What 2020 Made us Grateful For at Brosa

Gratefulness at Brosa

What a year it has been, one that we definitely didn’t expect.We have that bittersweet feeling as we start to see the end fast approaching, because whilst it was filled with frustration it was complemented by endless moments of gratitude. On that note, we thought it would be important to take a moment to reflect on the year that was 2020. To do so, we asked a few of our staff to tell us their thoughts, their feelings and why they were grateful to not only be at Brosa but for the experience this year gave them. 

What Brosa is Grateful For: Our Community 

Wow. What a time.

Here at Brosa, we hope to make creating a home you’ll love easy, and with a year that seemed to turn anything ‘easy’ upside down, we too saw out our own challenges. Our boisterous office shed more laughter and amusement between it’s new four walls – a slack workspace, our Stylists learnt to love the new virtual ‘sightseeing’ experience of customer homes and our pajamas / work out clothes / ‘loungewear’  became our new go-to workwear. Whilst we learnt to adapt to our new norm, so did all of you. We shared moments of thanks that our delivery drivers received, we screenshot reviews that made someone squeal with joy, and we double tapped all the images you shared of your partners, housemates, kids & pups making room for living with their new Brosa pieces (sofas are the new desks after all).  These were the moments that got us by, continuing to inspire us from our new norm & hope that we could help improve the new norm you were experiencing as well. Did we achieve that? We hope so, because as Melbourne starts to feel a little like 2019, we hope that 2020 Brosa will only continue to grow and continue to make creating a home you love, even easier.

What Alex is Grateful For: Creativity 

I am so grateful for my role at Brosa and the ability to think creatively, innovatively and without boundaries in an industry that was previously set in its ways. After seeing my home day in day out, I have started to spend more time thinking about the way we express ourselves in our spaces without even realising – the cushions we have collected from our travels, the dining chairs that previously held hours of dinnertime conversations with friends, the sofas that are filled with love and laughter. It’s so special that I get to help inspire & excite others to create a space that means so much to them on a personal level – especially when our homes have never been more important than they are now.

What Shelley is Grateful For: Balance

I am so grateful for the simple things that changed our very working weeks – the way we had originally formed our lives. The Morning walks, the home office, the flexible hours. Active wear all day long. Homemade meals. New hobbies. Many steps from office to kitchen. Zoom calls > Zoom awkwardness. Lunchtime exercise. Power Hours of productivity with no peak hour traffic. No long commutes and busy trams. Local coffees that swapped hasty exits with genuine conversation. But most importantly, I am so grateful for been home – when it really was needed the most.

What Taylor is Grateful For: You  

This is what it feels like when you receive an excited phone call from a customer who has just received their new Brosa designs. It’s like that moment when you are really hungry and you see your food coming at a restaurant. Or you’re returning from a holiday and you get into your own bed of freshly cleaned sheets. It may seem little, but working with clients throughout a seemingly anxiety filled year has made me feel endlessly grateful for my role at Brosa and my skills as an Interior Designer. This has been the year for creating a sanctuary, a reprieve, a place of respite away from the world, and having the opportunity to help someone pick out their new dining table, or create a workspace that feels like they have stepped out of their home and into a slick new office, is all I needed to feel that moment of gratefulness each and every day. 

What have you been grateful for?

If you haven’t had the chance to reflect, maybe now is the time. Tell us how your home has got you through this year & why you’re so grateful for the space you have created.