5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Dining Room

Feeling tired of your dining room? So you’ve got your table, your lighting and your chairs – what else can you do? The answer: plenty. Here are five simple ways to refresh your dining area.
1. Liven your space with a colourful rug


A rug does wonders, adding more warmth and life that every dining space needs. Adding a rug into your dining space is timely for the winter season, and works especially well with neutral dining furniture.


Dining Room Colourful Rug


2. Try a different centrepiece concept


Centerpieces create and set the overall tone for your dining space. We are loving simple, understated centrepieces that bring in a friendly vibe to the space – essentially what dining should be about. A few of our favourites are fresh flowers, washed pebbles and these creative wine glass centerpieces.


Dining Room Centrepiece


3. Elevate your space with new dining chairs


Dining chairs are key in adding character to your dining space. If you’re in the market for modern and practical chairs, look no further than our popular Espen range, now newly available in Aqua, Natural Linen, Grey and more. Our customers love the Espen for its versatility in complementing any dining table, with its natural texture and wide array of colours available.


Espen dining chair range


For those who are after a more classic European-inspired space, look no further than our newly launched Louis range, available in French Beige, Taupe Velvet, Grey Linen, Night Black and Royal Violet Velvet. The Louis is thoughtfully designed with subtle design accents and wire-brushed legs — adding a fresh modern elegance that will impress your dining guests.


Louis chair range


4. Add some wall art


Wall art is a wonderful and simple way to give your dining space some love. You may like to go for an oversized painting, a simple abstract painting or a collage of frames.


Dining room wall art


5. Change things up with a low console


We love the concept of a low console table in the dining area. Not only does it look great, it adds a whole new dimension to the space and makes your dining area look and feel more homely and inviting.


Dining Room Low Console


Image via Wisteria


Voila! – five quick and effective ways to breathe life back into your dining room. They say the heart of a home is the kitchen, but the dining table is always where memories are made and we hope these minor changes give you many more beautiful memories over a home-cooked meal.


Brosa’s Table Setting Guide

Brosa's Table Setting Guide

Image via Lauren Conrad
Hosting a dinner party is fun, but can require a lot of work. In between planning your recipes, gathering your ingredients and doing the cooking itself, table setting is an important element that often gets overlooked. First impressions matter, and your table setting does just that – it is what your guests first cast their eyes upon as they sit at the table. Wouldn’t you like it to be a good first impression?
Follow our quick guide below for a fool-proof dinner setting:
1. The bread and butter plate is placed on the guest’s left, above the forks.

2. The napkin is folded neatly on the service plate or underneath your forks.

3. The salad fork is on the left of your dinner fork.

4. The dinner fork  is on the right.

5. The dessert fork and spoon are placed horizontally above your guest’s dinner plate.

6. The dinner plate is placed underneath your salad plate.

7. The salad plate sits at the centre of your place setting, above your dinner plate.

8. The water glass is placed above each guest’s dinner knife.

9. The wine glass goes on the far upper right of the place setting. If you intend to serve both red and white, set the glasses in the order they will be used, from left to right.

10. You can choose to bring out the coffee cup following dinner, or place it directly above the silverware.

11. The steak/dinner knife is closest to the guest’s plate on the right side.

12. The teaspoon is directly left of the knife.

13. The soupspoon is on the far right.
A properly set table can truly enhance the experience of a delicious meal. So while it may seem basic, it’s an important skill to master. We hope this guide impresses your next dinner guests.


Brosa’s Stress-Free Party Plan

Brosa's Stress Free Party Plan

Images via Mydomaine, A Daily Something, Recipe Tin Eats

At Brosa, we love our dinner parties.
There’s something incredibly special about inviting your friends over for a gathering of good food, drinks and conversation. Today we’d like to share some of our favourite tips on how to host the perfect stress-free dinner party:

1. Set your table early
A beautifully and thoughtfully set table can really set the tone for a delicious meal. Whether it be floral or candlelight centrepieces that you are after, we recommend keeping them at a fairly low height so that your guests can talk over them. We also recommend setting your table the day before; it’s a great motivation booster to see a fully set table before you begin your cooking.

2. Put your records on
Music is a great way to really set the mood for your dinner party. Create your own playlist, or let Spotify, Pandora or 8tracks do the job for you. 

3. Hors d’oeuvres
Having hors d’oeuvres set out when guests arrive will give you that extra time you need to finish up all your cooking for the night. Set them out at various places around your home, so that your guests are spread out and not crowding in one area.

4. Be prepared and go with what you know
Before planning your meal, make sure to ask your guests whether they have any food allergies or dietary requirements. Also, make dishes that you’ve cooked before. Simple is sometimes the best, and you can rest assured that your guests will appreciate a warm, home-cooked meal cooked by you.