How to Clean Your Sofa in a Jiffy

Seta 4 seater Sofa with Mia coffee table

Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or entertaining guests in your living room, your sofa is an integral part of your home, and a great investment given how much time you’ll probably spend lounging on it.

Before buying your sofa, consider the sofa fabric and how it will fare in your household. For example, that white fabric couch might seem like a stylish choice but it’ll be no match for a messy toddler who likes to get creative with their crayons.

Once you have your dream sofa, it’s important to ensure it stays looking fresh for as long as possible. Whether you have a comfy fabric couch, an elegant leather sofa or a stylish velvet lounge, you’ll want to protect and preserve it. Prevention is better than restoration!

Prevention can be anything from regularly fluffing and flipping the cushions so your sofa keeps its shape to using a protective spray. However, no matter what type of sofa you have or how much TLC you show it, you’ll have to clean it from time to time, and these tips and tricks will help you keep your couch in good nick.

How Often Should You Clean Your Sofa?

Camden Chesterfield 4 seater sofa

Cleaning your sofa depends on how often you use it and how you use it. It also depends of the type of sofa and the particular fabrication it is upholstered with. In any case your sofa should be cleaned regularly to keep it in pristine condition.

Spot-clean your sofa as needed; it’s best to remove stains as soon as they occur.

Conduct a regular vacuum of your sofa fortnightly, especially if you have pets or someone in your household suffers with allergies or asthma. Make sure to vacuum under the cushions and in crevices to avoid an a pile up of dirt and debris.

Supplement a regular spot-clean and vacuum with an annual steam clean. Steam cleaning will kill bacteria, remove stubborn stains and lift scuffs and marks.

Most sofas come with a care tag – check this to determine the best cleaning solution for your couch, especially before using any chemical cleaners. It is essential to spot test any cleaning solution in an inconspicuous spot to ensure it is the best cleaning solution for your particular sofa.

How to Clean Your Fabric Sofa

Preparing your fabric couch for a spot clean is easy.

Step #1

Thoroughly vacuum your sofa first. This will remove the main dirt and dust.

vacuum your sofa regularly

Step #2

Take a lint brush and brush your fabric sofa to remove any lint and pet hair.

lint brush is a great sofa cleaning tool

Step #3

Remove stubborn stains using white vinegar mixed with water. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to gently rub in a circular motion.

use vinegar and water formula to clean sofas

Step #4

Apply a mild laundry detergent mixed with water or a specialty upholstery product for an all-over clean and to sanitise/deodorise your fabric sofa. Be careful to avoid over-saturating and scrubbing your sofa or risk damaging the fabric.

a mild washing powder is good for all-round sofa clean

Step #5

Allow the fabric to air dry. You can speed up the process by opening a window.

Frank 3 seater sofa with chaise

Step #6

Now your sofa is clean, grab a specially formulated stain guard spray to protect your fabric sofa. They repel liquids and prevent stains from sticking to the fabric.

An upholstery spray protects your sofa

How to Clean Your Velvet Sofa For Great Results

Notting Hill Velvet Chesterfield 3 seater sofa

Caring for your velvet sofa is a lot like caring for a fabric sofa, except that velvet is more delicate and requires a little more attention. Remember to clean up any velvet sofa spills immediately with a microfibre cloth. Otherwise the liquid can sink into your couch and create more dififcult stains.

Here are 4 easy steps to clean your velvet sofa:

A soft brush or a lint brush will remove dirt and will prevent the velvet from getting matted. Roll them gently over the main surfaces of your sofa.

Test upholstery cleaners before applying them liberally. Most are effective to clean your velvet sofa, but be sure to try it on a small area first.

For stubborn stains, apply a water and laundry detergent mixture and gently dab until the stain is gone.

Dry any wet velvet sofa spots using a hairdryer or a fan. Moisture and velvet aren’t a good mix and leaving it wet can damage the velvet.

How to Clean Your Leather Sofa With Ease

Camden Chesterfield leather 2 seater couch

Leather sofas are unique and require a special treatment:

Your leather sofa can get scratched by abrasive dust particles. To prevent this, be sure to vacuum your leather couch regularly. But be careful not to scratch your sofa with your vacuum.

Leather requires special maintenance. A moisturising soap is a good start but soap and water can stain the material.

You’ll need to ensure the leather gets the moisture it needs with a special leather protective conditioner or treatment. These cleaners contain healthy oils and waxes to rejuvenate the material and prevent the leather from cracking and wearing down.

You’ll be pleased to know that moisturising, polishing and taking proper care of a leather couch will actually see it get better with age.

We hope this article has aided you in your sofa cleaning quest. However, if you think your couch is too far gone to recover, browse our selection of 2 and 3 seater sofas, modular couches, or multi use sofa beds. We have the answer to all your Living Room needs, start with a sofa and finish with the perfect entertainment unit – start shopping Now!

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Katie Dunn
4 years ago

My kids are always making messes, especially when it comes to the sofa. I really appreciate your advice about using vinegar and water, because I don’t know anything about cleaning furniture. If I did that, however, I think that I’d make sure to spray some essential oils onto where I cleaned so that the smell of vinegar doesn’t linger.

Allan Shanep
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this information with us. Normally I follow the below-mentioned steps to clean my sofa: 1. Vacuum the sofa fabric upholstery clean so do not rub and rotate the dirt while cleaning. 2. Mix ¼ cup vinegar, ¾ cup lukewarm water and 1 tbsp any liquid dish soap. 3. Pour the mixture into a spraying container. 4. Sprinkle it all over the fabric, keeping 15 cms of distance between the fabric and the spraying container. 5. Scrub and Wipe after the fabric has been moistened until the stain lifts. Use a light-coloured microfiber cloth for this. 6. Now… Read more »