• 5 Fun Decorating Ideas for Halloween

    Posted by Kelly King

    It’s that time of the year again! I like to look at Halloween as Phase One of getting the house ready for the Christmas season. Use the spooky season to get yourself into the holiday decorating mindset. After all, it’s only 9 weekends until Christmas – only 65 shopping days to go!  

    The key to Halloween is to try not to be too distasteful. Ugly, yes, terrifying sure, even gaudy; but there is no excuse for bad taste. Luckily, Brosa is here to help. Let’s run through 5 easy tips for creating the perfect scary yet stylish abode.

    1. Pick your Colour Palette

    The first step is choosing the right colour palette to get started. It could be a crazy mix of bright colours, or it could be as simple as an all-black scheme – whatever works for you. I love black as it’s always on trend, mostly sophisticated, and always Halloween appropriate.

    A simple and stylish way to apply this to your Halloween décor is with spray painted matte black pumpkins. A pile of them at the door and throughout the house will scream Halloween!  Pumpkins are a signature Halloween symbol, so lend a sophisticated touch with the matte black effect. Spray painting pumpkins is also a great, messy family activity to get everyone in the spirit.

    black pumpkin on chair

    Credit Paul Lowe

     Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to black though – that’s just my preference. They also look great in other colours such as silver.


    2. Go A Little Batty

    This is another simple idea that the whole family can get into. Encourage everyone to draw their favourite bat shape on some black card and then get creative sticking them on the wall. Before you know it, you will have a whole colony of creepy bats camping in your living room. We made one below and decided to include a tree silhouette – but it’s up to you, just have fun with it!

    Brosa halloween livingroom

    Another great silhouette idea is to add mice scampering up your walls. Martha Stewart has some great templates.


    3. Make an Entrance

    With trick-or-treating becoming increasingly popular in Australia, make sure you set the tone for your little visitors.

    Some black fabric flanking your doorway will be a welcome surprise for the treat hunters, and you can pair it with your spray painted pumpkins for an extra festive feel. I particularly love the image below for inspiration: wrap the door with a couple of old bed sheets and add some paper eyes.  Not to mention, look at those great orange pot plants - any colour would be festive but the orange ties into the halloween theme.

    Sean Locke stocksy halloween door


    4. Talking Pumpkin Trick

    There is a little more effort required for this, however getting crafty is half the fun! Start by carving a ghoulish pumpkin with your favourite design. There are plenty of online tutorials explaining how to do this, so if you are not feeling creative then never fear there is help at hand! Step 2 is the fun part. Place your pumpkin to stand watch at the gate or front door and place an old baby monitor or walkie talkie inside. When your guests approach, trick them with your spooky talking pumpkin!


    5. Lollies, Toys or Both

    This one is dear to my heart – lollies are a once in a blue moon treat in our house, and I know this is the case for a growing number of families these days. I like to have options available for guests who choose to steer away from traditional sweet treats. They are not hard to find and can be as inexpensive as you like – when you are stocking up on your decorations at the party shop, have a quick look at the toy section and pick up a few things there too. This is about being stylish in another way – not through your decor, but through your conscience. Not going to preach just something to consider.

    So readers, it does not have to be hard, and it can certainly be fun. Whatever you decide to do, do it with conviction, find your style, and stick to it. Don’t doubt your decorating abilities and enjoy the Halloween festivities!

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