• 3 Must Have Tools Used By Professional Interior Designers

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    When it comes to interior design, inspiration can come from a variety of sources, both online and off; the key is knowing where to look.
  • Be Inspired: 3 Autumn Bedroom Snaps We Love

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    As the focal point of the room, the bed is vital in creating an atmosphere in winter that will make you want to hibernate in all season long. Upholstered bed heads are both cosy and bang on trend and matched with an accessory, this combo makes for the easiest bedroom revamp. We’ve made selecting the right palette and texture easy by breaking down some of our favourite bedroom snaps. Shop these on-trend Autumn looks today!
  • Autumn Update: Looks We Love

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    One of the best things about the changing weather is the chance to give your home an inspired interior update. Celebrate the season by creating an autumn haven that is as minimal or drastic as you like, and get the look with these tips and tricks from Brosa!
  • What Your Sleep Position Says about You [Infographic]

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    Do you sleep on your stomach, or are you a side sleeper? Everybody sleeps differently. And it turns out that how you sleep says something about you. So we delved into the meaning of sleep – why we do it, why it’s important, and what the connection is between our sleeping positions and our personalities.

  • All About Scandinavia: Danish Designers Who Inspire Us

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    Danish design is distinguished from other design philosophies through simplicity and functionality. It first came about in the middle of the 20th century and is now widely referred to as mid-century, Scandinavian or retro styles. The style is partially rooted in the German Bauhaus movement, whereby Danish designers used new technologies and philosophies to create architecture with a completely fresh look and functional design.