TV Unit Size Guide

TV Unit Size Guide

Picking the Right TV Unit for Your Home | Entertainment Unit Size Guide 

Watching the box is a crucial family pastime – and why shouldn’t it be, with all of the incredible shows and movies now right at our fingertips? To optimise your viewing experience, it’s important to source a quality TV unit with the right dimensions to slot easily into your space. Instead of making a snap decision that you might regret immediately, follow our quick, simple process to finding the right TV unit for you. 

Keep reading to discover our step-by-step entertainment unit size guide, as well as some tips on selecting the look and feel of your new furniture piece. 

Brosa Entertainment Unit in Hamptons Style Living Room

Monterey TV Unit

Step 1: Determine the Size of Your TV

A non-negotiable first step is to accurately find the size and weight of your television. Some of us are content with something on the smaller side that does the trick, while others love the luxury of a huge screen that creates a cinema experience right from the comfort of their couch. Whatever your preference, before you purchase your new TV unit, it’s time to grab the measuring tape! 

Once you’ve found the height, width, depth and weight of your TV, you’ll be able to better assess the size of the TV unit you need. The average sized TV in an Aussie household is 65″, which would command a large-sized TV unit that’s at least a few inches wider than the television itself. It’s important to remember that not only does a TV that hangs over the edge of your TV unit look out of place, but it also poses a massive safety risk you’d be best off avoiding. Be sure to select something that can easily support the frame and weight of your television – and remember, you can always go for something bigger if that’s the look you want, which will also add more support. 

Another thing to keep in mind is where you’ll actually be placing the TV. Some prefer to wall mount their televisions and simply place the entertainment unit beneath it for storage and to display decor items. If this is the case in your home, the height of your TV is key – more on that in Step 2. 

Step 2: Choose an Entertainment Unit with the Right Height 

Generally, you’ll want the centre of your TV screen positioned at eye level for a prime viewing experience. After all, what good is Netflix if you can’t enjoy it to its full potential? As a result, you’ll not only need to think about the specs of your TV, but your entertainment unit too. 

Most of us sitting down are roughly half of our standing heights, so you’ll use this figure to work out the right height for your TV so that it sits perfectly in your eye line. If you have a big family with varying heights, average them out and go from there. That number will act as the distance from the floor you’ll place your television. Next, it’s time to measure your TV’s height. Subtract half of this number from your average sitting height, and voila – with some simple maths, you’ve worked out approximately how tall your entertainment unit should be! 

An easier way to work out the right height for your TV unit? Simply using the height of your sofa. Most of the time, this acts as a great guide for the height of your unit, within a few inches or so. 

Brosa Tv Unit Guide on How to Measure your TV Unit & TV

Step 3: Measure the Width of the Entertainment Unit

When it comes to the width of your new TV unit, you’ve got a few options to consider. As we mentioned in Step 1, overhang – where your TV is wider than the unit it’s resting on – is not only a slightly incongruous look, but it also poses a safety risk we’d rather you avoid! Thus, with this out of the question, you can either opt for a TV that is approximately as long as your entertainment unit, or one that’s narrower. Keeping the lengths even looks cleaner and more minimalistic, whereas leaving extra space on either end of your unit allows for more embellishment with your favourite decor pieces. 

Grab the tape measure out again (it’s definitely getting a workout!) and measure the length of your TV to determine the minimum length of your future TV stand. Once you’ve got that figure ready to go, shopping entertainment units will be way simpler. 

Brosa Tv Unit Guide on How to Measure your TV Unit & TV

Step 4: Compare Popular Entertainment Unit Dimensions 

If you’re still feeling a little bit of doubt, use this handy reference to quash ‘em and feel confident in your choice of entertainment unit. 

These are the most popular sizes for TV units to help guide you: 

TV Unit Width (cm) Recommended Minimum TV Size (diagonal) Recommended Maximum TV Size (diagonal)
75cm  30 inches 45 inches 
87cm  35 inches  50 inches
100cm 40 inches  55 inches
140-160cm 45 inches 60 inches
160-180cm 50 inches 65 inches
180cm+ 55 inches 70 inches

Step 5: Determine the distance from TV to couch

To get the most optimal viewing experience, you should also consider the distance from your sofa to your TV. To find this out all you need to know is your screen size and times it by 1.2. For example, if you have a 40inch TV screen, you should be sitting 48inches away or 1.3m. To ease the process, find your TVs screen size below and refer to the approximate distance that we recommend for your couch to be located.

Screen Size Viewing Distance
30” 0.94m
35” 1.1m
40” 1.3m
45” 1.4m
50” 1.6m
55” 1.7m
60” 1.9m
65” 2m

Brosa Entertainment Unit TV Unit Guide - Distance TV from sofa

Step 6: Choose a Material and Finish to Suit Your Room 

Finally, we’re at the fun step! The last part of your journey to finding the perfect entertainment unit is deciding what material, finish and overall aesthetic will suit your space the best. There are heaps of different TV cabinet and unit options available in a range of unique styles. 

When it comes to seamlessly integrating your new piece of furniture into your existing room, one thing you might want to consider is the material it’s made out of. If your room currently includes lots of wood in a particular tone, it might be worthwhile to select something that matches. In a sleeker, more industrial apartment, you could opt for something made of metal or a wood in white or black. Coordination is the key to a curated, cohesive home. 

The material and finish of your entertainment unit will also determine its wear and tear over time. Stone, marble and quality wood will last longer, but set you back a little more, whereas vinyl and lesser quality woods may be cheaper but less durable. Metal is usually an affordable option with great lasting power, but doesn’t suit all spaces. It’s up to you to decide what is most important in your new TV unit and go from there! 

Here are a few of our favourite entertainment unit styles: 

    • Scandinavian – simple yet chic, Scandi style blends minimalism, clean lines and light colours. Achieve this effortless look by opting for an entertainment unit that’s no frills yet doesn’t compromise on functionality or flair. We think the Mia Large Entertainment Unit would suit a Scandi home perfectly. Brosa Entertainment Unit in Scandinavian style Living Room
    • Coastal – rattan is somehow both timeless and trendy, having made a huge resurgence in recent years. Bring the relaxed, beachy vibes to your home with a coastal-inspired TV unit in a gorgeous rattan material, such as the Caledonia Rattan Entertainment Unit.  Brosa Rattan Entertainment Unit in Modern Contemporary Style Living Room
    • Hamptons – we all know the enviable luxury of Hamptons-style interiors. Light, clean and bright, Hamptons furnishings will make you feel as if you’re living in a beach house year-round. For that airy Hamptons look, opt for light or white wood, a sturdier frame and pretty embellishments. Our go-to is the Monterey Hamptons Style Compact Entertainment Unit.Brosa Compact Entertainment Unit in Hamptons style Living Room
    • Mid-century Modern – take things back to an era long past by adding some mid-century modern furnishings to your digs. Known for dark woods, organic shapes, bright colours and clean lines, mid-century homes are kryptonite to vintage lovers. The Frank Entertainment Unit will make your living room look straight outta the 60s, despite the ultra-modern TV sitting atop it . Brosa Frank Entertainment Unit in Contemporary Style Living Room
    • Contemporary – lean into modernity with a contemporary inspired living room, featuring a monochrome colour scheme, materials such as metal, chrome and marble, and simple shapes. Something like the ultra-sleek Slim Large Entertainment Unit in black will bring dimension and visual interest to a contemporary-style room. Brosa Slim Entertainment Unit in Modern Contemporary Style Living Room
    • Traditional – finally, if you’re all about ‘if it’s broke, don’t fix it,’ then perhaps traditional furnishings are your style. Always en vogue, classic traditional style is characterised by simplicity, classic shapes and neutral colours. The Enzo Entertainment Unit is the perfect fit for a traditional home. Brosa Enzo Entertainment Unit in Classic Traditional Style Living Room

What’s Next?

So, how does it feel? You’re now a complete expert on TV units and will be able to confidently select the perfect one for your space. Be sure to keep the dimensions and weight of both your TV and your entertainment unit in mind when you’re shopping so that you don’t run into any mishaps when installation time comes. 

Spruce your living room or media room up with a new entertainment unit in the perfect colour, style and finish from Brosa’s wide range of offerings. We ship all around Australia, and have showroom locations in Sydney and Melbourne so that you can stop in and see your new furniture piece in person.  Discover more on our website, or shop a few of our favourite styles below.







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