How to Pick the Best Sofa for Your Home

A sofa is much more than where you sit down after a long day at work. It’s a space for cuddling with your loved one, watching your favourite movies or shows, and even offering respite and comfort to guests.

Buying the right sofa is more than just securing a piece that’s on sale. You will probably have that sofa or couch for many years to come. It should be comfortable, complement the space, and offer the design and practical elements you need in the room.

While browsing a range of sofas can help inspire you, there are several things you need to consider before making the leap and purchasing one.

designer sofa in living room

What Kind of Sofa Do You Need in This Room?

There are so many considerations when you need a new sofa. A sleeper sofa is an ideal solution for those without a guest room or those with children whose friends sometimes sleep at their homes. Far from the unattractive and uncomfortable futon, modern sofa beds feature sleek designs and offer soothing comfort.

If you don’t need an extra sleeping space, there are still many considerations when investing in a new sofa. You should carefully analyse the room, as well as the uses of the sofa, before committing to a purchase.

How Many People Will Need a Seat?

A two-person sofa, also sometimes called a loveseat, offers seating space for two adults comfortably. These can typically hold three or more children. For larger families or spaces frequented more by adults, however, a sofa designed to seat only two people may feel restrictive or cramped.

Sofas designed for three adults may be a better option for those who entertain frequently. In addition to being longer, these sofas can typically support more weight as well. That may make them a better choice for households with more people. For some families, matching lounge suites that offer multiple spaces to sit may be the best option.

3 person large sofa

What Does the Space Allow?

A sofa is a large piece of furniture, even if you go for a more compact two-seat option. Whether you’re replacing an older sofa or buying the first piece for a new home, you need to consider the size and feel of the room.

The design of the sofa, including the colours, shape, and stuffing should all reflect your intended use of the sofa and the room it will be in.
Is this sofa going into a sitting room or formal parlour? If the room is highly stylized but receives little traffic, it may make sense to invest in a show-stopping sofa with bold colours or a strong pattern.

You won’t have to worry about wear to the sofa, and it can provide real visual appeal in a room intended for entertaining guests.

A designer sofa in stylish living room

On the other hands, sofas that will see daily use and heavy wear require a different approach. You need to consider how well the fabric will hold up to routine use and potential staining.
The overall structure of the sofa also matters. Your selection will need to be sturdy enough to withstand regular abuse by household members.
Finally, the density and material of the stuffing will matter. You don’t want the whole thing going flat after only a few months of use. Denser foam and similar fillers are ideal for a daily-use sofa, while natural fillings may be a better option for sofas that only see occasional use.

Making Savvy Design Choices When Purchasing a Sofa

Given that they can cost bit, you want to pick a sofa that you’ll enjoy looking at and sitting on for many months to come.

Once you’ve decided how you’ll use your sofa – and how much – you can move on to ensuring that the new piece of furniture will fit with your overall design for the room and the home.

Overall Shape and Materials Matter

Homes outfitted in a Classical design will require different sofas than those with a more Modern or Art Deco feel. Thankfully, there are many options available to you when selecting a sofa beyond just function and size.

Sofas modelled after classic pieces may have carefully polished exposed wood on the back, arms, and legs. More modern pieces could have stark, clean lines and minimal design elements.

Would your space benefit from a rounded back or something more rectangular? Will overstuffed cushions encased in leather bring a comfortable feel to your room, or would you prefer something more slender and sleek?

Do you imagine armrests that rise straight up, perpendicular to the seat, or do you prefer the elegant outward slope of diagonal armrests?

a classic style sofa

Colour and Texture Have Profound Visual Impact

The colour of the upholstery, as well as the legs and any visible structural elements, will impact the visual appeal of your sofa.

White sofas cushions, for example, speak of minimalism and cleanliness, although they may feel less inviting to guests. Neutral earth tones, on the other hand, could encourage guests and loved ones to take a seat without worrying about staining or spilling on the sofa.

Many sofas come in a single colour, but you can also find some beautifully patterned upholstery. A single colour sofa is often the best option for one that endures regular use, while bright and bold patterns could make a beautiful sofa more of a focal point in a room.

a single coloured blue sofa

Aside from colour, you should also think about the texture of the upholstery on your sofa. Is it leather, suede, or synthetic? Is it plush or woven? Are the cushions and seats one long expanse of fabric, or are they broken up into geometric, tufted areas? The decorative buttons and patterns created by a tufted sofa could be the perfect way to break up the textural monotony of a space.

It’s important to remember that no single design element will please everyone. You should consider the visual impact you want from a sofa, but also prioritize your own design aesthetic when making your final selection.

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