How to Mix-and-Match Dining Chairs Like a Designer

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Mixed and matched dining chairs inject a great deal of personality and interest to any dining room, as well as giving your interiors an effortlessly-chic feel that will never go out of style. And what’s more, it’s a look that is all yours. Bespoke interiors are a shortcut to giving your home a stylish feel and mismatched dining chairs are an interior design technique that won’t break the bank!

Whether you are breathing new life into your old dining room table or redesigning a dining space, playing with shape, style, colour and fabrication are simple ways to inspire style into a dining room area. Mixing and matching your dining chairs may look simple, but it must be done with intention if you’re looking for a balanced aesthetic. We’re sorry to break it to you, but there is a method to the madness.

There are four approaches when it comes to dining room furniture, working with the same shape, matching the colour scheme, choosing alternative end chairs or pairing styles up. Of course, you can opt for an eclectic mix where no two chairs are the same. Frankly, there is no wrong way to incorporate this trend; it’s a personal style choice. And a fun one at that! 

Read on for some pro-design tips to make sure you are ready to master the mix and match dining chair trend.

Pick a shape, vary the colours

If you want to dive boldly into the colour spectrum, one approach can be to keep the style of chair consistent while varying the colour. Clashing colours and upholstery can be a fun way to inject life into a dining space and works really well with a classic chair design. Opt for light and understated tones or go bold and structural with bright colours for an eclectic style statement that will make your interiors sing. 

Think about the overall style of your dining space and let this help guide your design process. Black and white is a popular, safe colour scheme that plays into the monochromatic design trend with a striking pay-off. Lean into refined French elegance with the Louis Dining Chair in Classic Cream and Night Black to give a luxurious finish to your dining room. 

Alternatively, opt for a more adventurous styling arrangement. The pastel tones of the Frank Dining Chair in Blush Pink juxtaposed against the rich tones of Frank Dining Chairs in Vanetian Red inspire a design that is both bold and cohesive. 

Frank Dining Chairs

Same colour, mix and match styles

Keep your colour scheme consistent and go wild with shape, opting for a mix of structural chairs with interesting features. Being consistent with colour also keeps the mix of dining chairs feeling intentional. By working within the same color palette, you can introduce contrast and visual interest with mixed silhouettes and materials, giving your dining space a coveted eclectic-chic feel that oozes personality and warmth. 

The Scandinavian inspired Koko Dining Chair pairs effortlessly with the Nordic simplicity of the Drew Dining Chair in Natural and Bianca Rattan Dining Chair for mismatched bliss. Working with natural materials like rattan and cord, the variety of natural tones bring texture and feeling to your dining room. Let your Nordic sensibilities loose and match it with one of our Scandinavian style dining tables.

Koko Dining Chairs featured with Trapez Dining Table

Alternative just the end chairs

If you like the sound of mismatched dining chairs, but don’t know where to start, your two end chairs are a natural pair to swap out for something a little bit less expected. Opting for a cozy upholstered armchair to inject a little softness or a structural silhouette to add valor to your dining space, alternating the end chairs of your dining table are a great way to infuse understated elegance and style. 

Incorporate old romantic charm coupled with classic designer luxury by pairing a set of the Petite Fleur Dining Chair in Stone Grey with two Zoe Scoop Back Dining Chairs in Classic Cream for a rustic elegance that will stand out in your dining space. For a more modern setting, pair a suite of the contemporary spindle back London Dining Chairs with the intricate curves of the Drew Dining Chairs in Black

London Dining Chairs

It Takes Two

A sure fire way to mix-and-match dining chairs successfully, keep your dining room cohesive by mixing and matching in pairs. 

With this in mind, you can ease your way into the mismatched chair trend by placing a pair along one side of your dining table or by placing opposite chairs in each corner, which gives the benefit of an unexpected styling arrangement. The result is an effortlessly composed, symmetrical look that is pleasing to the eye while keeping it more interesting than a completely matching set. 

Style a set of the Ingrid Modern Danish Dining Chairs with a pair of the Aldgate Dining Chairs for a stunningly stylish addition to any dining room. Both simple enough to be a dining chair yet bold enough to accent the space for a unique style statement. 

Revamp tradition with the effortlessly-chic Espen Scoop Back Dining Chair in Classic Cream coupled with the Zoe Scoop Back Dining Chair in French Beige for laid back luxury. 

Ingrid Dining Chairs Styled with Pampero Concrete Dining Table

Time to Style Your Dining Room

Start curating your mix and match dining room chairs today and be inspired by Brosa’s stylish designs. With Australia wide shipping, free fabric swatches and virtual consults, you can have the same Brosa experience from home. Visit our website for more info.