Interior Design Tips – May

Designer Tips – May Edition

Wondering what sofa will endure your puppies paws and kids tantrums? Stuck on how to update your bedroom for winter? Simply needing some inspiration? Look no further, our designer tips are prepared by our superstar in Studio Stylists whom are armed with answers to the most commonly asked questions. This month Bree is lending her inspiring mind – with over 4 years of property styling and event design experience, Bree has a world of advice to offer.

Best kid & pet-friendly dining settings

All of BROSA’s dining tables can be adapted to life with children and your furry friends, however when it comes to your choice of chairs, opt for anything that can be wiped down easily. My top picks are the Drew Dining Chair or London Set of 2 Dining Chairs. If you love upholstered chairs, I’d recommend our Grace Dining Chairs with the matching slip covers – these can be washed or dry cleaned to remove stains and scuffs from your day-to-day life. Spot a spill? No need to stress!

Brosa Drew Dining Chair in Scandinavian Style Dining RoomDrew Dining Chair | Shop Dining Room Furniture Online at Brosa

Best kid & pet-friendly storage piece

Any of our gaslift beds make incredible storage options for people with kids and animals at home. The weight of the mattress on the bed will make the storage too heavy for children to access, eliminating any safety concerns (and keeping them away from whatever you’re storing, if that’s your game!). Most of our gaslift beds are upholstered, so they feature rounded corners and soft edges that are also kid and pet-friendly. 

Gaslift beds look like any other bed from the front, but they’ve got a lifting mechanism that unveils lots of storage underneath. I suggest storing big items like suitcases, bags, extra linen and heavy clothing items underneath to keep your room clutter-free and organised! They also have a removable bottom, which means you can get underneath and clean your floors . . . not that you wanted an excuse to vacuum. 

Brosa Isabella King Size gaslift bed frame in modern coastal style bedroom

Isabella King Gaslift Bed Frame | Shop Bedroom Furniture Online at Brosa

Winter Textures

Velvet is your best friend come winter – it’s the ultimate cold weather fabric. If you’re not brave enough to opt for something bold like a velvet sofa, you can always introduce velvet into your space through accents like cushions. To make your space super cosy in the colder months, I always recommend a textural rug. Something soft and woolen under your feet can make all of the difference on a cold winter’s day! 

Brosa Anais Collection with Henley Coffee Table in Modern Contemporary Style Living Room

Anais Seating Collection | Shop Living Room Furniture Online at Brosa

Tips for styling a bed in winter 

Most of us want to spend all our time cosied up in bed when it starts to get colder! To make your bed a comfy, warm haven, invest in a thick, textured throw. This can be draped over your bed to add another dimension and as a source of warmth when you need it. I also love folding a velvet bedspread over the bed to create an additional layer of interest – not only does this look gorgeous but it provides additional comfort and will keep you warm on even the chilliest of nights. 

Brosa Rochefort Bedroom Storage Collection in French Provincial Style Bedroom

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How to: style a coffee table 

Let’s talk coffee table styling! When it comes to your coffee table, a surface in your home that’s likely used quite regularly, it’s important to think ‘less is more’. Your coffee table doesn’t need to be cluttered with unused items, but rather, can look gorgeous styled with just a few well-placed items. Invest in a beautiful, big coffee table book on a subject that you’re interested in – bonus points if it has aesthetically pleasing internal pages so you can display it two ways! To add to your coffee table, grab a vase, take a trip to the garden and fill it with some fresh greenery. Add a candle (salted caramel is my favourite for winter!) and you’ve got the perfect coffee table. 

Brosa Marlon Sideboard in Modern Contemporary Style living Room

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Things to consider when choosing wall art 

The first step to choosing the right wall art is to consider the existing colour scheme and style of your house. Try to coordinate other elements of your space, such as couch cushions, with the wall art you select. It’s also important to assess framing – to create a cohesive look, match the finish of your frame with the furniture you’ve already got set up. For instance, if you’re working with predominantly light wood, reflect this with a frame in a similar shade and material. 

Hot tip – if you’re working with a modern space, there are so many abstract art prints that you can make work to your advantage, establishing a really unique, eye-catching vibe overall. As long as you work within your colour scheme, you can’t go wrong! 

Stockholm Sofa Bed in Scandinavian Style Living Room

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What to think about when styling a sideboard 

With a gorgeous sideboard chosen and placed in your living room, only one question remains – how in the world do you style it!? As such a focal point of a space, it’s important to make the right choices here to keep the room looking open, spacious and chic. One element not to forego when styling a sideboard is something hanging or placed above it, like a mirror or art piece. I recommend opting for beautiful art in a living room and a mirror if your sideboard is an entryway feature. 

To dress the surface of your sideboard, much like the coffee table, you’ll want to go with a larger decor item like a hardcover book to maintain scale. Surround this with a few carefully chosen smaller items like vases, candles and trinkets. Something to keep in mind when styling any surface is that odd numbers (threes, fives) often look best. 

Brosa Mia Sideboard in Scandinavian Style Living Room or Hallway

Mia Sideboard | Shop Sideboards Online at Brosa

Bree’s Favourite Tips for May

Go for green

Add a fresh feeling to absolutely any space with long-lasting greenery. Whether that’s plants, dried flowers or freshly-cut stems from the garden, these will brighten and liven up a room and provide a natural element. Did you know that plants have been proven to relieve stress and boost productivity? It’s a total win-win. Plus, they improve the quality of the air in your space, which for winter is a must – it’s much likelier you’ll spend a lot more time indoors during these cold months. 

Rug up your space

Rugs are a soft, cosy and stylish way to add some intrigue to your space. If you’re placing a rug in a living room, ensure it’s wider than your couch – for a 3-seater sofa, a standard rug size that works perfectly is 3 metres by 2.4 metres. Always make sure your couch and armchairs’ front legs are placed just on the rug to create a connection between all of the pieces in your room. This winter, I’m opting for neutral-toned rugs with a textured feel that’ll keep your feet warm as it cools down! 

Consistency is key

Although your home is a chance to showcase your unique style, that doesn’t mean you can style it willy-nilly. It’s important to coordinate and focus on consistency, especially amongst your wood textures and your fabric choices. Be mindful of warm versus cool tones, and try not to mix them too much – establish colour trends in your home early, and stick to them as best you can. 

When it comes to finishes, keep these coordinated, too! Are you opting for matte black, brass or stainless steel? Let these choices drive the smaller selections that you make when furnishing and decorating a room. If you’ve got the endgame planned out ahead of time, it’s much easier to create cohesion in your home. I would always advise you to make a Pinterest board, save images that inspire you regularly and develop a good sense of your style before you even begin purchasing furniture or selecting finishings.