Why A “Mattress In A Box” Over Another Mattress?

Greywing – Mattress In A Box in Australia

The famed mattress in a box is something new to Australians and it’s changing the way we sleep. Oh, and no, it’s not an airbed, or a waterbed. The typical experience you get in a showroom with the pushy salesman and an overwhelming number of mattresses is on its way out. In this article you’ll learn the 6 reasons that a mattress in a box is the bed you’ve been searching for your entire life. Let’s let the cat out of the bag…or the mattress out of the box.

Boxes are way easier to manoeuvre than mattresses, trust us.

Your mattress in a box has been delivered to your door, now what happens? Unless you plan on setting up camp in the doorway, it’s going to have to be moved, and this is where you will be grateful for the compact packaging.

Have you ever tried to carry a standard spring mattress up a narrow spiral staircase? They are so bendy, heavy and hard to get a grip of (…enter memory foam and latex mattress). Lucky for you, the Greywing box is about as big as a golf bag and is much more manageable, so you can get the mattress straight into your bedroom with as little effort as possible. Thank us later.


Ordering online is so easy you can buy it without having to change out of your PJs.

Gone are the days of weekends spent stalking busy car parks to enter crowded furniture shops to contend with slick salesman. To receive this bed in a box all you need to do is coil up on the couch at home with your laptop and a cup of tea/glass of wine/bottle of wine and enter your details. Choosing the mattress is easy − just select your size.

Greywing has taken the uncertainty away by creating one perfect mattress that’s not-too-soft and not-too-firm. It’s one product to suit all kinds of sleepers. There’s no need to put off the time-consuming task of showroom furniture shopping when you can order from wherever you are in minutes and then get your mattress delivered to your door, anywhere in Australia, for free.

Unwrapping the mattress is really, truly fun.

Unbox, unleash and watch your mattress take shape. The process only takes a couple of minutes and it’s simple, but the experience is entertaining, novel and you will wish you could do it over and over again.

Even if you’re not ready to unbox the mattress yet – if you’re moving house or anticipating the arrival of your dream [red race car] bed base – you can store it for up to a month while you get yourself, or kids, organised.

Your pets/children/partner will love you.

While you’re distracted by the spectacle that is your once mattress in a box now taking shape, it is likely that your cat would be making itself right at home in the box it came in. And the fun isn’t exclusive to your pets – a new mattress and a large box presents plenty of opportunities for fun with your favourite people.

Build a fort, turn your bed into a trampoline or relax and take some time out for a nap. Whatever you choose, we wish you plenty of fun with your Greywing mattress in a box, followed by the sweetest of dreams.

Really try your bed before making a commitment.

Any relationship whether it be a friend, partner or even a mattress, you need to know that it’s right for you. You may be used to walking into a shop, lying down on a bed for 10 minutes, then another and another, and then making a purchase. When the mattress arrives two weeks later and you realise you wanted a different firmness, you’re out of luck.

With the Greywing mattress in a box you get a 100 night in home trial. Take 100 nights to decide if the Greywing is the right sleep partner for you and you can’t go wrong. If you don’t love it, Greywing takes it back free of charge and refunds your money. What more could you ask for?

The delivery of your Greywing will feel better than Christmas.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pizza delivery or your new mattress; everyone loves it when their orders arrive. There’s a special feeling reserved to the anticipation you feel when you know you have a parcel coming, especially those cheeky gifts you purchase for yourself. Your mattress will arrive compactly and conveniently in a box, ready to be unleashed on your bedroom.

But don’t worry – this isn’t the airbed or waterbed of your worst nightmares – it is a proper mattress. Once you’ve got it out of the box and it has taken shape, you probably won’t be getting it back in there without superhuman strength and world class origami skills.

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