The Beauty Benefits of Sleep

The sleeping beauty theory – how sleep can help you look better

Sleeping Beauty might’ve actually been onto something when she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and fell into a deep slumber. Sleep is one of the most powerful and cost effective natural remedies when it comes to keeping up your appearance. In fact, one experimental study conducted in Sweden rated sleep deprived people as less healthy, less attractive and more tired than when they are well rested, and that was rated on appearance alone. Harsh, but you can’t argue with science!

The sleeping beauty theory

Lack of sleep can affect how good you look and feel in a number of ways. Not only does it mean your body fails to get the restorative benefits that come with a restful night’s sleep, it can also lead to greater physical stress throughout the day, causing further damage. Additionally, a lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain with the theory that sleep duration can affect the hormones that stimulate or control your appetite. You can get too much of a good thing, though, with the Mayo Clinic reporting that an excess of nine hours can have the same influence.

How much sleep do you need?

The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours. Anything less and you risk damage, anything more and you can actually cause more harm than good. This also depends on things like age, quality of sleep, pregnancy and whether you’ve previously been low on sleep and need to catch up.

Tips for getting a beautiful night’s sleep

  • Make sure your room is dark and free from any blue light (like your phone)
  • Keep it quiet; if there’s a regular noise happening around you it can keep you from entering a deeper sleep
  • The temperature should not be too cold or too hot
  • Get comfortable! Surround yourself in breathable materials and opt for a mattress that is slightly firmer
  • Some people swear by silk pillowcases to take extra care of skin and hair
  • Night beauty products are usually designed to work while the body is resting

Fortunately, you don’t need a fairy tale ending to be prince or princess pretty – just get more sleep!

At Greywing, our priority is helping you sleep well to feel great. If you enjoy looking great at the same time, we think that’s just an added bonus.

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