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Brass Accents, Artisan Pieces & Geometric Designs
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At Brosa we like to think that the home is always a work in progress. It’s a place to reflect your developing style and sense of individuality, and in an era where we have access to influences from all around the world, there is more inspiration than ever before.

If you’re looking for a project, or just feel like it’s time for something fresh, your home is a great place to release your creativity and make a space that is entirely your own. Whether you are looking for a big change, or want to add a twist to your current style, there are so many ways to bring new trends into your home.

Seasonal change is the perfect time to explore the trends that have been making a splash and find something that interests you. With so many stunning interior trends emerging both here and internationally, we have curated our favourite three trends and some beautiful designer pieces to energise your space this Autumn.

Brass Accents

For an infusion of warmth into your home, the subtle glamour of brass accents are a popular and versatile choice. Imparting a sense of affluence with golden tones and a metallic finish, brass will appear expensive without being ostentatious.

Often seen themed across homewares and decor, lights, fittings and furniture, brass is best used when sprinkled evenly throughout a room’s furnishings. Whether in a picture frame, lamp, or inlaid in furniture as seen with the Odette Footstool, brass accents are most effective when used sparingly and coupled with complementary products.

Matching beautifully with any colour palette and interior style, brass can be tailored for homes with a vast array of stylings. Traditional homes often feature brass moulded into classically ornate designs, whilst the contemporary use of brass is recognisable by clean lines and a smoother finish.

As seen here in the Watkins collection, brass is becoming a key element for a sleek industrial look. The use of brass legs here complement the heavy wooden table top, giving the chunky piece a refined edge. Moving away from cooler materials, the rustic edge of industrial chic is given a softer feel when utilising warm brass.

Reflecting a pleasant glow, brass increases the spacious feel of rooms with white surfaces and clean lines. Alternately it is a stunning addition to homes with dark wood and moody colour palettes due to it’s unique popping effect under direct light and will provide a richness to the atmosphere.

With finishes varying from brighter yellows to aged copper, brass collections have a variety of looks that will have a different effect in each environment. A material that gets better with wear, it is perfect for high traffic everyday pieces and will continue to look as stunning as the day it’s purchased.

Despite the recent saturation of coppery metals, brass remains a staple material for interior designers. Avoid appearing garish by mixing brass accents with cooler metals (like chrome or silver), or just keep it simple for understated class.


Artisan Design

potter entertainment unit artisan

In the era of mass production, artisan, or the craft of making something by hand, is a concept that holds a degree of fascination and authenticity. With every piece being unique in nature, artisan wares have the attractive characteristics of being high quality with an element of individuality.

Having a close relationship with our makers, we believe that there is something truly special about owning a piece that has real care and passion in its crafting. Hand woven in India, our range of rugs are an example of the level detail and visible quality that has bought artisan products back into the public eye.

Often associated with their historical origins, artisan collections have commonly been inspired by traditional cultures, for example woven baskets and wooden cutlery. However this artistry has been adapted to contemporary and modern trends with focus now being given to the level of craftsmanship and materials.

Despite being impeccably finished, artisan pieces have a distinctly organic undertone that can be accentuated or understated with styling. To bring out the earthy feel choose accessories with raw materials and pair with a natural colour palette.

Often distinguished by the intricacies in design, artisan products have a marked beauty that will be appreciated by the owner and visitors alike. Built on tradition and imbued with character, it is a must have for those who hope to give their home a distinctly personal narrative. Here are some collections which can bring a rustic feel to your home.

Geometric Pieces

pentagon coffee table top geometrics

With a nod to the funky flair of the 70s, geometric patterns is a trend that just keeps on giving. Regularly adapted within current trends and genres including art and fashion, stripes and zig-zags have never been entirely abandoned, yet it is not until now that we have seen their full resurgence in the interior space.

With the muted elegance of contemporary design, geometric patterns can be introduced in numerous ways. Whether a vibrant wall paper, or simply reflected through the lines of your furniture, geometrics are a trend that has been developed to be as audacious or understated as you choose.

rupert side table in living room with geometric style rug

For those who are looking to make a statement geometrics are a stunning when in colour, easily represented room to room through accessories like throw rugs and wall art. Simple black and white, or embossed patterns are an effective middle ground as they are easier to tailor, whilst still being striking.

As with brass, a small amount can still have a large effect, so choose a small selection of accent pieces to avoid overwhelming the space. However if you are confident be bold as you like!

One of our favourite ways to use geometrics is through the structure of furniture. Whether it is a simple hint of geometrics as seen in the basic crosses of the Augustine collection, or the intricate patterns of the Pentagon Coffee Table above, this refined technique creates the impression of space and adds a playful embellishment to the room.

Breaking up the sea of neutrality that often occurs when styling the home for general appeal, geometrics are a beautiful way to have fun with your decor. A creative point of interest, geometrics are a simple and effective way to instil personality and panache into your home.

Feeling inspired? Check out our Autumn collection which is full of brass, artisan and products!