Desk Buying Guide: Choosing a Desk For Your Home Office

Desk Buying Guide: Choosing a Desk for Your Home Office 

So, you want to work from the comfort of your home – an exciting step! Whether you’re doing your day-to-day job while ensconced in blankets or want to pursue other passions without leaving your living room, there’s one important feature your new home office needs. Not just a place to throw all the excess clutter we accumulate in daily life, a desk will be where you spend the majority of your working hours. 

Keep on reading to discover all the elements you’ll need to consider when purchasing a new desk, including how to tie it into your space, the types of office desks available and how to find the right style for your workflow. 

Brosa Caledonia Rattan Desk in Modern Contemporary Styled Home Office

Why is choosing a desk so important? 

A place to park your laptop, notebook and a possibly overwhelming amount of knick-knacks, your desk is super important to get right. After all, not only is it another piece of furniture to tie into your design aesthetic, but the perfect desk is conducive to better productivity, physical health and your overall mental wellbeing. (Yes, desks are that powerful.) Being creative, logical or whatever trait is expected of you when working is easier when your space is organised, functional and comfortable. 

It’s crucial that when you select a desk, you put yourself first. Like with all furniture pieces, there are a ton of different specs to consider that may benefit one lifestyle or work style over another. Keeping your preferences in mind when shopping for your desk ensures that you’re bringing something home that fits the bill in all areas – you might be sitting in it for 8+ hours a day, so be specific and particular! 

Before we jump into the nitty gritty, reflect on how you want to use your desk. If you’re working from home and need two screens, maybe something larger is up your alley. Studying for school or university? You might want less space, just enough to accommodate a laptop and notebook, but prefer more drawer storage to house oodles of stationery. Maybe you’re planning on doing graphic design work, or spending time flicking between an iPad and laptop. Whatever you plan on using your desk for, make sure those little details that make the difference between a good work day and a great one are always in the back of your mind. Brosa Lewes Office Desk in Contemporary Style Home Office

Lewes Office Desk

Consider the size & layout of the desk 

When it comes to choosing the style and layout of your brand new desk, there are a few things to consider in the moment – but most of all, it’s important to think about future you. What kind of desk is going to suit your lifestyle in one, five or even ten years? Think about how you can future proof with this desk purchase so that you’re always working to the best of your abilities, no matter what kind of work you’re doing, how much time you spend working or where the desk is located within your home. 

Ask yourself a few questions to help suss out the right size and layout. Can this accommodate all the equipment I use or will need to use regularly? Is it big enough for me to sit and work comfortably? Do I need drawer storage to sweep away desk clutter or hold items I’ll use when working? All of these things are really important to consider before biting the bullet and buying your new desk! 

Once you know what your needs are, reflect on your space and the way you plan on fitting the desk into your existing interior layout. There’s no point in purchasing a huge desk if you’ve only got a tiny corner of a room, so perhaps something with a few drawers or even a standing desk that you can move around as necessary might be a good fit. Be sure to measure the nook you’ve decided on as accurately as you can, especially if you’re shopping online. 

We’ll touch more on types of desks soon, but ensure you keep your new list of must-haves (and mustn’t-haves) to hand when making that all-important decision. 

Brosa Greta Desk in Contemporary Style Home Office

Greta Desk 

Types of office desks 

If you’re not sure what’s actually out there in the world of desks (it’s more exciting than it sounds, we promise), here’s a quick round-up of some of the most popular types of desk that you may want to consider for your home. 

  • Writing desks: For those who believe in the power of the pen, a writing desk might be exactly write . . . oops, we mean right. Writing desks are typically thinner, with just enough room for your notebook and a few trinkets, and don’t have a whole lot of storage. They’re simple, slot easily into any space no matter the size, and always look stylish and sleek. 
  • Computer desks: A computer desk, unlike a writing desk, is designed for a whole lotta bulky equipment. Although computers are slimmer than ever, this is the kind of desk you’ll want if you have multiple monitors, hard drives and other tech bits. They feature a wider, larger surface and often include some drawer storage to tuck away unsightly items. 
  • Desks with storage: If you’re an artist, tech hoarder, or simply have a lot of stuff (we can relate) then a desk with storage is a must! You’ve got the option of a traditional desk with a few built in drawers, which may just mean the frame is a little heavier or thicker. You could also opt for a credenza desk, which features built in cupboards either side of the desk to create a fully functional, stunning furniture piece. This is a great option if your desk will go in the living room or dining room and you want to store things like crockery, cutlery, glassware and other bits and bobs. 
  • Corner desks: Make the most of a small or awkward space with a corner desk! Like the name implies, a corner desk fits nicely into the corner of a room and thus, is L-shaped. This style of desk is great for those with computers – place your monitor in the middle and then other must-haves can sit either side. A corner desk might just make the perfect gaming desk or go-to spot for your home office. 
  • Standing desks: One typical feature of the modern workplace is the standing desk. This incredible invention has your physical health in mind, requiring you to stand while you go about your daily tasks. They’re tailored to an ideal standing height, and most are both portable and convertible, making them great for those short on space or who want their office to be adaptable. 
  • Executive desks: Ever watched Mad Men? Well, if you’re well versed in the world of Don Draper (or any show about high-powered businesspeople, really) chances are you’ve seen an executive desk before. Large, bulky and often flush to the ground without legs, executive desks are designed with unbeatable storage in mind, and usually feature a flat, wide top perfect for the busy worker bee. 

Brosa Lewes Desk in mid century modern style home office

Lewes Office Desk 

Choose a desk that compliments your interior 

With the type of desk you want down pat, it’s finally time to decide on the style, colour and finish! The last step in your selection process ensures your new piece of furniture suits your existing aesthetic, whether you’re a traditionalist, eccentric, modernist or something else entirely. 

The good news is there’s so many different desk styles available, so selecting something that complements existing furniture is much easier than it may seem. Traditionalists with lots of neutral tones, 18th and 19th-inspired furniture and ornate decor may want to opt for something with drawers and a heavier frame, perhaps that sits flat to the ground rather than on legs. 

If your living space is Scandinavian-inspired, you might opt for clean lines and a simple yet efficient style. Love a Hamptons home? Something a little more intricate with drawers and slight embellishments will give off a luxe coastal vibe. Whatever you decide, pairing your desk to other furniture pieces is achievable by focusing on the core elements of the room in question and translating them however you see fit. 

Brosa Frank Study Desk Styled into a Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Frank Small Study Desk Styled into Living Room with complete Frank Collection

Timeless desk looks and colours 

Another way to tie your new desk into an already-established space is through your colour and finishing selections. A wooden desk might seem like an obvious choice, but for many, it’s also the right one! There are so many colours and finishes of wood out there, so finding one that’s right for you has never been easier. 

  • Light wood: Light wood desks look gorgeous in beachy or tropical-inspired homes, and also fit with a minimalist, Scandi style. Although we can’t comment on your work-life balance, a light wood desk is sure to give the illusion of typing away from a tropical location rather than a dull home office. The Potter Desk might just be your perfect fit.Brosa Potter Desk in Contemporary Style Home Office Nook in Living Room
  • Medium wood: Medium-toned wooden desks are great additions to mid-century modern or traditional style homes. Keep everything even, approachable and above all, stylish with a walnut or chestnut shade. Our favourite is the Frank Large Study Desk with DrawersBrosa Frank Large Study Desk in a Mid Century Modern Style Home Office with Storage
  • Dark wood: Make your office a moody, atmospheric place to be with a dark wood desk. This colour gives off powerful, academic vibes that’ll make you want to conquer the world, perfect if you need a little encouragement to sit down and work or study every day. We are currently loving our Leonie Desk which combines dark coloured wood with metal legs – the perfect Industrial touch for a home office that is itching for an added cool factor. Brosa Leonie Desk Styled in a Modern Contemporary Home Office with an Industrial Style edge
  • Rattan: Can’t work from the coast? Bring the coast to you with a rattan desk! This style of furniture involves woven strands of rattan, giving off a coastal, relaxed feel. The Caledonia Rattan Desk will amp up the chic in your home whilst providing much-needed storage space. Brosa Caledonia Rattan Desk in Modern Coastal Home Office
  • Natural wood: Give your home a rustic touch with a natural wood desk. Without any stains or paint, natural wood desks appear relaxed and earthy, and definitely fit right into some of the year’s trendiest interior styles. Our beloved Caledonia Desk is the best match within this category – made out of sustainable Mango Wood and natural rattan. 
  • White wood: Bring all the luxury of the Hamptons to your place with a white or painted wood desk in a traditional style. Easily paired with existing furniture in similar shades of white, a desk like the Monterey Hamptons Style Desk with Drawers is both functional and pretty! Brosa Monterey Hamptons Style Desk with Drawers in Hamptons Style Home Office
  • Black wood: Finally, bring a little classic modernity to your home with a black painted wood. The gold accents of the Greta Desk make it an ideal choice to complement a sleek, achromatic style. This beautiful desk also comes in white if you prefer a lighter modern feel. Brosa Greta Desk with Storage in Modern Contemporary Style Home Office

If you’re not big on wood, there are so many other materials out there. From glass tops to metal frames, there’s something to suit every style, budget and set of requirements. Be sure to tie your colour choice into the rest of the room for a seamless look. Need some more inspiration? Check out our desk designs and start pining over your new home office design… 

Browse our range of modern study & office desks online 

Although purchasing office desks online might seem daunting, we hope that this guide has set you on the right path – one that leads to a gorgeous new home office with a desk that’s both functional and ties into your interior design aesthetic with ease. Working has never felt so good (well, within reason – we’re only human) than it does with a new desk designed to suit your own unique needs. 

Browse Brosa’s range of desks, office furniture and home office accessories now. Want to see your new piece of furniture in action before you commit? We have showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney, plus virtual services like tours and consultations readily available. 

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