What Your Sleep Position Says about You [Infographic]

Do you sleep on your stomach, or are you a side sleeper? Everybody sleeps differently. And it turns out that how you sleep says something about you.

So we delved into the meaning of sleep – why we do it, why it’s important, and what the connection is between our sleeping positions and our personalities.

Among our findings, we discovered some fascinating tidbits, which we’ve detailed in an infographic below. But here are a few of the interesting titbits from the things we learned:

    • 7 hours of sleep is recommended, yet a third of us average less
    • Sleep helps repair your body, improve your memory, and boost your mood
    • Sleep deprivation can contribute to depression, vehicle accidents, and work injuries
    • Most people are side sleepers, a sleeping position ideal for pregnant women!

Finally, we’ve discovered seven unique sleeping positions, which sleep expert Chris Idzikowski says can affect your overall health as well as how you sleep. But most excitingly of all, his findings show that even in our sleep we’re giving away our personality – just by our preferred sleeping position!

So how about it? Are you a side sleeper or do you like sleeping on your stomach? Find out what that says about you below:

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