Reasons Why We Love Notting Hill


reasons why we love notting hill

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Home to many highlights, Notting Hill is filled with plenty of charm and history. Today we take a deep look into what it is that makes us fall head over heels for the historic attraction, with the annual Notting Hill Carnival and Portobello Road market sitting right at the top of our list.

The Notting Hill Carnival

Emerged in 1966, the Notting Hill Carnival first began as a showcase of steel band musicians every weekend. Slowly but surely, the bands’ parade drew Afro-Carribean residents onto the streets, reminding them of their beloved homes that they had left behind.

Having been forbidden from holding their own festivals during the slavery period, the Afro-Carribean community took advantage of the freedoms that this abolition of slavery brought them. Such freedom is celebrated in the the extravagant and vibrant fashion displayed throughout the carnival — a tradition that has remained unchanged since its conception.


notting hill carnival

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Today, the Notting Hill Carnival continues to be an annual tapestry for Afro-Carribbean communities to celebrate their own culture, as well as becoming the largest street festival in Europe. In fact, the annual event is fast approaching, with this year’s event taking place from 29th to 31st August.

Portobello Road

Beyond their distinctive mark on the carnival, the Caribbean community has also influenced the much loved architecture of Notting Hill. The houses along Portobello Road are painted in bright hues, reminiscent of the colourful and creative vibes that the Caribbean community brought into the neighbourhood.


portobello roadBrosa Chesterfield Collection in yellow gold and peacock teal

Images via Popsugar, Brosa Notting Hill Collection

It’s no secret that our latest collection Notting Hill is inspired by none other than London’s Notting Hill and Portobello Road itself. Filled with all sorts of antiques and collectables, the place’s unique charm derives from its balance in colour palette, oscillating between bright colours and neutrals. It is precisely this charm that we were particularly drawn to, as reflected in our Notting Hill collection, available as a 3-seater and armchair.

Our Notting Hill Chesterfields come in: yellow gold, tangerine orange, peacock teal, amethyst purple, venetian red, heritage red, putty beige, ocean blue, cosmic anthracite and ebony black.

portobello road / street displayBrosa Portobello CollectionImage via Lazy Sunday Cooking, Brosa Portobello Collection

Aside from the Caribbean community, Portobello Road is well-known for its love for the alternative and all that is creative – characteristics shaped and appreciated by the many artists that reside in the area. Inspired by this open approach to creativity, our newly launched Portobello collection reflects a contemporary take on the traditional footstool. While intricate studding pays homage to the traditional, the Portobello comes in an assortment of ten lush Warwick velvet fabrics, softening the otherwise solid frame to a make for a contemporary, versatile piece. Just like Portobello Road, this marriage of the classic and eclectic create a beautiful, character filled addition to any home.

The Portobellos are made to complement the Chesterfield perfectly, as well as beautiful standalone pieces that will integrate beautifully with your beloved space. The multipurpose footstool and ottoman come in ten colours: yellow gold, tangerine orange, peacock teal, amethyst purple, venetian red, heritage red, putty beige, ocean blue, cosmic anthracite and ebony black.

Our Notting Hill and Portobello collections are a celebration of the creative and the eclectic, made for those with a special place in their heart for contemporary classic pieces that will be loved for a lifetime. In celebration of the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival, we are currently offering all our customers Australia-wide free home delivery to metro areas. Enjoy this special offer, as well as $30 on us when making your first purchase.

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