How To Style Your Bedside Tables

How to Style Your Bedside Tables

Your bedside table is a home for all the essentials in your life. From the moment you wake up, you’re probably reaching for something on there, whether that be a lamp to illuminate your room, your phone to check the news for the day or a glass of water to stay hydrated. It’s an important piece of furniture in any bedroom, and one that deserves a little love when it comes to styling.

We’ve put together 15 tips to help you make the most of your bedside table, focusing on both functionality and aesthetics – after all, it’s a piece that must strike a balance between practical and pretty. You don’t have to take all our tips to heart, mix and match the ones that suit you best. It’s all up to you! Keep on reading to discover Brosa’s must-have advice for bedside table styling.

Brosa Hertz Collection in Modern Contemporary Styled Bedroom

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1. A minimalist approach

When it comes to your bedside table, from a functionality point of view, less is definitely more! Think about the non-negotiable items you absolutely need next to you when you wake up, and then integrate these with one or two decor items for a gorgeous and functional look.

Brosa Caledonia Rattan Queen Size Bed Frame in Modern Contemporary Style Bedroom

Caledonia Bedside Table

2. Make a statement

Create a style statement within the four walls of your bedroom by opting for a bedside table that stands out! If you’re all about the modern aesthetic, the Hertz Bedside Table with its dark mango wood and matte gold accents could be the thing to tie your room together. Prefer a mid-century feel? The Meggs Bedside Table is a must-have with an heirloom feel at a fraction of the price.

Brosa Meggs Collection styled in a classic bedroom

Meggs Storage Collection

3. Light it up

One thing most people need on their bedside tables is a light source. Add a lamp to help illuminate your space and provide a little flair at the same time. The marble-based Kio Table Lamp is definitely on-trend right now, as is the Virgo Table Lamp with its copper shade and mesh base. Or, give your space an industrial edge with something a little more structured and minimal, such as the Mensa Table Lamp, featuring an exposed bulb and marble platform base.

Brosa Mensa Table Lamp in Contemporary Industrial Style Living Room

Mensa Table Lamp 

4. Colour code

Colour is an important element in any room or styling project. Even though your bedside table should be practical and functional, it also needs to tie in seamlessly with the rest of your room and the already-established palette you’re working with! When it comes to the table itself, play with similar shades to the main furniture pieces in the room, like the bed and dresser. Try to keep accent colours similar as well – for instance, if you have gold hardware throughout the bedroom, ensure this carries over into your bedside table selection and styling.

Brosa Hertz Collection in Modern Art Deco Style BedroomHertz Bedroom Storage Collection

5. (Book) stack ‘em up

Even if you’re not much of a reader, there’s no denying books look stunning stacked up on a small surface like your bedside table. Grab a few favourites that stylistically look good together and stack them up, spine out, in one corner of the table. You can pop a candle, vase or trinket on top to make the most of the space.

Brosa Ethan Bedroom Furniture Collection in Mid Century Modern Inspired Bedroom

Ethan Bedroom Furniture Collection

6. Smell the roses

Beautiful blooms are also a gorgeous addition to any bedside table. Style up your favourite variety in a vase or pot that ties in with the room’s existing colour scheme. If you’re pressed for space, rest your flowers in their holder on top of your book stack.

Brosa Arch Bed Head in New Art Deco Styled Bedroom

Arch King Gaslift Bed Frame with Tallinn Bedside Tables

7. Add some art

Inject some flair or sentimentality into your bedside styling with framed art or photographs. Whether you want to see your favourite people when you wake up or look at something beautiful and inspiring, a framed image will be the perfect addition. Be sure to coordinate your frame with the existing aesthetic of the room, and opt for something small as not to take up lots of space.

Brosa Monterey Bedroom Furniture Collection in Hamptons Style Bedroom

Monterey Bedroom Furniture Collection in Hamptons Styled Bedroom

8. Diffuse the tension

What’s better than a luxurious, relaxing scent in your bedroom? A diffuser is a simple yet effective way to tailor your space to include the things you love. The best thing is, reed diffusers and essential oil diffusers are compact and take up very little space in an already-tight area like the bedside table.

9. Relax with candles

Candles not only add another element to your space visually, but they also create a calming, cosy vibe that is uniquely suited to a bedroom. A candle-holder with trending tapers can provide some much-needed height to a bedside table. If you prefer a traditional candle in a holder, find something unique that complements the feel of your room.

Brosa Artemis Bedside table in Modern Contemporary styled bedroom

Artemis Bedside Table

10. Mix and mismatch

Sometimes things don’t match – and that’s okay! If you’ve got two different bedside tables framing your bed, perhaps it’s time to lean in and celebrate their uniqueness. Alternatively, if you’re just now purchasing bedside tables, maybe two different styles is the way to go. As long as they tie together stylistically (for instance, both country style bedside tables, or both industrial) then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with mixing it up. Ensure they both uphold the same aesthetic in your styling efforts by using complementary colours and textures.

11. Layer it on

Layers, layers and more layers! When you’re working with a small space like a bedside table, with dimensions likely less than 0.5m x 0.5m, height is your best friend. Perch certain objects on top of others to create interesting layers and really make the most of the space you’ve been afforded. For instance, placing a candle or flowers on top of a book stack like we’ve suggested, or using bulkier items to cradle smaller ones.

12. Size matters!

If you’re working with a slightly larger bedside table, you’ll want to balance it out with bigger items. Coffee table books look beautiful, as do statement lamps or even small pots to house your favourite plant. Play with size and space as much as you’d like, but remember not to overwhelm or underwhelm the piece of furniture you’re working with.

Brosa Meggs Chest of Drawers in Classic Traditional Style Bedroom with Contemporary Twist

Meggs Storage Collection

13. Keep it practical

At the end of the day, functionality and practicality are important elements to consider for your bedside table. There’s nothing worse than settling down into bed, only to be distracted or put off by a cluttered space. Keep things minimal and only feature the key items you want to use every day. Lots of little bits and pieces? Opt for a catch-all dish or pot that loose ends can be collected into – not only will it look chic, but it’ll keep you organised.

Brosa Caledonia Bedroom Furniture Collection in Coastal Style Bedroom

Caledonia Bedroom Furniture with Kare End Table

14. Keep it personal

This is your space, so it’s crucial that there are personal elements that really showcase who you are. Remember loved ones with framed photos and sentimental trinkets, or express your personality with favourite colours, textures and cherished items.

15. And remember, balance

Finally, it’s important to keep everything perfectly balanced (we promise it’s easier than balancing your life, which is most definitely an unachievable myth). If one side of your bedside tables is playing with height, perhaps keep things lower on the other side. Same goes for colour – if you’ve got a few small multicoloured items, it might be worth surrounding them with neutrals so they really pop and don’t feel overwhelming. If it’s feeling overwhelming, take a step back and remove a piece or two.

Brosa Rochefort Bedroom Storage Collection in French Provincial Style Bedroom

Rochefort Bedroom Furniture Collection in French Provincial Bedroom 

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