How to: Make the most of small outdoor spaces

How to: Make the most of a small outdoor space

Even if you’re dealing with a tiny courtyard or a miniscule patch of grass, there’s so much that can be done with a small outdoor space. Your furniture selection doesn’t have to compromise on form or function, even when your square footage is limited – there are certain trends and styling choices that will help you maximise your little corner of the world. 

We’ve rounded up five things to consider when furnishing and decorating a small outdoor space. 

Patio sets 

Outdoor dining can be tricky in a small space, but patio sets will help you milk every inch you’ve got available. Compact and coordinated, these usually consist of at least two chairs and a table of sorts. They’re a great way to encourage al fresco dining in your home without taking up lots of room with bulky furniture. 

Brosa Solana Sun Lounger Patio Set on Outdoor Patio

Our pick: Solana Outdoor Easy Chair Patio Set

Outdoor Dining Booth Seat 

Booths are excellent space savers in restaurants, so why shouldn’t they be translated into your outdoor furniture plan? Bench seats create additional room in a minimalist way, and look sleek while doing it! Pair your bench seating with a complementary outdoor table for a tucked-away place to eat or socialise. If you’ve got a little more room to play with, add coordinating chairs to each end to create even more seating. 

Brosa Smeaton Outdoor Dining Table and Bench on Contemporary Courtyard

Our pick: Smeaton Outdoor Dining Table and Bench Set, Smeaton Outdoor Dining Table with Chair and Bench Set

Sun loungers 

Ahh, sun loungers – don’t they just make you want to soak up some rays in a far-off location? If you can’t leave the comfort of your own home, though, take in that Vitamin D in your outdoor nook by adding these much-loved patio furniture pieces to your setup. Your outdoor space will feel like a relaxing coastal retreat – plus, most sun loungers retract in some way, making them ideal space savers. 

Brosa Outdoor Furniture on inner city balcony

@stylestructure with her Brosa Outdoor Furniture  | Our pick: Solana Outdoor Easy Chair

Extendable dining tables

Don’t compromise on your dinner party goals – extendable dining tables are a thing, and they’re the perfect way to add some class to your patio or backyard. Simply keep the table stored in its smaller form, and then pull out the extendable section to add more room when a large group comes over. Add some outdoor dining chairs that match the style of your table to complete the look. Voila, a functional and chic set. 

Brosa Malibu Extendable Outdoor Dining Table in Outdoor space

Our pick: Malibu Outdoor Extendable Dining Table 150/225cm

Indoor-outdoor pieces

Finally, when all else fails (or before that, of course!), lean into the indoor-outdoor trend. These are furniture pieces that can be transitioned from say, your living room, to the outside when necessary. As long as you’re opting for durable materials to cope with the weather, and ensuring you maintain your pieces as best as possible, almost anything can make the journey from indoor to outdoor. In particular, side tables are simple pieces to move around as needed. 

Brosa Outdoor Furniture Setting On Rooftop Featuring Lisa Hyde

@Lisahyde_ With her Brosa Outdoor Furniture Setting | Shop Outdoor Furniture  | Our picks: Athena Indoor / Outdoor Side Table, Naomi Indoor / Outdoor Side Table, Rita Indoor / Outdoor Side Table

Have you picked up some tips and tricks for furnishing your small outdoor space? We hope you feel equipped and ready to make the most of it, no matter how miniscule it might be! Add some new pieces to your balcony, patio or courtyard with BROSA – we offer Australia-wide delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and beyond.