamp placed on the surface of your console. Choose something with a base and shade to reflect your personal style – there are so many gorgeous options around, including metals, marbles, linen and more. For a touch of rose gold flair, we adore the Virgo Table Lamp.

3. Stack up the books

Coffee table books aren’t just for one specific spot in the home – they look gorgeous stacked as console table decor, too. Pick out your favourite tomes and sit them atop each other in size order. If you’re sourcing new books or selecting from a large pool, we suggest incorporating a subtle colour scheme, such as all-white, earth tones or primary colours.

4. Add atmospheric decor

The idea of drifting lazily through your hallway while a candle burns or a diffuser runs sounds pretty blissful to us. So, be sure to stack your console table with a few atmospheric decor pieces such as candles and candle holders, reed diffusers, fresh flowers, oil burners or anything else that takes your fancy and adds a bit of calm to the space.

5. Give personal items pride of place

Treat your console table like any other surface in the room, and incorporate homewares or trinkets that mean something to you! We’re talking photo frames, souvenirs from holidays, personal bits and bobs and more. If your hallway table decor really speaks to you, the space will feel super enjoyable and align with the rest of your home.

6. Spruce up with greenery

The final piece of the puzzle on the surface of the table itself should be a pop of greenery, via your favourite flowers or plants. Select a vase that you love – we’re obsessed with coloured glass at the moment, and travertine also makes a gorgeous neutral pick – and fill it with blooms. Or, pick out a fun pot plant and grab a new indoor friend the next time you’re at the nursery. Devil’s ivy, money plants, succulents and other smaller, low-light plants are great in this area.

7. Arrange your items

Once you’ve collected all of these essential decor items, it’s time to get organising on the console table’s surface! Try to create differing heights for a dynamic look. Place your lamp, as the largest item, at one end of the hallway table, and offset it with a stack of books on the other. Then, scatter your smaller items in a way that makes sense to you in the centre of the table.

Reflect with a mirror and choose cohesive furniture that surrounds your console.
Reflect with a mirror and choose cohesive furniture that surrounds your console.
Reflect with a mirror and choose cohesive furniture that surrounds your console.
Reflect with a mirror and choose cohesive furniture that surrounds your console.

Styling the surrounding area

Once the console table’s surface is looking gorgeous, tackle the surrounding area by adding elements that will enhance, not detract from, your new furniture piece. Put the finishing touches on your hallway styling with these tips.

1. Add a playful area rug

A rug will tie your hallway styling together, and presents another opportunity to add colour and showcase your style. Opt for a narrow area rug that mimics the dimensions of your console table, placing it underneath as symmetrically as possible. Add a little texture with a woven or natural rug, or go bold with colour and pattern instead using a wool or silk printed piece.

2. Reflect with a mirror

The oldest trick in the book for making a space look larger is incorporating a mirror – the reflection will give the illusion of more room! Hang a mirror above your console table to widen the hallway visually. It’ll also increase the functionality of your hallway, creating a little nook for you to stop and check you’re looking great before you leave the house! We love gilded golden mirrors and heavily framed pieces for adding personality.

3. Select some wall art

If the walls are still feeling a bit bare, brighten the hallway up by hanging wall art. Select a few favourites, go for a major statement piece, or create a gallery wall with a cluster made up of varying frame sizes and prints. Your artwork will look best hung directly over the top of the hallway table, or slightly off to one side to extend the length of the focal area.

4. Include baskets

Floor space is super valuable in a small hallway, and making the most of it is equally as crucial as using your wall space to your advantage. Dot a couple of larger baskets around or underneath your console table to provide additional stylish storage that’ll increase the practicality of this narrow yet usable space. Rattan, cane and seagrass options look gorgeous and will hold all your must-have items, including leftover blankets, cushions and more.

A console table is the perfect addition to absolutely any hallway, and creates an awesome opportunity to play with your style in a space and often limiting space. Once you’ve picked a piece that reflects your personal style, decorate and adorn both its surface and surrounds using our go-to tips. Shop hallway console tables and decor at Brosa, and check out with 21 day returns and Australia-wide shipping.