The 5 Best Pet-Friendly Furniture Fabrics

The 5 Best Pet-Friendly Furniture Fabrics

Whether you’ve adopted a furry friend in lockdown, or have had your pooch or kitty for many years now, there’s one thing that’s undeniable – the love of a pet is like no other. They’re cuddly, adorable and generally don’t answer back (yes, Mr Snuggles, that is another frozen pizza for dinner – keep your judgment to yourself).

Unfortunately, another irrefutable truth of owning animals is the wear and tear it can have on your living space. From constantly cleaning up fur to protecting your expensive furniture pieces from scratching or scuffs, it can be a difficult task to integrate animals into an immaculate house. Pets (perhaps like kids) also often drag in dirt and grime from the outdoors, which won’t be particularly good for your new white linen sofa

If your goal is to keep your home looking spic and span whilst reaping the benefits of owning a furry little pal, perhaps it’s time to get amongst some pet-friendly furniture options. We’ve rounded up five incredible, durable material options that’ll suit a range of homes and styles. Keep reading to discover how to keep your space looking gorgeous whilst you make it functional and safe for your pets. 

Brosa Pia Armchair - Pet Friendly Fabrics Image credit @itsashleighjade @tanyavolt  – Pia Armchair


Despite being synonymous with luxury, and perhaps until recently, lavishness, velvet wins the pet-friendly fabric award! Velvet sofas, ottomans, chairs and bed heads are super popular at the moment, as we see an art deco-inspired, eclectic look come back into fashion. 

Brosa Arch Bed Head in New Art Deco Styled Bedroom

Arch Queen Gas Lift Bed Frame | Shop Velvet Bed Frames

Velvet suits a household with pets predominantly due to the short, dense nature of its pile. This means little paws won’t get stuck in the fabric, creating pulls and snags. It’s a much less attractive option for the cat or other pet who likes to scratch your beautiful furniture, as they won’t have much luck sinking their claws into the fabric.

When you’re selecting a velvet piece, it’s also important to focus on synthetic velvet, rather than cotton. Synthetic velvet is a must-have, pet-friendly upholstery choice as it can be wiped clean or spot cleaned in the moment with very little effort. If you’ve got a dog who loves to return to the house raring and ready to deposit mud all over your couch, then velvet might be the fabric for you. Use a lint roller or vacuum to keep your new velvet piece free of pet fur. 

Our picks: Rodin 3 seater sofa with chaise, Frank 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise, Ellington Armchair.  

Brosa Rodin 3 Seater with Chaise in Velvet fabrication in a Scandinavian style living room

Rodin 3 Seater Sofa with Chaise in Domino Velvet Fabrication | Shop now


Add a chic yet laidback element to your pet-friendly living room by investing in a piece of leather furniture, such as a sofa or armchair. Leather can not only be adapted to complement your existing decor, but it’s also a go-to fabric choice for those with pets for a couple of key reasons. 

The main draw card of leather furniture for pet lovers is that there’s no pile or excess fabric that animals, and cats in particular, can scratch or pull on. Although it’s definitely possible for them to sink their claws into leather, the durability and strength of this fabric means they’re likely to inflict less damage. 

Leather is also a super shedder’s dream, as their fur won’t cling to the fabric and require excessive brushing or vacuuming. Fur simply slides off, ensuring your piece of furniture always looks pristine. Plus, leather is super easy to clean with the right tools – dirty paws are no match for this tough-as-nails fabric! Darker tones of leather, like browns and blacks, mean you may not even notice when Rover’s brought in half the backyard after his morning walk . . . 

Our picks: Manhattan Leather 2 Seater Sofa, Alexa Large Leather Round Ottoman, Zoe Leather Scoop Back Dining Chair

Brosa Manhattan Leather 2 Seater Sofa in Industrial x Contemporary Style loft living room

Outdoor Fabrics – Wicker & Highly Durable Threads 

Got an outdoor pet on your hands? Well, you’ll have one less thing to worry about with these pet proof furniture options that will look gorgeous on a deck, balcony or in the backyard. 

One of the most wonderful things about furniture designed specifically for outside areas is that it’s almost always been built to last. Durability is key when furnishing outside, and the same goes for furnishing with pets – a match made in heaven! Tough materials like wicker, teak and metal ensure your rambunctious puppy or scratch-happy cat can’t destroy your new piece and that wear and tear is minimal. Cushions for these styles of furniture are also typically very durable, upholstered with heavy-duty fabric that’s designed to withstand the elements. Simply brush them off when you can to keep everything neat and clean. 

Wicker in particular is a great pet-friendly furniture option, as its textured look and feel can hide fur or dirty marks until you have the chance to pick up a squeegee and get cleaning. Woven furnishings are having a very extended moment, so you might even consider picking up a wicker piece for indoors to create a relaxed, coastal vibe. 

Our picks: Malibu Outdoor 2 Seater Sofa, Malibu Outdoor Dining Chair Set of 2 with Teak Armrest, Malibu 5 Seater Outdoor Modular Sofa Set

Brosa Malibu 3 Seater Outdoor lounge with 2 seater lounge set in contemporary outdoor setting

Shop the Malibu Collection of Outdoor Furniture at Brosa

Dark Coloured & Patterned Fabrics

If you don’t want to compromise on material, perhaps concessions can be made when it comes to the colour and style of the fabric itself. Pets are notoriously messy little creatures (despite how much we love them, they just can’t seem to keep the house clean!) and so, fabrics that are darker in colour, busily patterned or textured will help hide any dirt and grime until it’s time to clean. Unlike a stock standard, plain-coloured fabric, it’ll be harder to see marks when they arise – plus, it’s an exciting way to add a bit of flair to an otherwise simple room! 

Opt for darker or bolder colours such as browns, greys, jewel tones and warm shades rather than pastels and lighter cool tones. The more intricate the pattern, the harder it’ll be to see wear and tear. 

Brosa Anais 3 Seater Sofa in velvet fabric in a Modern Contemporary style living room

Anais 3 seater & 2 seater sofa in Cosmic Anthracite | Shop Now

Signature In-house Linen Blend 

Finally, the last pet-friendly fabric we’d recommend is linen, and more importantly, Brosa’s Signature Premium blend. Although linen might not seem like an obvious choice off the bat, it’s actually more durable than you’d think, making it a front-running option for those with animal friends at home. 

Soft yet tough, linen resists all kinds of wear and tear, including pilling and abrasion from friction. Opt for a darker colour to hide immediate stains, but be sure to wash your linen regularly and use a spot cleaner for anything noticeable that cat (or dog) drags in. Linen is quite stain resistant if treated correctly, and so, your new couch or chair could be a fixture in your living room for years to come. 

Linen’s also an easy fabric to quickly lint roll or vacuum to prevent pet hair build-up. The only animals we wouldn’t advise live in the same house as linen furniture are those who like to scratch, as linen is softly woven and won’t put up a fight against sharp claws. Overall, though, lovely linen is a must – both when it comes to current trends and keeping your house looking gorgeous with pets around.  

Our picks: Palermo 3 Seater Sofa, Oslo Armchair, Mila 2 Seater Sofa.  

Brosa Palermo 3 Seater Sofa in Modern Contemporary Style living Room

Shop the Palermo Collection online at Brosa

Final Tips & Recommendations 

Life’s little messes (and their furry perpetrators) will be no match against any one of these pet-friendly fabric or material options. Select a new piece for your home with these parameters in mind to ensure fuss-free, laid back living, even with boisterous four-legged friends running around. 

Here are a few final tips to keep a happy, beautiful home with pets. 

  • Invest in a quality fabric cleaner: Sometimes stains are stubborn, but they’ll be powerless against a cleaning kit like this one from Warwick. Simple and always effective, this is a last resort when Daisy the dog’s jumped in one too many muddy puddles. 
  • Give your pet its own home: Keep your furry friend off the human furniture and make them feel ultra-special! Invest in a cute, stylish pet bed that can sit off to one corner, ensuring your little angel feels loved, but doesn’t mess up your immaculate sofa. 
  • Try a sofa cover: If all else fails, a sofa cover or large throw might do the trick! Slip something over the top of your stunning piece of furniture to prevent paw prints, claw marks and more. Even better, shop our Palermo Collection which features removable slip covers. Perfect for swapping over when you need to give it a good clean. 

At Brosa, we offer furniture pieces to suit every lifestyle, room and aesthetic. With showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney, plus an array of virtual services, it’s never been easier to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. 

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