The Curved Furniture Trend We’re Loving 

The Curved Furniture Trend We’re Loving 

Stay ahead of the curve this year (pun certainly intended) by adopting the trend that everyone’s obsessing over – exaggerated, New Art Deco esque or an adaption of 70s-inspired curved furniture. Once a trademark style in any mid-century home, curved furniture is getting its second wind as we see the revival of defiantly Art- Deco shapes, retro designs and rounded elements in chic, modern homes. 

But how exactly do you style curved furniture? And what about selecting the perfect piece for your home? Here are some hints to help you effortlessly introduce a curvy new item or two into your space. 

Brosa Anais 3 seater sofa and armchair in scandinavian style living room

Anais 3 seater sofa and armchair | Shop the Curved Collection

Where does the curved furniture trend come from? 

Interior trends are ever-evolving, but they also come around as fast as they go – and this one is no exception. Curved furniture first reached peak popularity in the 60s and 70s as an element of the mid-century modern movement, and after an extended break from the limelight, we’re now seeing it creep back into our design vernacular slowly but surely. We’re talking swivel chairs, plump ottomans, plush sofas with meandering lines and geometric, circular surfaces. 

Brosa Elodie Armchair in Mid-Century style living roomElodie Accent Chair | Shop Curved Furniture Collection Online at Brosa

Why is it so popular? 

Although the popularity of a particular style or ‘vibe’, as we’re calling it in 2021 (thanks, Gen Z), is unpredictable, we can think of a few reasons why it’s all about curves at the moment. Curves imply relaxation, luxury and comfort, all of which have been important tenets to uphold as the world remains wildly unstable. The more our work and home lives melt together, the more necessary it becomes to ensure we’re living in a space that feels soft and welcoming. 

Styling the trend in your living room 

Bring curved furniture to your relaxation space with a sofa, chair or table that’s all about fluid lines and that comfortable-yet-chic aesthetic. 

Minimalists will want to opt for pieces with a soft, natural curvature, but that don’t look or feel overwhelming with lots of other embellishments. In the living room, the Anais Sofa is the perfect fit – gently curved and sloping downwards on the sides, this luxe piece is contemporary, cool and a breeze to style. Lean into the trend (whilst keeping it clean and chic, of course) by pairing with a rounded coffee table like low set Henley or ultramodern, marble Huber.

Brosa Anais Collection with Henley Coffee Table in Modern Contemporary Style Living Room

Anais Collection with Henley Coffee Table | Shop the Curved Collection Online at Brosa

Add a bit of whimsy with something a little more exaggerated, such as the Mitch Sofa. Perfect for the eclectic decorator, this sofa can serve as the focal point of a room with its broad curves and playful feel, but if the colour is right, can also be understated amongst bolder decor options. We’re swooning over the mustard yellow colour choice, a stunning option for a mid-century modern-style living room. 

If you don’t want to go all-out with a sofa, an armchair might be an ideal way to try this trend out without reconsidering your home’s entire design ethos! We love the cosy vibe of the Anais Armchair, and the Elodie Armchair would look incredible paired with dark wood furniture pieces. For something exaggerated yet functional and comfy, the Ada Swivel Chair is the perfect pick – especially in on-trend bouclé. 

Brosa Ada Swivel Accent Chair in Mid-Century Styled Living RoomAda Swivel Accent Chair 

Curved furniture in the bedroom 

Make the cosiest room in your house even cosier with some curved furniture pieces. Let’s start with your bed – a stunning way to bring the curves is with a rounded arch bedhead. For fans of new art-deco furnishings, the Arch Bed Head couldn’t be any more spot on! This sleek circular design makes for a gorgeous statement piece, and when paired with the right bed base, is the perfect centrepiece for your bedroom. 

Your bedside table is an all-important element of the bedroom, so perhaps something curvy will do the trick in this coveted spot. Layer books, trinkets, flowers and more on the Shamal Round Side Table, a circular table with stool-style tripod legs and a natural wood finish. It’ll look beautiful in your room no matter the style, but in particular, suits modern farmhouse or neutral minimalist design choices. 

Brosa Arch Queen Szie Gaslift Bedframe in New Art Deco Style BedroomArch Queen Size Gaslift Bedframe in New Art Deco Style Bedroom 

Some final tips 

Whether you’ve chosen a sofa, table, bed head or something else entirely as your gateway piece to the world of curves, here are a few final styling tips to help inspire you. 

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with fabrics and textures, because curved pieces can hold their own. For instance, when it comes to a cosy couch, why not try velvet or bouclé to add a little flair? Not only do they look and feel incredible, but a diverse texture will really accentuate the curved nature of your furniture and add some visual interest to an already-exciting piece. 

When it comes to colour, you’ve got a whole spectrum of choice right at your fingertips! Curved furniture looks gorgeous in neutrals, especially when you’re playing with sleek lines and soft undulations rather than big, exaggerated shapes. Opt for a white, grey or tan shade to coordinate your new piece of furniture with your existing decor. If you want to lean right in and make your new purchase the statement piece of the century, bold colours also look beautiful in this style and shape. Darker jewel tones like bottle green and navy blue complement curved furniture perfectly. 

Finally, when it comes to styling, let your new piece do the talking. Surround it with elements that will accentuate its shape and design, rather than detract from it. Soft fabrics, gentle geometrics and unique accents really play into this trend. 

It’s all about the curves, baby! Shop the full ‘Cue the Curves’ collection online at Brosa, now!

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