Thank Dad this Father’s Day

We Love You, Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching in a year that’s like no other, making now, more than ever the time to celebrate the special people in our life. We know that this celebration may look a little different, but to commemorate the occasion we asked our Brosa team members to share the fondest memory they hold with the person they call Dad. From unique moments around the dinner table to long spontaneous road trips, these are the sentiments to celebrate this September 6 – even if it’s through a video chat from afar.

For Alex, her childhood memories are filled with laughter, with her Dad sitting in his beloved oversized armchair; for Marina, it was about the habitual act of eating and gathering around their family dinner table. Each memory is sweet and heart warming – but most of all they are unique to that individual and their family traditions. With most of these moments occurring around the home, our role at Brosa feels more important than usual. We love doing what we do, helping you create a home you love, one that will continue to house memories like these for years to come.

We hope you enjoy this experience as much as we did & remember to call up whoever it is this September 6 and say thanks – you really are the best.

Wondering what to gift Dad?

Be inspired by the Brosa team and craft your own Father’s Day wish list. Where does your Dad spend most of his time? Does his favourite armchair need an upgrade but he is too stubborn to ask? Does he have a space to home his favourite wine collection? Perhaps he works from home and would adore a new, refreshed workspace to increase his productivity. From beautiful armchairs to specially crafted bar cabinets, Brosa has a selection of unique furniture pieces to suit any Dads needs. Treat your dad this Father’s Day with a gift that he wouldn’t normally expect, something that he will love for years to come.

For more inspiration on what to get Dad this Father’s Day, visit our teams top gift picks.