Tips and Invaluable Advice from STYLE CURATOR founder Gina Ciancio

This week we had a chat with Gina Ciancio, the creator of STYLE CURATOR, a popular Australian interior design blog focusing on home improvement tips and inspiration for anyone who appreciates interior design.

Gina tells us about her own sources of inspiration, the driving values behind her work, and some valuable home improvement tips you can really put to use.

What inspires you most?

I get interior decorating and styling inspiration almost everywhere. Picking up my morning coffee I could get ideas from the interior fit-out of the cafe, browsing Instagram or Pinterest, or reading other gorgeous home and interior blogs.


We have so many talented makers and craftspeople in Australia and I love discovering new talent and featuring them on our blog – learning their stories and discovering their stunning products inspires me most.

How would you define your style?

Quite minimal but layered with decor and art that add pops of colour and interest.


I really love Scandinavian design but blend this with unique finds, Australian-made furniture and accessories, and other pieces that are special to me.

What is your design process – how do you go from idea to result?

At the moment we’re building our new home so I’ll have a blank slate to design and decorate each room.


Selecting a colour scheme, finishes, lighting, and then furniture, room layout and accessories are just some of the many decisions I’m making.


To help turn my ideas into a cohesive result that has layers of colour and texture, I like to collect images of my inspiration and create a mood board that I can add to, remove and refine until I’m happy.


Working on this smaller scale is much easier and it means I can play around with the look before committing any decisions.

What is your favourite room to style?

The bedroom. Many people decorate this room last in their home because it’s out of sight from visitors but it should be a retreat.


There are so many fabulous products for the bedroom now, including bedding from Kip & Co and Rachel Castle, so it’s easy to have a bit of fun and create a bedroom you’ll want to spend time in.

What do you think is the most common decorating faux pas people commit?

Simply decorating your home in trend pieces! It’s fun to play with trends but your home should reflect your personality.


I like to invest in artisan-made pieces, upcycle some old finds and inject some trend pieces.

What’s your favourite Brosa product and how would you incorporate it into your room?

I love the cool grey Erin bed frame – it’s a contemporary take on the upholstered bedheads that are so popular right now.


I would use this bed in the master bedroom of our new home. Its clean-lined design makes it a timeless and stylish piece that I’d accessorise with monochrome bedding.

What is your most important value in interior decorating?


To be true to your style. If you fill your home with what you love, you will create a beautiful and stylish home.


Style doesn’t mean having all the latest products or trends. Like clothing, fashion comes and goes but style stays.

*Gina Ciancio is the blogger behind STYLE CURATOR, a home and interiors blog for people who appreciate design and want regular inspiration to create a more stylish home.

At STYLE CURATOR you’ll also find tips and advice, interviews with artists and experts in the design industry, regular updates about Gina’s home build, and lots of other stylish news.

For more interior design tips and advice, check out our other resources on the Brosa Skapa blog today.

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