Tricks to sneaking in storage on a budget

While often overlooked, storage is one of the most important elements of a well-organised home. With many Australians foregoing backyards for balconies, making the most of the available internal space becomes a top priority. Built-in linen closets, cupboards under the stairs, roof cavities… even stair drawers are smart options for adding storage to a home. But what are all the homeowners and renters without the opportunity to add structural changes supposed to do? Here are a few simple ways to introduce storage and eliminate clutter – no matter the size of your home.

Clear out

Before rushing out to add storage-specific furniture to your home, ask yourself, “Do I really need all the things I’m planning to store?”. From dedicated popcorn makers to lava lamps and flared jeans (no, these aren’t coming back in style anytime soon), material objects have an amazing way of accumulating over time. While there is no need to adopt Japanese minimalism, a household inventory review is a great way to reduce mess – and save you from buying storage solutions you don’t actually need. So, don’t wait for spring to clear out that snow globe collection.

Hertz 4 Door Sideboard

Store and display

Open wall shelving is a great option for displaying anything from cultural collections and tourist trinkets to inspirational books and personal photographs. Ready built shelving units – such as the Lang Wall Unit – come in different widths to match both storage requirements and space allowances. Just be sure that this solution doesn’t turn into an excuse to hoard items that belong in a charity bin instead. There is a huge difference between stylish vignettes and chaotic shelving – although open shelving creates an interesting focal point, too many items can make a small space appear cramped.

Dominic Narrow Bookcase – Scandinavian Contemporary Bookcase

Dual purpose furniture

Is there anything cooler than beautiful furniture that doubles as extra storage? We think not. Dual purpose pieces can make for stylish additions to your space while hiding away any clutter not worthy of displaying. Mirrored bathroom wall cabinets are ideal for keeping various toiletries out of sight while reflecting light around the room. Gas lift bed bases – like the Stella Gas Lift Queen Size Bed Frame – combine storage and functionality to maximise interior space while adding comfort to your lifestyle. And then there are coffee tables with drawers featuring intricate details that can keep remotes, bottle openers, and even kids’ toys at bay.


Stella Gaslift Queen Bed Frame 

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