The Cushion Code: Selecting & Arranging Sofa Cushions

You have chosen your dream sofa but upon moving it into your living room, you’ve found that for some reason your sofa doesn’t seem to go with the rest of your décor.

Maybe the sofa stands out too much. Maybe it doesn’t stand out enough. The number one way to fix this, and tie your whole living room decor together, is with cushions!



 Beige sofa bed with patterned cushions and a throw

(Milo Collection) 

How do you decide on which cushions to get? You should have a think about colours, textures and patterns. Read on for our top tips for every type of sofa and how to best arrange cushions on your cosy couch.

What Colour Cushions Go with Your Sofa?

The key to choosing the right cushions for your sofa is picking colours that not only suit your sofa but tie together the whole living space.

From artwork to armchairs, your sofa and your cushions, every element of your living room should complement each other and make for an inviting and stylish space.

It might be easier to match the colour of your cushions to your sofa colour exactly, but this can be a bit boring. If you want a truly stylish living room, it’s the little details that will transform your space from dull to chic.

If you do plan on using matching cushions, why not try using cushions made from material that is an interesting texture or shade.

Alternatively, you can experiment with colour combinations using the colour wheel or get inspired by on-trend colour palettes available at Pantone


Cushions for a Red Sofa

A red sofa adds a lovely bright pop of colour to any living room. If your sofa is dark red, try dark blue cushions for a regal look. A modish scarlet couch will look better with patterned grey cushions.

Cushions for a Beige Sofa

Beige sofa with cushions that reflect colours in the living room

(John Collection)

A beige sofa is the easiest sofa to transition to a new palette. Choosing cushions for a beige sofa really depends on the colours you have chosen for the rest of your living room.

If you have a mixture of colours, look for an underrepresented colour to feature in your cushions. Keep the colour scheme light and airy, and avoid black cushions unless you’re going monochromatic throughout.

Cushions for a Green Sofa

A green sofa will freshen up your living space. Because of this, natural colours like taupe look nice next to a green sofa. You can also use floral-inspired colours. Use pink floral cushions for a fresh look, and analogous colours like yellow and blue.

Cushions for a Blue Sofa

Blue sofa with blue patterned cushions

(Gordon Collection)

A blue sofa can have a cool and calming effect on your living room. When choosing cushions for your blue sofa look for colours that are next to blue on the colour wheel, including different shades of blue and green.

Cushions for a Black Sofa

Your black sofa will go with almost any colour, but there are a few colours you may want to avoid. Browns rarely pair well with black, while navy blue is too similar in shade. Patterned and textured cushions can create a nice contrast with a black couch, especially if it is a black leather sofa.

Cushions for a Grey Sofa

Grey sofa and armchair with blue cushions

(Andreas Collection)

Liven up your grey sofa by using colours that are light and coordinate with the other colours in your living room. Grey pairs well with colours that have a similar tone, include similar shades of pinks or blues.

Cushions for a Brown Sofa

When choosing cushions to go with your brown leather sofa, look for rich, jewel-toned colours. Teals, blues, deep reds and golds look chic on a brown sofa. Depending on the style of your leather couch, neutrals and pinks can also look stylish. Once again, avoid black!

Patterns & Textures

Patterns and textures are important for a living room, with cushions a great way to add this depth. Break up solid colours with patterned cushions, but don’t choose too many different patterns as they might overwhelm the eye.

Try to contrast different textures against your sofa. A leather sofa looks nice with faux fur and velvet cushions. Silks evoke luxury, while corduroy and weaves give a contemporary look.

You can change your patterns and textures according to the season. Choose floral patterns for summer and cosy, woollen textures for winter. A throw blanket also adds warmth and comfort to your living room.

How to Arrange Cushions on Your Sofa

 When arranging cushions many people assume it’s best to arrange them symmetrically. But it’s not necessary; you can be a little more creative!

Mix and match cushions of different sizes and shapes for a visually interesting arrangement. Square, rectangle and the odd circle cushion in coordinated colours and patterns will give your sofa plenty of personality.

Beige sofa with cushions of different sizes

(Spacecraft Collection)

It’s important not to pack so many cushions on the sofa that you can’t sit down and get comfortable without removing them. You want your cushions to be practical as well as beautiful.

A popular cushion arrangement is the 2-1-2 arrangement. That is: two larger cushions in both corners, slightly smaller ones next to them, and one cushion in the middle.

Two or three cushions are probably enough for a two seater sofa, while a larger three-seater sofa can hold five or six.

However, there are no hard and fast rules for arranging cushions. Experiment with your cushions arrangement, and see what works best for your space and your style.

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