3 Ways to Style Our Philosopher

Philosopher Leather Chair - available in rich walnut, light tan and classic cream

Upholstered in beautiful top grain leather to exude the same charm as a classic cigar chair, our Philosopher is an entertainer’s dream. However, many can find leather pieces such as our Philosopher difficult to style. Once you start seeing leather as a starting canvas, it is in fact quite simple and even fun. With the below styling ways, our Philosopher chair shows the versatility of leather in being styled:




Philosopher in Light Tan Leather / A Warm Throw



To soften the structure and add more warmth to our Philosopher piece, we love the idea of throws. It adds a completely new texture to the Philosopher, creating a perfect setup to snuggle to our Philosopher chair on a cold winter’s day.


Philosopher in Classic Cream / Graphic Pillows


Graphic pillows are a fun way to personalise and break up the solid tone of the chair, adding more dimensions to your living area. Those who would like to play it safer can also opt for softer neutral tones. There is no right or wrong way; just be sure to bring a photo and measurements of your leather piece with you – there’s nothing worse than buying pillows only to realise it’s too big, or doesn’t suit your leather tone when you get home.





Philosopher in Rich Walnut Leather / Helene French Beige Ottoman


Light fabrics are perfect in complementing leather pieces such as the Philosopher, as it lifts the particular masculinity attached to leather pieces. We love the way our Helena ottomans work in complementing the Philosopher; not only does its light fabric upholstery add a different dimension to the chair, it complements the overall aura of the timelessness of the Philosopher.

Leather pieces may be daunting to style at first due to its rich history, but as our Philosopher has shown – it’s actually a really fun texture to work with. Having seen our above methods in styling the Philosopher available in rich walnut and light tan, we hope you’re now more inspired and confident to style your leather piece this season.


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