The Cushion Code: Selecting & Arranging Sofa Cushions

You’ve found your dream sofa, it’s the perfect colour, size and shape but your Living Room still doesn’t look complete. The answer is all in the styling, simple soft furnishings such as throw cushions and blankets can elevate your space taking it from simple to exceptional all in a few easy steps.



 Florence Velvet Chesterfield Sofa with cushions and a throw

When it comes to styling your soft furnishings, think about the type of room you’re trying to achieve. Are you wanting an inviting and cosy space that calls for soft textures and cushions, or are you trying to align with contemporary trends?  Think about your colour scheme, textures and patterns and read on for our top tips for every type of sofa and how to best arrange cushions on your cosy couch.

What Colour Cushions Go with Your Sofa?

The key to choosing the right cushions for your sofa is picking colours that not only suit your sofa but tie together the whole living space.

From artwork to armchairs, your sofa and your cushions, every element of your living room should complement each other and make for an inviting and stylish space.

If you want a truly stylish living room, it’s the little details that will transform your space. 

Alternatively, you can experiment with colour combinations using the colour wheel or get inspired by on-trend colour palettes available at Pantone


Cushions for a Red Sofa

red sofa adds an incredible pop of colour to any living room and can be styled in a number of different ways to achieve various looks. If your sofa is dark red, try dark blue cushions for a regal look – an extremely effective contrast if you have a couch like the Notting Hill Velvet Chesterfield couch. Wanting something more subtle? Think about creating a tonal look and pair your sofa with colours that are within the same shade.

Cushions for a Beige Sofa

John 3 seater sofa with contrasting pattern cushions

(John Collection)

A beige sofa is the easiest sofa to transition to a new palette. Choosing cushions for a beige sofa really depends on the colours you have chosen for the rest of your living room and the style of your home. 

Is your home leaning towards more of a coastal Hamptons look? Think about including more tonal shades and injecting a sense of interest with textures and fabrics. Alternatively, if you are chasing a more eclectic vibe include constrasting patterns and different textures that tie into other colours around your room.

Cushions for a Green Sofa

A green sofa will freshen up your living space. Because of this, natural colours like taupe look nice next to a green sofa. You can also use floral-inspired colours. Use pink floral cushions for a fresh look, and analogous colours like yellow and blue.

Want to freshen up your space? From contemporary style green couches to more classic chesterfield sofas, green lounges are a great way to feel like you’re bringing the outside in. If you have a simple space, why not bring in some colour with floral or patterned cushions, utilising different shaped cushions that incorporate the colour of your couch along with the new pattern will ensure the styles work cohesively together.

Cushions for a Blue Sofa

A blue sofa can have a cool and calming effect on your living room. When choosing cushions for your blue sofa look for colours that are next to blue on the colour wheel, including different shades of blue and green. For more coastal homes, bring in some added texture, tassels, crochet & linen are a great way to channel the Hamptons style without committing. 

Cushions for a Black Sofa

Your black sofa will go with almost any colour, but there are a few colours you may want to avoid. Browns rarely pair well with black, while navy blue is too similar in shade. Patterned and textured cushions can create an effective contrast, especially when you combine a variety of textures and colours on a firmer fabrication like leather. 

Cushions for a Grey Sofa

Frank 2 seater sofa 

Grey couches make for the perfect blank canvas, you can restyle them to suit any interior trend. Wanting to create a more tranquil space? Stick with relaxing tonal shades – grey, white, beige and soft pastels. You could utilise these shades across a number of different cushions whilst also including throw rugs that provide extra warmth and texture. Perhaps you have the ultimate Scandinavian styled home and you want your Living Room to match. Sheepskin rugs, simple patterns and tonal shades will match your theme, be sure to include other design features  that celebrate simple yet functional shapes. Finally, wanting to use your couch as a base and let your artwork do all the work? Pick a few shades from your art and highlight these within your soft furnishings – a perfectly simple way to create a cohesive space.

Cushions for a Brown Sofa

When choosing cushions to go with your brown leather sofa, look for rich, jewel-toned colours. Teals, blues, deep reds and golds look chic on a brown sofa. Depending on the style of your leather couch, neutrals and pinks can also look stylish. Once again, avoid black.

Patterns & Textures

Patterns and textures are important for a living room, with cushions a great way to add this depth. Break up solid colours with patterned cushions, textures and shades. 

Try to contrast different textures against your sofa. A leather sofa looks nice with faux fur and velvet cushions. Silks evoke luxury, while corduroy and weaves give a contemporary look.

You can change your patterns and textures according to the season. Choose floral patterns for summer and cosy, woollen textures for winter. Artistic cushions can also easily add style to the space. A throw blanket also adds warmth and comfort to your living room.

How to Arrange Cushions on Your Sofa

 When arranging cushions many people assume it’s best to arrange them symmetrically. But it’s not necessary; you can be a little more creative!

Mix and match cushions of different sizes and shapes for a visually interesting arrangement. Square, rectangle and the odd circle cushion in coordinated colours and patterns will give your sofa plenty of personality.

Beige sofa with cushions of different sizes

A popular cushion arrangement is the 2-1-2 arrangement. That is: two larger cushions in both corners, slightly smaller ones next to them, and one cushion in the middle.

Two or three cushions are probably enough for a two seater sofa, while a larger three-seater sofa can hold five or six.

However, there are no hard and fast rules for arranging cushions. Experiment with your cushions arrangement, and see what works best for your space and your style.

Get decorating your sofa today for the complete living room look with our range of cushions available online at Brosa.

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Love this article! These are the best ways of selecting and arranging cushions. I got some great ideas from this article. Thanks and keep sharing.

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So detailed and practical! I’m an addict to luxury throw pillows for sofas, so your tips are much appreciated. Thanks a lot!