Wingbacks 101: The Modern Classic For Every Purpose

Steeped in tradition, the word “wingback” brings back thoughts of fireside reaching chairs within old English lounge rooms. The winged feature originating in England in the 1700’s has influenced all core design styles from French Provincial to Scandinavian, with a unique take in each adaptation.

Here are 4 stylish ways to implement a wingback armchair:

Doubled Up Lounge Chairs:

A matching pair of classic wingbacks is a great alternative to a lounge or sofa. Doubling up the style of lounge chairs imparts cohesiveness to the space. Style simply with a throw, a side table and some greenery to make your new chairs pop. As a general rule of thumb, avoid placing taller chairs in the center of the room. Breaking the view of the room with taller pieces will tend to make it feel slightly closed off.   Go for medium height chairs towards the middle of the room and leave the taller chairs to accent a corner or the walls.

 As a Cosy Reading Nook: 

Not sure what to do with the space next to the staircase or that corner of the bedroom? Transform any annoying corner into a welcoming reading nook with an ultra comfy wingback and a bookcase. Ensure that lighting isn’t forgotten with a good natural light source for daytime lounging and a designer lamp for night time reading. Prevent the space from feeling naked with a side table or ottoman.


As Dining Room Chairs:

Box-shaped dining chairs were the trend in the 90s, nowadays smooth lines are the rage in interior design and a wingback dining chair is a perfect stunner for elevating your dining room. If your budget is a constraint, consider mixing and matching your dining chairs with a set of wingbacks. Combining the new and old styles together is enough to break the boredom from your tired dining chairs and be more interesting on the eye.


As a Bedroom Accent

Accent furniture is designed to be eye-catching. Usually, this can be at a cost to comfort as the emphasis is on looks. Not so with the William Armchair. Coming in 9 stunning colours and luxurious tufting, these chairs are supported by medium density foam and suspended by webbing and s-springs. Use this chair in the corner of the bedroom as a luxurious spot to put your shoes, or simply let it shine as a welcoming piece at the entrance of your home.

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