Storage Ideas for a Compact Home

Living in a shoebox apartment or home certainly has its benefits – less cleaning and maintenance for one thing. But it also presents its challenges. With few obvious storage options, how do you make the most of your space without cutting your possessions back to the bare essentials?

It may on first sight look as though you have little room to spare to store your cherished CDs, books, sporting gear, or what have you. But that’s not always the case. Most compact homes have plenty of filler areas – dead space you wouldn’t have thought usable otherwise. You just have to look carefully.

Here are just a few ways you can optimise all your empty spaces.

Look up

You rarely look up in your own home, but if you did you’d find plenty of unexpected storage opportunities. Whether you have rafters, cathedral ceilings, or the square shoebox look, you can make the most of this otherwise overlooked space with a few easy ideas.

In your kitchen, hang racks from the ceiling to store your pots, pans and herbs. They’re easy to access and free up your drawers and bench top for other kitchenware.

Build bookshelves into the rafters or around the circumference of your room at the level of the ceiling for a swish look that makes for a unique living room or bedroom décor. It will look appealing to any guest, but it also frees up your floor space for other uses.

Think vertical

The biggest surface area in your home is rarely the floor – it’s the walls. So it makes sense to optimise any wall space you might have.

Building floor to ceiling shelves allows you to make the most of your house or apartment’s height, offering storage without compromising too much floor space. It also reduces the annoying often-unused gaps between shorter shelves and the ceiling.

And have you ever thought about the space staircases waste? There are plenty of fabulous ideas for reducing wasted space beneath the stairs.

One obvious example is to use the cavernous area beneath the stairs as shelves, cupboards or drawers.

But have you ever thought about the steps themselves? A new trend is seeing staircase steps turned into drawers so even the space beneath your feet is utilised.

Optimise your cabinets and wardrobes

Cupboards are the most obvious storage possibility in your home, but the space rarely gets used effectively.

If you have one large cave as a closet, be sure to layer the space with shelves and partitions so you can use every bit of available room.

You can also put the inside of cabinet and wardrobe doors to good use with hooks. You can hang necklaces, ties and scarves from hooks on wardrobe doors, or ladles and large spoons from kitchen cabinet door hooks.

In fact, you can get as creative as you like with your wardrobe or cupboard space. If your apartment is just that bit too pinched to accommodate a home office, for example, you can tuck away a makeshift desk and stool inside the cupboard – it will be hidden from view when not needed, but always there when you need to get to work.

Give your furniture dual purposes

The biggest space filler in any apartment or home is the furniture. But with a clever design, most furniture can have a dual purpose with its storage capacity.

Multifunctional furniture uses the space around an item of furniture as storage. Think about the extra surface area a bed occupies. Whether you have a queen bed or a king, the frame and mattress will cover a lot of floor.

But with a storage bed frame (such as this Anica Gas Lift King Size Bed Frame) your base doubles as extra storage space where you can tuck away your extra bed sheets, pillows and doona covers.

Your living room pieces – sofas, armchairs, and footstools – are other furniture items that take up a lot of space. But they actually become practical as well as decorous if you select styles with in-built storage units.

If you choose your furniture carefully, you can have a beautiful designed piece that stands as stylish décor as well as a pragmatic item where you can hide away your prized possessions.

If you’re looking for more handy interior décor and design tips, check out our Brosa Skapa blog. We’ve got plenty of savvy tips and tricks for getting the most out of your home.

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