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Bed Frame or Bed Base? Which Is Best For You

Your bed should be a cosy oasis that facilitates the perfect night’s sleep – but when it comes to establishing your bedroom space, there’s more to selecting a bed than just comfort. Like with any other furniture piece, aesthetics play a role, as does practicality. There are a number of ways to configure a bed that really suits you and your needs, whether you want to buy one item and wash your hands of any more decisions, or you’d prefer to construct and perfect your bed piece by piece. So, which is right for you?

With the help of our expert team of stylists, we’re breaking down the key differences between the two most popular options – bed bases and bed frames. We’ve rounded up our pros and cons for each configuration to help you determine exactly what’ll suit your unique needs and living situation.

The difference between a bed base and bed frame

Beginning with the basics, let’s first decipher the difference between these two distinct options. A bed base refers to the solid foundation of your bed that your mattress sits atop, and that piece only. While some people love the look of the bed base and mattress on their own, others use this style of bed as an opportunity to make a statement with a beautiful bed head.

The other option is the bed frame, which is an all-in-one piece comprised of the base and bed head, which are connected. To complete the ensemble, all you’ll need to do is purchase your mattress and move it into place.

Pros and cons of a bed base

If you’re feeling confused over which option is right for you, don’t stress – we’re going to break down the pros and cons of each of these fantastic options, starting with the bed base. In its essence, a bed base is very simple, which for many is a big selling point. It means that you’ll have total freedom to customise your bed’s look and feel in a way that suits you. For instance, if you want to pair a wooden base with a soft, upholstered bed head, the bed base option makes this possible. Another positive of the humble bed base is that it’s quite easy to construct, and shouldn’t require a lot of fiddling on your part – most pieces just need their legs attached and you’ll be good to go. When it comes to adding a bed head, you’ll likely just use your mattress and the bed base to sandwich it against the wall for stability.

On the flip side, where a bed base might fall short is, firstly, in the aesthetic department. While there’s so much room for personalisation and to inject your own individuality, on their own, bed bases aren’t super flash – so if you don’t plan on purchasing a bed head anytime soon, and this aesthetic element is important to you, then a bed frame might be a quicker and more satisfying option. The other thing to consider is cost. While bed prices run the full gamut of affordable to high-end, there may be more costs involved by having to purchase a bed base and a bed head separately. Ultimately, though, bed bases are a versatile choice that the budding design aficionado will love, as this option will provide ample opportunities to mix things up and add your own flair when paired with a bed head.

Understanding the ensemble bed base

A commonly asked question about bed bases is ‘does the mattress come with the base?’ In short, the answer is no – unless you’re looking at purchasing an ensemble. If you’ve heard this term before and are a little confused, an ensemble is essentially just the bed base with a mattress that sits atop it, so you’re getting more than one piece at a time. In this scenario, you’d just need to add a bed head if you so desire, to then be able to start making up and using the bed.

Our bed base picks:

  • Frank Queen Bed Base. Add some mid century modern flair with this gorgeous piece, which is low to the ground, features supportive slats, and is made out of beautiful, chestnut-toned wood. Pair it with something striking, like the Arch Queen Size Bed Head.
  • Upholstered Gaslift King Bed Base. Ideal for storing all of your bedroom bits, this bed base uses a gaslift mechanism to reveal tonnes of space. The soft upholstery is available in a number of colours to suit your style and pair with whatever bed head you select. This piece will look good with anything, but we’re loving it against the Stella Tall King Size Bed Head to make a strong, opulent statement.
  • Upholstered Slimline Double Bed Base. Simple and practical, this double bed base is versatile enough to go with almost any bed head – perhaps the beautiful Emily Double Size Bed Head – and provides a supportive foundation for your mattress with a clean and neutral look.

Pros and cons of a bed frame

Does a bed frame sound more up your alley? Well, it’s a wonderful choice for many reasons, starting with how easy it is to establish your style. Unlike a bed base, once you’ve purchased your bed frame, that’s it – all there’s left to do is plump your pillows, grab your favourite bedding and make up a beautiful bed. Browsing bed frames, it’s clear that this option offers a more defined style from the get-go, which means less work for you in building your perfect bed.

As great as bed frames are, there are a few things to consider, too. Where the bed base is super customisable and could be adapted as your style evolves, the bed frame, being an all-in-one piece, is pretty static – so if you get sick of your bed as it stands, the only alternative is to buy a new one. There’s no way to change out elements of the bed you don’t like to refresh your style, whereas this is a central facet of the bed base/bed head combo. Bed frames also require more work to put together, as there will be an element of connectivity between the base and the backboard to configure. As a result, they’re also more difficult to move and to store when not in use. To summarise, a bed frame should be your go-to pick if you’d prefer to buy a ‘one and done’ piece that’s chic and suits your aesthetic – just be prepared to love it for a while!

Our bed frame picks:

  • Eden King Bed Frame. Luxe, vintage-inspired, and effortlessly chic, we’re obsessing over Eden and its pillowy curves. Upholstered in our soft Signature Premium fabric with a wooden base, this bed cuts a striking, new Art Deco figure.
  • Bruin Wooden Queen Bed Frame. This structured choice is the bed frame at its best. Expertly constructed with laguna brown mango wood, the Bruin bed frame is tailored and sleek yet rustic, making it a great accompaniment to a mid century, coastal or Scandinavian style bedroom.
  • Megan Gaslift Double Bed Frame. Another handy gaslift favourite, the Megan bed frame takes a stunning traditional approach with a plush, upholstered bed head that’s sure to be super cosy.
  • Arch Gaslift Single Bed Frame. The Arch bed frame is clean, curvy and very cool. It’s the perfect addition to almost any bedroom, as it’s neutral enough to be very versatile. The gaslift mechanism adds ample storage.
Bedroom storage solutions

Bedroom storage solutions

Bedroom storage solutions

Before we leave you to your own devices, we’ve got a few final things to consider, including a key concern for many – storage. Bedrooms aren’t always huge rooms, but they demand a lot of storage space for clothes, accessories, blankets, bedding and more. So, having some additional storage under the bed is a valuable bonus for many. There are a few different ways to approach under-the-bed storage, but perhaps the most popular is the gaslift style, which uses a mechanism to lift up the base of the bed to reveal lots of useful storage. Some beds alternatively feature pull-out drawers, or even a sliding component to the base.

Thankfully, both styles of bed we’ve covered offer storage options. Select a bed base with storage and pair your choice with a complementary bed head, or nail it all at once with a bed frame with storage. Either way, you won’t regret your choice of a gas lift bed frame or base – trust us, you’ll be thanking past you for years to come!

Which is right for you?

When deciding between a bed base and frame, it all comes down to one thing – personal preference. While we unfortunately can’t tell you what decision to make, it’s pretty clear that each of these options have their clear ups and downs. Pair these up with your own personal needs to help inform your choice.

Either way, your bedroom is bound to feel cosier than ever, and look absolutely gorgeous with a new bed from Brosa. Explore our full range of bed frames, bed bases and bed heads across a range of sizes and styles today.

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