How to Make a Christmas Wreath


Christmas Wreath Inspiration

There is nothing as festive as a handmade Christmas wreath on your front door to welcome guests to your home. They’re as easy and joyful to make as they are gorgeous!
We asked our friend & Co-Owner of BloomBox – Philomena to show us how to make her famous Naked Ring Christmas Wreath as a little inspiration for your festive styling this Christmas.

What you’ll need

  • A wreath ring
  • Crafting wire
  • Twine
  • Sharp scissors
  • A selection of Australian native flowers and foliage.


  1. Prepare all your botanicals by cutting them into small useable pieces. It makes the process much more delightful if you’ve done the legwork first. Pro tip! If there are any soft young shoots on your foliage, simply pinch them off to avoid them wilting on your wreath.
  2. Create a foundation by securing foliage – we used eucalyptus – all the way around the wreath ring with craft or floral wire. For a modern twist, you can leave part of the ring exposed for a naked wreath look.
  3. It’s time to add the flair! Start by creating mini posies of your favourite native flowers, securing them at the base with wire. Make about 4 or 5 of these.
  4. Using craft wire, attach your mini bunches to your wreath ring – first choosing a focal point and laying them on the wreath until they look “just right” before wiring them on.
  5. It’s time to fill in the gaps!  Cut small sprays of flowers or foliage and tuck or wire them into your wreath to fill in any gaps or hide any exposed wiring. Within this wreath we have also added gum nuts for a chunkier feature – this is absolutely up to you and how native you would like your wreath to be. 
  6. Tada! Now all you need to do is choose a spot and hang your gorgeous wreath up with twine.
The BEST thing about this? If you’ve made it with fresh Aussie natives, it’ll dry perfectly and look amazing well after Christmas is over. It might be the one thing worth saving from 2020.

Feeling Inspired?

Bloombox Co are delivering Australian native wreath making kits, with everything you need to make your own, in Sydney and Melbourne. Head to to learn more.

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